Kabbalah For Dummies; Quotes

  • The body is the soul’s vehicle.

  • The body is comprised of three main abilities. The ability to speak, the ability to think, and the ability to act.

  • We are unique in this world both as speakers and as thinkers. We can formulate intellectual ideas completely divorced from our instincts and desires.

  • We can decide on our actions and we can even go against our instincts. (Dieting for example.)

  • Within us there is a G-dly soul. It is from this soul that our desire for goodness and kindness comes from as well as our desire to get to know and unite with G-d, this soul’s direct source.

  • Intellect is rational thought which leads you to come up with new ideas/methods for achieving what you desire and when you want what it is that you have decided to do you create an emotion.

  • When you create a love or desire for something you automatically create a fear; which is the fear of losing that something. Say you love a person you have automatically created a fear, the fear of losing that person.

  • Your thoughts are where you are informed of your own subconscious and everything you think about, all comes from a subconscious love or fear.

  • Words are meant to bring each other together and at times reconcile in order not to lose what one has.

  • When your soul was sent into your body G-d administered an oath that “you should be good and not be bad and even if the entire world tells you that you are good, consider yourself as if you are bad.”

  • Effectively every person is challenged to rise above selfish instincts for goodness and kindness. This is our entire mission in life.

  • By always acting with goodness and kindness we will surely achieve our mission.

  • What you do not want someone to do to you don’t do them.

  • The challenge comes about due to the other soul which we have which is the vital soul or the animal soul.

  • The body does not care about anything but its own survival and its own pleasure.

  • While some people also naturally feel compassion and instinctually feel mercy, most bodies do not. It is the G-dly soul that drives us to have world peace, democracy, and a harmonious world, where people love and respect one another.

  • When the Messiah comes we will all receive G-dly light in return for our efforts in controlling our instincts in favor of goodness and kindness. Until such time there is the battle to be selfless instead of selfish and giving instead of only taking.

  • There are two kinds of loves, conditional and unconditional. Conditional love ceases as soon as the condition is met.

  • The other kind of love is unconditional. This is a love born out of respect. In this love the respect causes an unconditional love which never ceases.

  • This love is diametrically opposed to conditional love as conditional love is about me while unconditional love is about you.

  • If we consider our souls as the most important part of who we are and we take pride in our souls than we can truly unite with everyone for everyone has a soul just like ours.

  • Who is rich? Someone who is happy with what they have.

  • If we inherently expect that the world needs to give us everything that we desire then the moment we fill one desire another more ambitions desire takes its place in an endless cycle, like a gerbil running in circles in its cage, however if we don’t expect anything, and we are grateful for everything, than the absolute pauper is far richer than the billionaire.

  • G-d is more concerned how you treat your fellow man than how you treat G-d.

  • The test of this world is to realize that G-d is right here, right now.

  • G-d is just as much part of the world now as G-d was when G-d created the world.

  • G-d is infinite with absolutely no limits whatsoever.

  • There are no limits of time space or energy limitations. It is almost impossible for a human to understand this. Because we are inherently limited we can only imagine the height of our limited abilities.

  • Time, Space, and Soul, are the essence of reality that we see on earth.

  • One thing though that G-d will not decide for you is whether you will choose your G-dly soul (goodness) over your animal soul (selfishness). The reason for this is because if you are good because G-d chooses you to be good than you are not good at all. In order to be good you need to be able to be selfish. In order to succeed you need to be able to fail. In order to be nice you need to be able to be mean. In order to be kind you need to be able to be bad. In order to be merciful you need to be able to be arrogant. In order to create a legacy you need to be able to waste your time.

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