God’s Guide


We gratefully acknowledge Rabbi Cohen of the Noahide Institute a U.N. NGO & Sheila Stokes without whose dedication, this project would have been impossible.

It is with gratitude to G-d that on this holy day of Chay Elul – the 18th of Elul, the birthday of the two greatest Jewish sages Rabbi Yisroel Baal Shem Tov and Rabbi Shnuer Zalman who revolutionized the Jewish world  – that “G0d’s Guide” has been completed.

This book is unlike any other in its simplicity that combines both the mystical dimensions of Judaism as well as the practical legal, for Gentiles – namely the whole world.


Universal Code

Synergy is the combination of seemingly opposing, but actually mutually complementary forces.

Our task is to unite, to a sum greater than its parts.

As is explained in this book, the worlds of the spiritual and the physical, are not in conflict.

Their ultimate purpose is that they be fused together, whereby the physical is permeated by the spiritual.

The core element of every mitzvah – commandment from G-d in the Bible, is to take the physical creation and utilize it for its Divine intended purpose.

We thereby achieve a wonderful harmony both in the individual and in the world at large, for like a symphony, the many parts work together in synchronicity.

This is a theme that encompasses all times and places. Wherever and whenever a person operates, by utilizing the task at hand for its correct Divine purpose, we transform the world into G-d’s home.

Every human being is, to borrow the Biblical phrase, “created in the image of G-d”, and thus fit to “imitate G‑d”; an imitation pertinent to all humankind, but which can only take place through the performance of the Divinely given commandments.

There are seven laws, which are Biblically binding on all humanity. They include prohibitions on idolatry, blasphemy or the reviling of G-d, forbidden sexual relationships, theft, murder, lawlessness, e.g. the failure to establish courts with the ability to enforce justice, and cruelty to animals. These are known as the Seven Noahide Laws.

The reason for the name ‘Noahide’ is, that although the first six of these laws were originally commanded to the first person Adam, the seven laws were completed with Noah, to whom the seventh commandment was given.

Only after the Flood, was mankind permitted to slaughter meat for consumption.  With this came the law prohibiting one to ‘eat the limb of a living animal’ and against treating them cruelly.

The seven laws of Noah form a base with many ramifications, from which many more Mitzvoth- commandments given by G-d Almighty to Moses on Mt. Sinai — to transmit to all nations of the world – emerge.

The reader is encouraged to learn more, by asking questions and studying Torah, in particular the insights in the Jewish Chabad Chassidic philosophy, upon which many of the concepts discussed in this book are based. A great deal of material can be found on Chabad.org

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch worldwide Jewish movement stated, that the observance of Noahide Laws by all humankind will be a principle force in bringing about Universal Peace and the Messianic Redemption.

The Torah or Bible, the Rebbe explained, sees the basic nature of our world as perfect and good.

Our every good action is real and enduring, while every negative action is just that – an unreal negative phenomenon, a void waiting to be filled.

Hence, the common equation of evil with darkness and good with light.

Darkness, no matter how threatening and intimidating, is merely the absence of light.

Light need not combat and overpower darkness in order to displace it — where light is, darkness is not.

A single flame of light will therefore banish a roomful of darkness.

An interesting observation of this natural law / phenomenon is seen throughout the whole theme of Noah’s ark and in the sign of the covenant, which is the rainbow for the children of Noah.

“Throughout the ages, Jewish scholars have viewed the Noahide Laws as universal norms of ethical conduct, as a basic concept in international law, or as a guarantee of fundamental human rights for all.” (“US Law 102-14 Noahide Laws,” 1991).

The tradition of the seven Noahide Laws is kept alive by the Noahides. The Bnei Noach,  the sons and Daughters of Noah, who believe that they are supposed to learn and follow these laws. The Noahides are not Messianic Jews, but rather, descendants of Noah. The Children of Noah, or the righteous Gentiles, also known as “pious among the nations” (hasidei umot ha’olam), are obligated to fulfill the seven Laws of Noah because they believe that they are the Will of G-d for all mankind, as expressed in His Torah, as transmitted through Moses, and through the ages in Orthodox Judaism.

Chapter 1 The Seven Universal Laws

Law 1: Belief in One G-d And  Not To Deny G-d (By Idolatry)

This commandment is based on the verse: “You shall have no other gods …” (Exodus. 20.3).

The statement to Adam in (Genesis 2:16) implies that only G-d should be worshipped, but not an idol.

The Rabbis of the Talmud derive this law from the fact that it was G-d who first commanded Adam and Eve.

The Essence Of Idolatry

Idolatry occurs when one mistakenly believes that an object, which they worship and pray to, has G-d-like attributes.

Negative Consequence of Idolatry

The belief in G-d creates the belief in his positive moral ethical laws. To remove the belief in G-d is tantamount to plunging the world into chaos. This is the subconscious motive of atheism, as we see empirically.

Also because G-d created the world, idolatry robs G-d of the appreciation and devotion due to Him.

Positive Results

Many people wonder why we need a belief in G-d?

Suffice it to say, that Germany before the Holocaust, was the most sophisticated nation. Not only in terms of art and science, but even humanities: the study of ethical behavior based on morality.

Sadly then, as now, we see that unless we base our vision of a better future on a Divine eye that sees, a Divine ear that hears, we can easily be tempted by “false allures/gods (demigods.)” 
Thus at all times, in all places, we must behave with alacrity to fulfill goodness and kindness, for G-d repays in kind.

Going Deeper – E-Pluribus-Unum

In essence before creation there is but one.

Only the Divine existed.

