A Letter To Jewish Children!

Dear Chayol


You are in the greatest force, for changing the world for good!


Who are you?


Who is a person?


Well Chassidus, our guide book, teaches us, that we are united, between two very different parts!


We have a Neshomah, which is Hashem; in a body, which is dust from the earth (and practically all the combined food that your mother and you ate!)


In life, we are faced with a great challenge – it is actually the hardest war any army has ever fought!!


We are always challenged between choosing, between listening to our body  – for our body like any animal that has a body, has certain desires that give it pleasure, for example, food and drink; (now, of course food and drink is good! but when we do things for a more important reason, like eating to have energy to do good, then it is good! but if we do things only because the body wants it’s pleasure, say, eating candy, then of course this doesn’t make us good!) and on the other side, your Neshomoh wants to always listen to Hashem, because it knows that every time it listens to Hashem and beats the Yetzer Hara (the bad malach that tries to get you to only listen to your body and ignore Hashem!) you bring Hashem’s light into this world! which pushes away all the darkness of Galus and brings Moshiach!!!


We all want Moshiach! but what is Moshiach really?!


We all know that the world we live in is not perfect – we get sad, seeing people unfortunately in pain – and we want for there to be peace in the whole world!


So Moshiach can be wanted for these reasons.


But is that Moshiach!?


Moshiach, the Rebbe, our general, in charge of our army, teaches us: is much more than that!


You see, our Neshomohs are really part of Hashem, so just as you children, want to be with your parent, because you come from them; so to, our Neshomohs are only happy, when Hashem and them are one!


This is what Moshiach is all about!!


When Moshiach comes, we will realize this truth – that really we are Hashem in a body, and this realization, and the unity between us and Hashem (in fact, we will see how the whole world is filled with Hashem’s light which we – YES WE – and all the generations of Jews before us, PUT inside this world! (just as lighting emerges from dark clouds) through all of our Torah study, Davening, and most importantly Mitzvos, such as Tzedakah and Ahavas Yisroel!


When Moshiach comes, we will only see, how the entire world is really Hashem! and what we see today, is only a covering, like a mask hiding the face behind it! and in truth, all along Hashem always was, always is, and always will be here!

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