I was employed by Radio 702, South Africa’s premier Talk Station from the years 1995-2000 in the capacity of a Studio Engineer and Producer on a syndicated show.

In 2008 I was assisting with the launch of 101.9 Chai FM where I was very fortunate to have met and worked with Rabbi Michael Zevi Wineberg. The show “Kabbalah Tools for Life” introduced me to transformation through a practical accessible world of Jewish Mysticism.

Thousands of listeners felt uplifted, with many taking their lunch breaks in their cars for better reception and in addition people tuned in internationally via the Radio Station’s website.

Our independent research showed that the show was the most popular.

Rabbi Wineberg has the ability to bring this sought after and much needed wisdom to the popular audience, enlightening people as to how their lives can be happier, more joyful and filled with meaningful purpose.

– Nicholas Friedman

“The word kabbalah pops up everywhere these days. We are as likely to read about it in Newsweek, as we are to come across publications on the topic in a Jewish bookstore. For some, it conjures up images of old bearded scholars pouring over ancient dusty books. Others identify it with Hollywood celebrities accessorized with a red string bracelet. Kabbalah Love offered by Rabbi Zevi Wineberg finds the truth between these two extremes. This course brings the discipline alive for each individual student in a personal, practical, and meaningful way. Deep esoteric principles become understandable tools and remedies for our complicated and often stressful lives. My mood is elevated by the time each class concludes, and I feel more hopeful about my life and our reasons for being here.”

Sherrill Parkhurst – Teacher, Community Activist.

 “I have had the good fortune of meeting and getting to know Chabad’s Rabbi Zevi Wineberg over the past several months. We have had many wonderful conversations about Judaism and in particular, the more spiritual aspects which give deeper meaning to my life as a Jew. I have been moved by his knowledge and warm manner in conveying complicated ideas into practical living axioms.

About a month ago, Rabbi Wineberg invited me to attend a new class he is giving, called Kabbala Love. I was more than eager to attend, and have been attending regularly. I have found the material to be fascinating and enlightening. He discusses concepts from Kabbala that broaden my understanding of Torah and help me understand how to live my life in a more spiritually directed way. The Rabbi is a great presenter, mixing stories, concepts, and humor into a very informative curriculum. His class has inspired me to learn more about these important precepts, and especially how to use these ideas in my daily life. I would recommend his course to anyone, regardless of their existing knowledge of Kabbala. The class is constructed in a way that anyone could benefit from his instruction through a thought provoking, interesting, and meaningful experience.”

Scott Fishman – Attorney

 “The Kabbalah Love Class has provided a great introduction into Jewish mystical thought. Rabbi Zevi provides the class with examples that are not only thought provoking but have practical application in our daily lives.”

Dr. Steve Waldman


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