Why would G-d create a multiplicity of others: many plants, animals and people?

The answer is that greater than one, is the synergy and synthesis of many.

As beautiful as a single instrument is, nothing compares to the richness of the harmony, unity and melody from many.

For us to have true unity, we must have the one G-d, and for G-d to have unity, He needs us united as one.

Law 2: Respect G-d And Do not to Blaspheme/Curse G-d.

This law is based onLeviticus 24:10-17 which relates the incident of a Jew who violated the injunction of Exodus 22:27 and blasphemed in anger, and the Divine edict proclaimed this to be a capital offense.

This commandment means, literally, to “bless G-d,” which means to thank and praise Him.

Conversely, it also means, not to use his name in a curse, or to use it casually; as if it has no value.

For example, when a person seeks to hurt someone, he or she may shout at the person or curse him.

Likewise, intentionally using G-d’s name when shouting or cursing, detracts from His exaltedness, and lessens the reverence and faith that are due him.

This is also the reason, we write G-d, as G-d, (without the O,) for His name is holy and treated with reverence.

In fact, Jewish people refrain from using G-d’s name (except in study or prayer) and call G-d, “Hashem” (The Name.)

Further, it is explicitly stated in Leviticus 24:16 that people shall not “…utter the name of the L-RD blasphemously…” which includes, in any name used to refer to Him or in any language.


The prohibition against blasphemy is valuable for everyone.   It teaches respect as well as thankfulness to G-d.

One of the benefits of thanking G-d for any and all of our blessings, is that it creates a relationship between our Creator and ourselves.

Through thanking and praying to G-d, as studies show, we develop a positive, optimistic outlook – preventing so many of the negative consequences of fear, anxiety and worry.

Science now has numerous blind studies that prove that prayer helps heal the ill and adds many other benefits.

Whenever we feel a need, lack, or desire… by turning to G-d, we humbly accept that there is a higher power.

Prayer is also an oasis of time, in which we momentarily suspend our enslavement to the norms of society, our fears and fantasies, and we forge a bridge and a bond between the infinite G-d and us finite humans.

By praying daily, this gives us the inspiration, fortitude and courage to joyfully take on our varied tasks and challenges.

Law 3: Respect Human Life And Do Not Murder

The law against murder is stated in Genesis 9:6 “Whoever sheds the blood of man, among man, his blood shall be shed; for in the image of G-d, He made man.”


This law encourages people to value life, as it forbids fighting wars of aggression, aborting a fetus when the mother’s life is not in danger, suicide, and euthanasia (assisted suicide).

Going Deeper

We must always bear in mind that we humans are not just biomass.

We are infinitely carefully constructed by our Creator.

True G-d merges a father’s sperm and a mother’s egg – splitting it billions of times until each one of us is meticulously crafted.

Yet, each and every person is far more than a body that breathes and even thinks – as G-d states in Genesis, “Man is created in the Divine image!”
We are inherently imbued with deep moral, ethical and compassionate drives.

Inherently our soul is actually part and parcel of G-d – like a candle’s flame from a bonfire.

It is for this reason we are actually spiritual beings – and never feel comfortable only with materialism, as Maslow’s hierarchy proves.

The Jewish sages teach – even if all the scientists were to work together, they couldn’t create the wing of a gnat, and imbue in it life.

We should never forget: life, as science has proven, is intangible.

Life is the most mysterious force – like energy, we know it powers everything. Yet we cannot quantify, bestow or degrade it: as Einstein taught regarding energy.

In essence, life in the body is a gift – it is a miracle from G-d.

When we have this attitude, automatically we value all people.  We do not see another  human as a tool, but rather as a sacred cosmic being.

Valuing All Life

This extends to the fact we may not even take our own life.  Ultimately, unlike the misconception that democracy gives you unfettered freedom – which often creates  a mistaken assumption of zero accountability/responsibility: democracy is only there to protect from governmental abuse. We need to understand that G-d gives life, and therefore whether  you’re happy or not, angry or depressed, your life  is  meant to be cared for and developed to the best of your abilities. 
In other words, to kill oneself is also murder.

The mistaken idea of “Pro-choice,” is nothing less than saying, “if I want to kill someone else who can’t defend themselves, that’s o.k.”

In fact, the only reason any of us exists, is because our life, and right to be born was respected.

Honoring Our Parents

This also teaches us, that we must extend the greatest of respect to our mothers and fathers, as without their choice – none of us would actually be here today.

As our sages teach, “There are three partners in the creation of a human being, the father, mother, and G-d, who places the soul within.”

The Soul Is Eternal

We believe that the soul both predates and lives beyond the time spent within the body.

As G-d is holy, so is life.

Law 4: Respect the family And  DoNot Engage in (Illicit) Sexual Relationships Such as Incest, Adultery, and Homosexuality

The Torah acknowledges that a good sexual relationship between a husband and wife strengthens their marriage and love.

It is accepted that a husband and wife should love each other and that their love should be passionate. 

The purpose of intimacy in a marriage is to perpetuate the human race and to create a close and permanent bond between the spouses, and it serves as the glue and foundation of a marriage.

It is a fundamental human need to experience love through physical closeness with a permanent mate, in a secure long-term relationship between man and woman.

G-d in His Torah (Bible,) clearly forbids and defines as immoral; adultery, (namely the sexual act with someone who is in an existing marriage), committing homosexuality, incest, and bestiality.


The world is made of countries, which are made of communities, which ideally consists of healthy family units. If we reverse this dynamic we realize, the healthier the family, the healthier the community, the healthier the nation, and therefore the healthier the world.

