Is There A Creator?

Chapter 1


So is there a creator of the universe or not?

Freud summed up this debate very well when he as an atheist protested what he saw as the illogical view of some believer who would not discus the issue on the grounds that it was heresy to discus it. “How can you say it is heresy if the very question about the existence of the creator is in question?” he countered. Essentially you are thus saying that the existence of who the question is about is beyond a question so you are not asking the very question, so it is not logical to assume this stance.

Freud was right in this point. There is no problem asking, “can it be logically proven that the creator exists?”

The answer is yes.

This question was asked of the great spiritual and brilliant leader of the Jewish people, Rabbi Schneersohn of Blessed Memory.

The following is an adaptation of his answer.

We must first define what is a proof.  The reason for this is that if we don’t agree on what is proof we cannot agree on how to resolve the question. Do you agree that the following is proof? If you walked into a factory and saw many machines moving and at the end you saw a gorgeous new car coming out, would that be proof that someone designed the factory? I am sure you will say yes. O.K. this is objective proof.

Now if you were the first person to have existed and you find an entire world, certainly you would realize that something made that world. It is logical, and you yourself just agreed that this is proof. See it isn’t so difficult to believe that there is a creator of the world. The real question is “why don’t people believe in the creator?” Not “why do people believe in the creator.”

The answer is that people have a subconscious fear of believing in the creator. They associate the belief in the creator with their childhood religion. They know that religion put restrictions upon them and therefore they make the very effective conclusion that “if I don’t believe in the creator I won’t have to live my life with restrictions.” There is a lot of truth to this. The Yiddish word for someone who does not keep the Judaic laws is “frai” meaning free. He has freed himself from the obligations.

Now think for a moment about what needs to be for a single celled organism to be alive in this world. Firstly there needs to be the physical shape of the world. There needs to be the crust that keeps the magma in. There needs to be the exact location of the sun. There needs to be the exact temperature on earth.

There needs to be the chemical process how it gets food. If there was one creature it would have to have the ability for photosynthesis. This means that it would need to have water and nutrients as basic materials and sunlight for food to grow. For it to reproduce it needs a genetic code of itself and the ability to reproduce; these are a few of the thousands of details that need to work in perfect harmony for a single cell to survive. Forget about everything else that we take for granted like gravity, laws of physics, molecular structures, existence of need, and amount of nutrients and minerals present etc.

Simply put it is impossible for a single cell to exist without the rules of physics and molecular biology working in tandem with each other.

The original question was, did the world have a Creator? If you ask a similar question based on what everyone considers proof the answer is yes. If you saw a ball hovering in the air and then you saw ten balls going around it perfectly and consistently you would say it is some kind of magic trick. Such things don’t happen. This would be proof enough that someone actually made it happen for a repetitive action requires precision, order, and an independent source of power. Now take an imaginary microscope and look at matter and you will find exactly what I described to you, only far more powerful, complex, and stable in its structure. Every atom is a miracle that can only exist with a Creator. If this is so obvious then how can anyone say there is no Creator. We already discussed one reason, now we will discuss another.

The Creator fashioned this world in a logical way. This means that there are laws of physics for us to discover, there are chemical realities. The entire scope of scientific discovery or study is about the existing realities of this world.  In a less complicated but far more important way a child discovers the world as well. They learn how far their legs take them. What is wet and what is hot, what tastes good and what doesn’t. You learned more by observation than in all your years at school. In fact studies prove that 99%, again 99% of a person’s knowledge is from what they observe, rather than from what they learn. Each of us is a scientist. We discovered reality as we grew up. Scientists – and in science classes – we merely delve further into the reality of this universe and discover things that cannot automatically be detected like the prism, DNA, and atoms.

The Creator wanted a world of rules and laws, and that is the world which we grow up in. For this reason people think that it is an independent reality, for the laws never failed.

If a child always gets punished when they flush their toys down the toilet it doesn’t mean that that is reality. If you go to another home the child might never ever get punished. The laws of nature that we know are reality to us only because they are dependable.

Modern science especially with Heisenberg’s Principle of Uncertainty maintains that at the very basic and elementary level of matter we actually cannot predict what will happen. Regardless of this law and the Chaos Theory, the reality remains, that what is dependable, seems to exist independently.

If you look with your mind’s eye you will realize that based on every objective idea of what is considered proof, there is a Creator of the universe and “my my my,” the Creator certainty knows how to create.

 Chapter 2

“O.K. I read your last chapter but what do you say to the theory of evolution?”

That one is so simple that you will be surprised that although it is so patently false yet it continues to be taught.

Firstly you must understand that if you asked scientists today who study the origins of the universe they will tell you that the theory of evolution is not true.

