The Summary of Kabbalah Love – Kabbalah’s Tools For life

  1. It’s not what we have that makes us happy, but our attitude.
  2. To change our attitude, God gave us the incredible gift of gratitude.
  3. The ideal time to thank God for the myriad blessings in your life, is when you wake up – for the first thought of the day, becomes your train of thoughts.
  4. Another incredible gratitude exercise, is, to understand, that every moment, every atom has been recreated (as scientists have proven, that atoms are popping in and out of existence; as Kabbalah taught, God emanated, like breath or heartbeats, all the energy into the world and like the blood flowing through the veins back into the heart, it returns, in a continuous cycle) now say, “Thank You God for everything!”
  5. Your destiny is not predetermined, it is determined based on your attitude.
  6. Karma – tit for tat, “you get what you give” is one hundred percent true.
  7. Meaning in life is found through giving unconditionally.
  8. Giving unconditionally means, choosing people to love unconditionally – meaning, despite what they may do or say to you – like a parent loves their child (at least a good parent.)
  9. Fear is the most debilitating illness – and the cause of all mental and perhaps physical illness.
  10. Fear comes from worry – worry comes from thinking something bad will happen – so by understanding that EVERYTHING that comes from God is good – though we are often not privileged to the master-plan we can eliminate fear.
  11. Judging another, results from living in fear, for we all wish to be happy, so when in a state of perpetual misery, our mind imagines “travesties of injustice” in others – though ironically, we are incapable in seeing in another, any fault that we ourselves do not posses.
  12. In reality, to distinguish between when we are maliciously judging, or desirous of the other’s benefit… the question to ask is, a. am I angry? b. is my mind considering how to help the person?
  13. To educate another – as Einstein and the Rebbe teach – there is but one way – be a good role-model.
  14. Nothing is more poisonous – perhaps the cause of cancer – than holding grudges.
  15. To release resentment a. simply forgive the other person (even in your heart, for it’s in your heart you are holding onto anger) b. you can tell the other person you are upset they did x to you c. you can believe it came from God as Josef did (hence not only did he not resent his brothers malicious jealousy, he was a kind brother to boot.)
  16. The Baal Shem Tov teaches “When you choose to find good in the bad, God miraculously transforms the bad to good!”
  17. Practically speaking, life is but about goodness and kindness, so a practical exercise is a. think a positive affirmation about those you have chosen to love unconditionally (see 8) b. tell them something positive c. do something positive for them – daily!

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