Additionally, children benefit from having two parents. Studies show they are more stable, more focused, and altogether far less prone to depression or drug abuse, and so on.

“G-d blessed Noah and his children. He said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.’” Genesis (9:1)

What is Marriage?

The Torah teaches us, that marriage is not merely a union between two totally independent individuals.

Marriage is the reunion between two halves of the same soul!

A couple share the same soul which, upon birth, divides itself into two incomplete halves.

Upon marriage, they reunite and become once again, complete.

What we are dealing with, is not only a union on the physical, emotional and/or intellectual level.

We are dealing with a union on the deepest, most essential level of self.

Why Some Unions Are Forbidden?

There are souls that are compatible for marriage, and there are souls that are not.

The Bible teaches, that Jews and Gentiles have unique respective missions and hence unique commandments, and therefore should only marry one another. The Bible enumerates a list of invalid ‘marriages’; for example the ‘marriage’ between a biological brother and sister, or between a man and a woman who is married to another man; in other words, incest or adultery.

The Bible is not only talking here about prohibitions, but facts.

 In the aforementioned examples, there can never be any spiritual marriage, even though it might physically be possible to cohabitate and procreate for such individuals.

Law 5: Respect The Property Rights Of Others And Do Not Steal

The prohibition of theft is derived from Genesis (2:17) in which G-d forbade Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge.

However Adam and Eve disobeyed G-d, by stealing fruit from the Tree (Genesis 3:6).

Besides the obvious act of theft, this law also forbids any of the following; cheating a worker or employer out of money; overcharging for goods or services; shifting a landmark to add someone’s property to your own; refusing to pay money owed; kidnapping a person; using false advertising and misleading information.


In order for us to feel safe, we need to respect the rights of others, as we wish them to respect ours.

A man once came to Rabbi Hillel, the foremost Jewish scholar of his age and requested the foundation of the Torah (Bible/Judaism.) He replied, “That which you want not another to do to you; do not do to them.”

Society can only be enjoyable when each person has the safety of belief, that their rights will not be forcibly violated, their property will not stolen, and their opinions not deceived.

Delving Deeper

Theft based on studies, is not due to poverty; Rather it is due to lack of moral education, namely, that everything comes from G-d.

Material wealth is abundant; there is more than enough food for the entire world.

By recognizing that your food and livelihood come from G-d, you feel safe, secure and willing to not compromise your ethical standards.

Furthermore, acknowledging G-d as the provider allows us to not be jealous of what others have, which is the reason behind wanting more.

As the sages teach, “One who is happy with what they have, is rich.”

Conversely many who are wealthy, live in anxiety and fear, lacking a sense of security and feeling safe.

Law 6: Respect Living Animals  And Do Not Be Cruel To Animals

This law was given to Noah in Genesis (9:4.) “You may not eat flesh with its life, which is its blood.”

A human being must have decency, compassion and respect for all life.

Anything less, is not only to harm, hurt and maim, but to violate our own dignity.

It goes without saying, that if G-d wants us to not hurt and cause pain to an animal, how much more so does this apply to people.

Furthermore you must be sure to feed your animals even before you eat.

Compassion on animals, leads to compassion also to people.

Delving Deeper

The Talmud states: Rabbi Yehuda HaNassi was a righteous person, however he suffered great pain. How did it begin? Through a deed of his. He was once walking through the marketplace when a calf being led to the slaughter ran to him and hid under his cloak. He told the calf, “Go. For this why you were created.” That is when his suffering began.

And it ended through another deed. His maid was sweeping the floor and found the babies of a weasel nested beneath the boards. She began to sweep them away, when he stopped her. “It is written,” he said, “that His compassion is upon all of His works.” That is when his suffering ceased.

In other words, our joint Creator – the Creator of you, me, and every living creation, seeks that His creations – certainly, we humans – should have a sense of respect, aka sensitivity, towards everyone and everything.

A famous description of the subdivision of creation is into people, animals, plants and non-living.

It is the nature of all beings, to seek to elevate oneself.

People seek to elevate.  Some seek to elevate to the Divine,  and some mistakenly seek more “fame.”   Similarly  plants, animals and even non-living beings seek to elevate.

When we eat or drink food etc. and then use their energy for good things, we cause their elevation.

In fact, Rabbi Yisroel Baal Shem Tov teaches that water will cry – and as demonstrated by Fuji Emote, water has sensitive emotions – beseeching G-d, that a person should take a drink, and thereby thanking G-d, or using the energy for a positive purpose, it then elevates.

Law 7:  Respect The Rule of Law  

This law requires that all societies set up courts to carry out justice and fairness within the society;  maintaining human rights and morality, in accordance with the Seven Universal Laws of Noah.

When justice ceases to exist, civilization crumbles; when criminals are not punished, they gain power and take over. One should therefore do everything in their power to see that criminals are punished.

One should not benefit from any crime or criminal action.

For example, the first Jew Abraham, distinguished himself from those he lived amongst by demanding, “Will the Judge of all the earth, not do justice?”


Harmony – when we feel there is a justice system and justice, we can trust one another – we can trade – commerce can occur, goods can be procured – we can feel safe and protected, and therefore establish loving relationships.

G-d is just, and so must we be just.

Chapter 2

E-Pluribus-Unum – From Many One

In life we can see what is wrong;  we can see what is right, or ideally we can know how to make the wrong, right.

