Marital Mediation at L’Academy Of Life

index Are you looking to enhance or save your marriage?

How about living a happy and meaningful life?

With over 60% Divorce Rates, Unless You Address The Fundamental Ability To Maintain Happiness, Namely, Through Joyful Compromise (as well as ideally learning how to get out of fear and into love, through the Kabbalah Love Course) – will your marriage last?


Choose from the following three options:

1. Learn the skills of happiness, love, forgiveness and growth, through a 10 part Personal Kabbalah Love, Life-Course via the web, with Rabbi Wineberg (cost $770.00.)

2. Use guided marriage mediation as a mechanism to learn how to agree and merge onto the same path. ($500.00)

3. Get the best of both worlds and do both. ($1,000.00)

We know it’s hard to try something new, but without the tools to succeed can you not?


Money Back Guaranteed!


Rabbi Wineberg is an accredited Divorce Mediator and a member of the largest association of Family Mediators.


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