Democracy and Religion

For any whom may think democracy and religion are not consistent, need we go further than the founders of the American democracy whom were very very religious people.

The people escaping the persecution – religious persecution of the Church of England – made democracy precisely to safeguard the populace from tyranny of institutionalized religion.

In other words, they were not seeking the obliteration of religion rather its ability to be free and coming from the individuals persuasion instead of being dictated from the Crown (whose genesis of the Church of England was so one king could marry someone without having to murder the previous queens namely Henry the Eight.)

So democracy is in fact the foundation of religion, for a true religion need not be “The Sword or Allah” rather one that men decided, that it is true.

In fact any religion based on tyranny has no foundation, for if one were to eliminate the tyranny and the masses would leave the religion than they never accepted it in the first place.

So democracy and religion are complementary.

Separation of Church and State by no means is separation of God and the State.

One need not look further than the American dollar in which “In God We Trust” is enshrined.

The rampant abuse of separation of Church and State to mean God and State is nothing short of scandalous lawfare at its ugliest.

The founding fathers as any common sense person knows and recognizes that God is the foundation of morality and hence to remove consciousness of God is to remove conscience, which is to allow mayhem.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn campaigned strongly for the silent prayer otherwise called “A Moment of Silence” to be reintroduced into the public school system, after prayers were eliminated due to separation of Church and State.

Ironically the many Jewish people who went to pubic school I speak to, feel passionately about not having a prayer for they are certain it would be a Christian, hence offensive prayer, to them.

However what no one can argue is that the lack of higher morality is what allowed the Germans – the so called most progressive nation of its times particularly in Humanities i.e. how humans should behave to one another – to become the most beastly nation ever seen on planet earth.

The reason for this is quite simple – humanity operates on a simple logical premise of fear of punishment and reward of good – take away the fear of punishment or the reward of good and humanity will descend into the Germanic Nazi-like ability to annihilate others whom the super-race disagrees with.

In a subtle way we can see this with radical liberalism who see themselves as morally superior or somehow superior to others and are willing to go to very violent and certainly with complete disregard to the feelings emotions sensitivity of religious people in promoting their view.

Like the Nazis they lack a higher value system and hence as soon as they deem something right they have no morals in berating mocking and sometimes assaulting conservative religious people.

So to create a safe and healthy society, one where people treat their neighbor as they want to be treated, and that which is hateful to you, you should not bestow upon another; can only be fashioned through reintroducing the very notion of a personal God to our youngsters through “A Moment of Silence” in public school and introducing empathy based on spiritual values which when chosen, agreed to and assimilated in the minds of society, the messianic age shall surely be upon us.

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