The ultimate intent of G-d’s purpose of creation is hidden in the Hebrew prayer “Shema Yisroel” – a hallowed prayer, declared by millions of Jews, who were forced to choose between coerced conversion or death.  Whether it was on the pyres of the dreadful Spanish inquisition or by the SS shooting squads, the time-held tradition of saying “Shema Yisroel…,” “Hear O’ Israel, the Lord is Our G-d, The Lord is One” resonated through the brave choice.

But if G-d already was one; Why did he need us?

You see, there is a far greater pleasure God receives from us, than even Himself.

For we represent a sum total, greater than the sum of its parts. Ah’ synergy!

Human beings have the ability through love, through connection, through identification, through empathy, through shared destiny, to create a total greater than the sum of its parts.

The goal of life is not a black and white choice.  Rather, it is combining black and white, and having the infinite shades.

Think of it like this – the notion that there is good and evil only applies to a conceptual reality – hence it’s bright and dark.  

 In fact, some people literally, see only in black and white. And yet in-between, the absence of light and its total existence; is an infinite hue, a pallet, bursting with bubbles of unique personalities – and like a fragrant garden, every rose, every flower, not only adds a unique sight, but scent.

So in conclusion, Jewish mysticism teaches how our purpose is integration.

We are here not to leave the confines of space, time, and human emotions and intellect, to “nirvana”.  Rather, we are here to live a higher consciousness, a Divine consciousness, a Divine purpose, a Divine unconditional love.

Ultimately, the physical is neither good nor bad, a piece of paper becomes what is written on it, and so a person.

By engaging in the study of G-d’s wisdom, in heartfelt prayer, and most importantly in the perpetual acts of goodness and kindness, an otherwise lump of human clay, becomes an angel.

Chapter 3

How To Manifest E-Pluribus-Unum

The ultimate consciousness is the understanding that there is no, “my way or the highway.” The true highway of life, like many cars flowing simultaneously – each and every one of us is unique – we are complimentary.  We must discover our God given talents and use them, thereby not only self-actualizing but enhancing everyone.

The true idea of E-Pluribus-Unum = We’re individuals each with a mission – teammates!

We often see G-d as being beyond our reality, but if G-d is truly great, if G-d is truly infinite then G-d can simultaneously be both beyond and within (think of say the GPS or google).

The Kabbalah predicted that in the year 1840 G-d will open the floodgates of wisdom of above and below and they will converge. At that time both the mystical Jewish secrets and scientific secrets will flood humanity. This was written approximately sixteen hundred years prior to the prediction.

One of the benefits is, we can see things hitherto invisible.

 We can all be hooked into the same GPS and simultaneously it is guiding each and every one of us. Even if we are all using the exact same navigation program to assist us in navigating the traffic congestion.  –  Similarly we can each listen to the Inner Divine Voice.

Chapter 4 The Unique Jewish Worldview

The unique Jewish worldview – namely, that it is our world that is G-d’s desire.  When we use money for charity, we transform an otherwise selfish or worse, callous world, into a world of unity and love.

This is very unique!

Many religions see emotions, namely love and reverence to G-d as being most important.

Amazingly, among the 613 Commandments in the Bible (and the seven Noahide) the primary commandments of love and fear (as it is called) of G-d, are, by some of the great Rabbis, not even commandments!

They see love and fear of G-d (though these are explicitly mentioned as commandments in the Bible) merely as precursors – as being necessary for the goal.

In other words, they see Judaism as an action orientated religion.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, often would quote, “Hammaseh hu ha-ikar – action is the main thing!”


The Jewish sages teach “The entire Torah / Bible was given in order to bring peace.”

This idea is critical, it is obvious, we all seek to feel good; however a greater feeling than peace / unity, love and harmony, exists not!

Now the irony of unity is, the American motto – it is encapsulated in “E-Pluribus-Unum – From Many One.”

In others words, if we all looked, thought, dressed, ate, etc. the same – we would not have peace, but multiplicity.

Peace, is when you have different people, but they see what they have in common – like teammates.

Gender Unity

If the Creator’s intention is unity (not homogeneity / sameness) we understand exactly why we are all unique:  Far from differences dividing, they in point of fact,  unite!

Part of the attraction between men and women is because they are different – while friends from your gender create a water like tranquility – the other gender creates a fire like passion.

The mistaken notion of gender-equality, erases our love and unity – in the quest for sameness. 

All radical movements which espouse a false version of “unity” through “all blindly  accepting their ideology”, instead of resulting in love and peace, we create tension and bitterness.

We should rather focus on gender harmony, which is the recognition that both genders are unique, special and have contributing factors for the greater good.

Tzeddakah – Tzeddek

Nowhere is division more important, for the sake of bridging – respectfully (as always) the divide – than between the haves and have-nots.

A hedonist once asked Rabbi Akivah – “If G-d seeks charity, why did He make the poor?” “So we can partner with the Creator, in his creation,” replied the Rabbi.

You see, in the perfection of G-d’s universe – again, a universe in which the necessity of interaction based on need was formed – we all have both unique gifts, as well as needs.

Without doctors, we would be sick; without lawyers, judges, police, jailers, we would be unsafe; without politicians, legislation and laws… there would be no law and order – but most importantly, a person blessed with wealth must understand that this money, is like G-d’s bank account.

When seeing a poor person – far from imagining that somehow you’re a higher class, or even worse, feeling superior (“my brains” etc.) understand, you are quite simply meant to partner with the Creator in creating harmony, by helping those less fortunate. 

An example of this is from Warren Buffet, who possibly gave the largest donation in history ($37,000,000,000…) often states, that he can’t feel arrogant for his wealth.

It simply was his good luck to be born where there is access to capital; in contrast to say in an underdeveloped country where his options would have been to be poor, hence circumstances favored him uniquely.

