If I could tell people I would say

If I could tell people

I would say

In every generation G-d gives us a prophet, a man with extraordinary capabilities that makes the rest of us seem as if we are at best pea brains.

In our generation this was Rabbi Menachem M. Shcneersohn who not only was versed literally in every scientific and Judaism publication but epitomized G-d’s unconditional love in his unconditional love, for each and everyone of us.

This great prophet – who accurately foretold countless things, among them the miracle of the six day war, the fall of communism, the success of the gulf war, even predicting before his passing on the second gulf war as well as the failing of the mid-east peace talks and all peace talks with Arabs – and countless other prophecies has told us in uneqeouvickle terms that the messiah is on his way and it is our job to add in the realm of goodness and kindness to one another.
Each and every one of us is in essence G-d in a body, for our soul is a part of G-d like light emanating from its source and each and every one of us has a negative side, a demon, little devil that is an absolute expert in filibusters, distracting us (often through pretending to be concerned for spirituality meanwhile diverting us from the true purpose namely goodness and kindness,) and it is our job to overcome this demon, little devil called the Yetzer Hara.
The only way to overcome the demon, little devil, Yetzer Hara, is to appoint a Chassidic rabbi who is a spiritual mentor (and I am not looking for adherents rather the Rebbe explained – foreseeing his passing on that through using this Kabbalistic method G-d will ensure that the Chasidic rabbi’s advice is his own) and follow everything he advises you, for a prisoner is imprisoned – as our little devil uses spiritual reasons to convince us – hence one needs to go to someone else who can look at our situation objectively in order to gain the truth of what is the good and kind, correct and just path for one to follow in life.

There I said it

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