Who needs modern day science though, I will use good old Darwin himself to disprove his own theory. Darwin thought he had a possible theory as to how life evolved. He knew that it was a theory, for no one was around when life began, and from what we see today there has never been a specie evolving into another specie even amongst tiny insects that go through millions of birth and death cycles within relatively short periods of times compared to humans. Good-old-Darwin wrote, “the human eye makes me shudder”.  If he had any idea what the human eye could do after the discovery of modern medicine, he would have ripped up all of his papers.

With the human eye, which made Darwin question his own theory we will easily disprove evolution.

Do you know that there are three million cone shaped receptors within the eye that take in light. Next time you are standing in front of a mirror, look at your pupil, then cover it, and slowly remove your hand, do you see how it opens to allow in more light when there is little light, but shuts to a small hole in a very sunny day so as not to blind you. Have you ever turned on a bright light right after you were in a dark room for a while, do you notice how that light seems blinding. Do you know why the most dangerous time to drive is dusk? It is because your little eye knows that it is nighttime right around the corner. It is busy switching the light that enters your eyes to the black and white set of cones that will send only black and white messages to your brain. Thus it is far easier to read in the dark than see colors. This is just a tiny fraction of what you can study about the human eye; in fact you can become an ophthalmologist if you like and study about the human eye for the rest of your life.

The human eye is far more sophisticated than any camera (do you notice how long it takes a camera with automatic focus to focus,) it is far more sophisticated than any computer or machine ever invented. It is a natural camera that takes in light and sends those signals in chemical code via your retina to your brain for deciphering. It works in harmony with your brain to present you with an accurate picture of what you are seeing. The most amazing thing is that the eye is a machine and your brain actually presents you with the picture of that machine. It is like a camera that simply takes in light and as we discussed it is not so simple at all.

Now relative to your brain that needs to read the information that comes in and then present you with a colored or black and white picture of it, the eye is like a little child’s toy compared to a computer.

If a simple TV set or a monitor or a Polaroid camera could only be fashioned by the greatest scientists on earth don’t you think that the far more sophisticated eye and brain could only be designed by the kind Creator.

Chapter 3


Let’s say that someone says “I’m an agnostic. I will believe in the Creator when I see the Creator.”

No problem.  Let me show you the Creator.

I will disregard for Mr. Agnostics sake Article # 1 and # 2 that show that nature is the Creator’s creation and I will show you the Creator.

Have you ever heard of a miracle? Let’s look up the term in the “The Concise English Dictionary”. Miracle, mi’ra-kl, n. a marvel; a supernatural natural event, a miracle-play.

Lets discus how these words got into the English Language. Do miracles happen or not? This is a very important question for this article. The answer is that they do. A miracle is a marvel, a phenomena, something that we are astounded by. Often you might say “it is a miracle that our teacher gave us good marks.” Why do you describe it as a miracle? For it is not in the regular behavior of your teacher to give you good marks. When a miracle happens in nature it is a super-natural event. That means that in nature such things don’t happen thus it is super-natural. Do super-natural events happen? Go ask any doctor who deals with saving lives on a regular basis and I can guarantee you that if you find ten doctors you will find at least one or two if not more that will report miraculous stories. If you believe that a miraculous story is a super-natural event then you must ask yourself, how did it happen? There can be only one way for nature to suspend its regular laws and habits and do something different and that is that a force which is higher than nature can suspend nature and do something super-natural.

Anything that is super-natural is a miracle. Miracles do happen. They don’t happen often for if they would the Creator would not have created a rational, logical, and natural world. Ask a group of your close friends a sincere question “has a miracle ever happened to you?” You may be surprised to find that it has happened to your friends.

After realizing what a miracle is you may be surprised to find that a miracle has happened to you.

Do you know there is a Jewish blessing a person says when a miracle happens? Boruch She-asah Li Nes Bamokom Hazeh.

I have a cousin who is a Rabbi in a small city in Israel. He was driving home during a rainstorm on a mountain road and tragically his car slipped and hit the side of the mountain which then propelled his car off the road into the valley of the mountain. His car fell about 250 feet and smashed to the ground. Next to his car lay two other smashed cars. (I myself saw all three completely smashed cars.)

Miraculously he got out of his car, ran up the mountain and when an army jeep came by he got them to get a helicopter to come and pick up his wife. Although they both suffered minor injuries both of them are completely fine.

A few days later as he was driving by that spot he stopped his car to gaze at his smashed car. He overheard some people who were also looking at the new wreck at the bottom of the valley, and one said to the other “if that guy made it out either he is religious or he will become religious.”

The point is that those people who were commenting realized that it would only be a miracle that would save someone from that crash. That miracle would force a person into recognizing that miracles / super-natural events do occur.

Tragically the people in the other cars did not make it and having visited that site I can personally attest that only a miracle saved my cousin and his wife that night.

Miracles occur.

Sometimes we recognize them and we thank G-d for them but most often we chalk it up to a lucky break or a coincidence. If you will look carefully at your own life and look at the miracles of your life such as the birth of a child, finding a job, or even finding your spouse you may be surprised to find that a miracle happened to you.

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