As such, we must see our lives not as consumers, but as contributors – not as takers, but as givers.

The Holy Baal Shem Tov teaches, when you wake up in the morning, you must ask G-d, “Please send me someone whom I can help today!”

Charity is JUST – we’re responsible for each other – G-d wants unity

In fact it is most interesting to note, that the Hebrew word for Charity-Tzeddakah is not indicative of benevolence.  The Hebrew word Chessed means  kindness, and Rachmanus is compassion; rather Tzeddakah means justice.

Freud relates a joke of a Jewish beggar who comes to town and asks a rich man for 50 Rubles – the man obliges, but later sees the beggar in a fancy restaurant ordering a nice bagel and lox – angrily he snaps at him, “Is that why I gave you 50 rubles?!” – “Oh you crazy rich people…” the poor man replies, “Before you gave me 50 rubles, I couldn’t have bagel and lox; now that you’ve given me 50 rubles, I can’t have bagel and lox.. so when exactly, can I?”

Freud in his typical analysis, happily deduces, that in the Jewish way of thinking, a person is entitled to bagels and lox.

This in fact is accurate – in the Jewish (Biblical) way of thinking, each person is equally entitled.  This means not that the world “owes me”; rather no person is intrinsically better.

For at the end of the day – imagine G-d forbid you couldn’t afford a meal, would it be just for the world to ignore your pressing needs?!   In fact, according to Judaism, before we may eat a steak, we must ensure that those who need bread, have it!

Developed countries should share technology with underdeveloped.

We should be most proud of America and Israel, and the many other developed countries that frequently send vast amounts of technological experience, such as in agriculture, medicine,  and other assistance, not to mention great financial sums, in order to uplift the lives of others – we truly live in a global village.

Chapter 5

Contentious Insanities

One of the most contentious issues – which actually should be the most sublime, is the current misunderstanding of the genders.

For all of human history, the celebration of man and woman in sacred marriage as the basis for both love and perpetuation of humanity – support and education – respect and role-modeling, was the most sacred institution.

The current war against the institution of marriage is nothing less than the reverberation of a sustained disinformation campaign equating homesexual marriage with traditional heterosexual marriage.  In point of fact, the average homeosexual has three hundred one night stands, the average “marriage” lasts six months, and during that time it is not monogamous- anything but, “till death do us part….”)

The way G-d designed the world, men and women, are two halves of one soul.

Men and women bring respective strengths;  by complimenting each other, both are far luckier.  For example, it is the general tendency of a man to be outgoing, while the general tendency of a woman to be more refined:  each is a strength and they are complimentary.

It is obvious that the respective nurturing strength of a woman have no substitute;  Their brains in fact are consistently releasing nurturing, and attraction, as well as bonding hormones; all for the sake of bearing, loving and nurturing.  Likewise one of the largest (30 year study) into the children of divorced parents, find that they suffer from higher anxiety – so the sense of safety a husband / father provides is critical. 

In other words, the combination of a mother’s (something women are Divinely unique in) nurturing, and a father’s sense of stability, create the healthiest children.


As crazy as it seems, New York has just passed a law in which a born child can legally be murdered.

Abortion is nothing less than murder; though according to Judaism, if a mother’s life is in danger then according to the law called “Rodef”, we do say the mother’s life comes first.

Rodef states that if A. is about to kill B., then you must kill A., merely to protect B.

This is not out of vengeance, but in defense of the innocent person.

Those who despise G-d and religion in essence hate life;  you see, life is a spiritual concept.  In order to love life, you must first and foremost be able to love – your heart must be filled with joy.

Unfortunately many people have lost their heart:  being subjugated to shame, abuse, and ridicule from jealous bullies which causes sensitive people to become angry. And in the anger G-d-forbid we hold, we feel it isn’t fair (and it isn’t… ) :  we subconsciously feel, “why should another have joy, while I am miserable”?  Therefore subconsciously we go on a war path: our goal is nothing less than the eradication of love and life.

On a far smaller scale, but one you have probably felt (for studies show everyone has been bullied) if you did nothing to hurt a bully, why did he shame, ridicule or act violently??

 The answer again is, the bully has an inner resentment: his energy comes not from love, rather from fear and often demented narcissism, a deluded sense of grandiosity.

  Hence when his heart (yes, it’s all subconscious) sees a loving compassionate happy person, they feel the need to demean: in this way they “rectify” the injustice – the unfairness.

I know a father who was going through intense humiliation and during that time he was derogatory to his wife and children and when he felt about himself better, the same vexing issues simply weren’t.

In essence, we are all loving – but when we feel shamed and humiliated – “gutted” – our jealousy over love and dignity is aroused.

The Value Of Life

Part of our problem is that we have lost the value of life itself – when society values life, they love; they love their children!

To love a child is the most beautiful thing in the world – unfortunately when we are bags of fear and resentment, we are often depressed or repressed – then we often are simply surviving – and we lack emotional love.

Aging / elderly

We intrinsically see this type of selfish or shall we say depressive behavior, in how shamelessly our society treats its elders; relegated to old-age homes, languishing, are literally 3,000,000 older people (in the U.S)!  This is not to say it is not often necessary, but how many of those receive daily family visits?

Education children – good role models  

One of the world’s greatest educators was the Lubavitcher Rebbe, a lady once asked him – “How can I be a good educator for my children?” – He replied: “Be a good role-model.”

Chapter 6 Antisemitism

As mentioned in Chapter 4 G-d’s entire goal in creation is unity.

Ironically the very book – the Bible / Torah, given by G-d to man, to create unity – simultaneously created the greatest irrational hate.

The Jewish sages play on the words “Mount Sinia” (where G-d gave the Torah) “Why was it called “Sinai”?  For on it “Sina” (hate) came to the Jewish people.

I was recently asked to speak in a Christian School – and after my lecture I asked the students if they had any questions.  The very last question, perhaps as they felt safe and comfortable at this point, “Why at the end of YouTube videos, in conspiracies, are Jews always mentioned?”

Let’s analyze this bizarre phenomena called antisemitism.

Somehow, for literally four thousand years; subtly from the beginning of time, with Kayin and Hevel (Kain and Able) it is good people, that the most generous, kind, compassionate people, that get picked on?!

In case anyone needs to be made aware, as Einstein – a brilliant man writes – the Germans couldn’t have hated the Jews for their stated reason: namely “they were against Semites”. 

Jews are a religious group, which has nothing to do with any race. 

Rather the one thing all Jews have in common is, the desire for social justice.

Hitler often stated, the Jews were the conscience of the world: he sought to create, unfortunately quite successfully,  savages.

Now one would wonder, if G-d-forbid I have been brutalized, should that not make me a more compassionate, sensitive person??

The answer is, that the heart is a mirror;  when we feel brutalized, it makes us angry, and  anger is a negative emotion. 

This in turns creates jealousy – and jealousy creates maliciousness.

 In Hebrew the word for hate, and the word for jealousy are similar.

In other words, unfortunately when we are angry – which would come from feeling maliciously hurt,  this cascades into jealous irrational hate.

If we are punished, we understand and accept the situation more easily as opposed to the injustice of being maliciously hurt

Now why did  G-d choose one nation, to give them his Word – why did He cause them so much unbelievable torture and suffering from jealousy?

To understand this you must look at humanity like a family –  G-d calls the Jews “My Chosen Firstborn” – in other words, by choosing the Jewish people, far from denigrating others,  G-d is elevating – just as in a family, the firstborn (as the Bible teaches) is chosen as the role-model;  we place our greatest expectations on him/her, serving as a conduit for the values of the parent.

Jew & Non Jew  – complimentary forces

As such we now realize that fundamentally the world needs both – just as male and female compliment each other, and without either, there is neither – similarly Jews and gentiles.

 G-d’s ultimate model

G-d  seeks the Jewish people to be the models of goodness, kindness, nobility, humility.  To a large extent as evidenced by a 2014 Pew poll, 70% of Americans see Jews and Judaism, in the highest regard. Thus  G-d succeeded.

Once again this is not a Jewish experience.  In G-d’s world, the most primary of all forces, namely the body and the soul; which also mean values and passion, begin to simultaneously merge.

Jew & gentile – one nation under  G-d

Fundamentally while the Jews are commanded on a strict code of both spirituality (such as Sabbath, kosher etc.)  serving as models of a Divinely dedicated lifestyle, the ultimate goal is E-Pluribus-Unum, a world living in peace, love, unity and mutual cooperation.

We each play role in bringing Redemption.

By the Jews keeping their 613 laws and gentiles their 7, together we have the inspired light (sort of the soul) in the cosmic body of humanity.

Chapter 7 The Holy Land

Just as  G-d made one people distinct – sacred, serving as role-models to humanity, He also made one land.  The Jewish sages teach, the land of Israel, for the children of Israel, for the G-d of Israel.

In other words – Israel never was meant to be a self-serving nation. 

Rather she was meant to show all of humanity how the sacred and the modern, the ancient and the modern, the holy and the modern – are seamlessly merged by G-d.

As I left Jerusalem last time, I thought, if I had to describe this aura, “If G-d were in stone….”

The messianic era prophecies, such as Jews returning to Israel, were foretold thousands of years ago.

For people seeking spirituality, the nation of Israel will serve the entire world. As the verse states: “My house will be called a House of prayer, for all people.”

Chapter 8 Church and State

One of the most contentious issues for the past few hundred years in the western world – has been “the separation of church and state.”

To a large extent, one can say, the entire “enlightenment” and perhaps even French Revolution (and bringing in its wake democracy to the western world) was the underlying tension.

Many felt though often subconsciously, perhaps much of it the subconscious  libido, that religion was suppressing them.

Much of the scientific worldview of atheism, which of-course since 2/3rds of scientists being believers, was nothing more than self-justification.

It was an ability for man to finally say, “I’ll do what, when, how, I want.”

Freud himself, an adherent of the “scientific worldview” writes, that religion serves a great good in repressing some of our more evil traits.

To a student of the subconscious, the fact is, we are not only compassionate;  we have deep seated possibilities for incredible resentment, anger and evil, as any cursory knowledge of humanity proves.

Ironically everything G-d did – as Kabbalah teaches, merging mutually opposite, but complimentary forces – birthing new possibilities, which was exactly the intent.

For while Freud was correct  in people feeling repressed, this repression comes about only when I am not allowed to choose – I feel coerced.

But say I choose to diet – when I choose to self-repress – in fact, it is the highest of achievements.

To this extant,  G-d led the world, certainly the west, on an ambitious notion of democracy.

If the American founding fathers saw that the phrase “separation of church and state” had come to mean taking G-d out of public school; as the Supreme Court erroneously chose; Pilgrims who came to this country specifically to worship freely, would be aghast. One cannot afford to forget the opinion of the Supreme Court, as studies show, tends to follow the majority mindset of the common culture at the time.

You see, in actual fact, the forces of democracy and the forces of religion are complementary – we see this clearly, for while many choose to abandon religion, a far greater number choose to embrace it – which was the Divine Intent.

It is the sacred duty of all fortunate to believe, to lovingly share.

In other words, while it is obvious that democracy is the best of the evil called Government, it is by no means is a license for anything but the personal growth of individuals and hence societies.

Free of religion or freedom to choose  

Rights vs. Duty

One of the most subtle but consistent ramifications of this cosmic division of ideologies is the ramification of taking responsibility; or the lack of taking responsibility.

All ideologies not based on the G-d of Israel; the Biblical notion of a G-d seeking justice and kindness  and for such, rewarding/punishing, fundamentally, are selfish.

For example, worshiping an idol unfortunately becomes a license to kill: as versions of Islam which believe, Mohammad seeks the wanton murder of others.

But even dogmatic atheism, as opposed to open agnosticism which purports to be seeking truth, unfortunately is about “I want to do, anything!”

A responsible person sees the world not as theirs – rather they understand that there are many others – not only people, but animals, and even the non-living world.

A responsible person understands, that unlike a spoiled child, my task as the Boy Scout motto states is: to leave a place – the world – better, nicer, more civilized than what was bequeathed to me.

For this reason, giving children a belief in the Biblical  G-d – a belief that there is a  G-d who seeks that humanity live with respect and love, with charity and kindness, is not merely a private affair – it is in fact  of most critical  public importance.

 For this reason it is absolutely vital for schools to either begin with acknowledging  G-d, or a moment of silence.

Chapter 9 Summarized in Five

Ultimately humanity must be like a symphony, like a garden – each instrument, each flower is both unique and part of a greater picture – stifling another, coercing another, is always evil.  Whether it in the name of religion or in the name of anti-religion.

We must recognize five fundamental truths:

  1. Without governments, as the Talmudic scholars write, people would literally eat each other – “governments,” as one of the founding fathers wrote: “if men were angels – wouldn’t be necessary.”

As such, we must respect and participate in the rule of law – and democratically seek its improvement.

Furthermore, overthrowing governments and removing law and order, on the whole, has turned out to be, as we see in Syria, Libya (previously Egypt) and many more, very stupid.

  • The second fact is, without a belief, adherence, love for  G-d, people may be cruel – so belief in G-d is necessary.
  • Thirdly, children obviously cannot self-teach – it is up to the older generation – as always, done through all of human history, to impart values.

All values begin through understanding that  G-d wants us to be good, and as He controls all, this is for our own benefit.

  • Fourthly, the Jewish people were chosen by G-d to carry these messages, and perhaps more importantly serve, as living examples.
  • And finally, the land of Israel, is sacred to all monotheistic faiths. It is not merely another land, it serves now, and soon in the full complete messianic redemption, eternally – as the beacon – allowing us to bring G-d home.

Chapter 10 The Thirteen Governmental Mechanism

In the seven Noahide laws Governments– representatives of the citizens- are obligated to create a justice system.


Let’s use a real life example

8:00 a.m. on October 7, 1969, the Montreal police went on strike

Steven Pinker, the psychologist who was born and grew up in Montreal recalled how the wildcat police strike and the lawlessness that followed changed his views:

“As a young teenager in proudly peaceable Canada during the romantic 1960s, I was a true believer in Bakunin’s anarchism. I laughed off my parents’ argument that if the government ever laid down its arms all hell would break loose. Our competing predictions were put to the test at 8:00 a.m. on October 7, 1969, when the Montreal police went on strike. By 11:20 am, the first bank was robbed. By noon, most of the downtown stores were closed because of looting. Within a few more hours, taxi drivers burned down the garage of a limousine service that competed with them for airport customers, a rooftop sniper killed a provincial police officer, rioters broke into several hotels and restaurants, and a doctor slew a burglar in his suburban home. By the end of the day, six banks had been robbed, a hundred shops had been looted, twelve fires had been set, forty carloads of storefront glass had been broken, and three million dollars in property damage had been inflicted, before city authorities had to call in the army and, of course, the Mounties to restore order. This decisive empirical test left my politics in tatters (and offered a foretaste of life as a scientist).” Pinker 2003, p. 331

The Montreal Gazette reported on 8 October 1969:

“Fires, explosions, assaults and a full-pitched gun-battle kept Montrealers huddled indoors as the reign of terror brought the city to the edge of chaos and resulted in the call for the Army help… Hundreds of looters swept through downtown Montreal last night as the city suffered one of the worst outbreaks of lawlessness in its history. Hotels, banks, stores and restaurants around the Ste-Catherine-Peel Street axis had their windows smashed by rock-tossing youths. Thousands of spectators looked on as looters casually picked goods out of store-front windows.”

The Rabbis of yore perhaps saying it harrowingly best “without law and order people would eat each other literally alive.”

Within all people are competing tendencies as Freud called it, the life and death instinct.

There is a part of us that loves, and would even give our life for those that we love.  There is a part of us,usually buried in deep layers of subconscious denial, that hates and is happy, as we see with Muslim terrorists, as we saw with nazis, and many other cultures, even ready to give their lives or that of their children just to murder.

When anger, the cause of hate and maliciousness/evil come to a person (“that’s not fair!”) there is no telling what another will do!

It goes without saying that those that stand to “gain” the most from lawlessness such as black (or any color) gangs, are those protesting law and order the most.

Many people have resentment – this may have been,say in the case of President Obama who wrote a book “Dreams of My Father” from fatherhood childhood abandonment (this in fact can create anxiety disorders which themselves cause resentment – for “its not fair that you live a happy life (which is what everyone truly desires most) while I must suffer incessant anxiety” – and the moment we feel something is unfair, we become angry.

Certainly if you stole my possession this would cause me anger – so having a legal system to  protect people from those who have generalized hate ( this is the motive behind serial killers, rapists etc.) and behind those who have a genuine grudge – say my business partner (or someone ) stole money… is society’s first and foremost duty.

This cannot be overstated, the first and foremost role of any government is to have not only a legal system – In which the laws are equally applicable but also the ability to enforce it – as the Islamic quote “better a hundred years of tyranny, than one day of anarchy” – for in the former, the majority can sleep.

#2 International relations

Perhaps nothing has caused more useless meaningless, futile death than war.


Bubble chart of wars over 2 million deaths!

In total from the dawn of time of at least 300,000,000 million people have needlessly been murdered and if recent reports about the Islamic incursions into India are correct, Islam (which is guilty of a tremendous amount of violence) in those incursions, was the greatest cause of human misery murder and death of about 400,000,000 people.  If one thinks that “scientific enlightened man” is immune, the actual fact is that  as hate is in the heart, therefore if the means to deliver a devastating blow are great, then ability to do so is likewise.

Now all wars obviously have three phases.

Phase number 1: Hate, Using Islamic terrorism or nazi hate as a good example – this hate is irrational – “I desire to kill you…”

Number 2: Mechanism, whether it is building an army, or in the case of Iran a nuclear bomb.

Number 3: Execution, again remembering that all it takes to use biochemical or nuclear weapons is the push of a single button, we have a to paraphrase Aristotle who wrote, “Big problems come from small problems – catastrophes, come from huge problems.”

So what’s the solution?

In the end of the day all wars can be avoided

The legal system around the world  as Paul Johnson the noted historian wrote,  “ The entire notion of law (and order) comes from the Bible.  In the Bible it states (to jurists) “Justice Justice, shall you pursue”.   Why the double  wording? Because the first is for compromise / mediation – and around the world, just first and foremost seek for parties to mediate.  Mediation  in which I have a degree, is a mechanism which parties,  are helped  to compromise voluntarily. V As opposed to being settled by the law which imposes a winner / loser.

In other words we both encourage all parties (they could be incentivized if they achieve positive consensus) as well as allow all parties, to have with us a voluntary mediation.  This means that no one is obligated the goal is  a conversation in which a mediator attempts to create compromise.   To make the system work each country should choose a mediator and the two should choose a third (this process should not take more than a week) then the two parties with the three mediators meet.   They should try to meet within a week, as deadlines create compromise.  This can be extended week to week try to reach a compromise.

Any country that starts this process  by simply saying this is how we will end our conflicts is going to be the role model – and make history – as history is made by the first adopter.

Imagine a world with peaceful resolutions – its up to you

# 3  It goes without saying – particularly in democracies where governments must please their electorate – that helping those who are in need is correct.   A majority of Americans support this, for the United States Government, however there has come a dangerous  trend in left wing radical thinking in which rich people are bad.  This may be due to former communists disinformation campaigns that have lingered.

Without  A)  Security.  B)  Laws  C)   Incentive, people will not create  businesses which means  A)  The country will have very few services and B) Very little income, which means, its ability to do good is hampered exponentially.

This message – to counter the illusion that money is evil – must be taught in every country.

#4 Having grown up in America – as polls show, most Americans don’t recognize their country – the #1 concern they have (at least when this poll was conducted by  Gallup) is the divisiveness.  To understand a problem one must look at its root – and the root of this divisiveness   is through left wing radical politicians – radicals like Hitler have but one agenda – it’s not the poor they seek to uplift from compassion, rather they hate hate. As a Jew I can see how it infiltrated into Israel,  these are two countries in which the common identity was very strong! Reb Menachem Mende of Kotzk (one of the wisest Rabbis ever) said – what is the difference   between a lover of truth or a hater of  falsehood?  The former will find truth and the latter falsehood.  The same applies to the difference  between a lover of love or a hater of hate.  While the former is seeking, hence will find love, the latter has been (at best) traumatized  by hate and therefore  their brain is focused  on eliminating hate.   The problem of course being, is they use the very same tools they seek to destroy;  its like fighting fire with fire, you only cause a much much bigger one.

Countries must do all in their power to encourage unity

Most of the world desires  democracy  based  on  majority  consensus ( Pew 66%)

​​Here is how to practically  implement it – for there is also the tyranny of the majority.   It must be carefully balanced, for example Switzerland  uses this system. B But by allowing any citizen  to muster five or fifty thousand signatures to put something to the public ballot, they have for example, managed to ban air conditioning  !Tralfaz: One of Those Corny 'B' Pictures, Eh?

This is the normal healthy balanced and positive way to have Direct Democracy


A. First determine what are your  country’s top ten concerns.
B. In countries that must have solutions passed in multiple houses, such as in America, the Congress, Senate and Supreme Court create (ideally Inter-House, as well as Supreme Court vetted) joint proposed solutions.
C. Then the Administration will present a (final) complete  solution to the people – this should be done by a verifiable authentic poll – and if there is 51% agreement introduce legislation.

In other words, instead of war, bickering, bottleneck, we will have peace, functionality and solutions, to our countries most serious issues!

Obviously this process can be repeated indefinitely.


65% of Americans  agree, once the Government comes up with a solution, it should further poll for majority consensus. (Gravis Marketing)

 The most important war of-course is the war of life vs holocaust – currently the entire world is under threat from the radical Islamic Jihad which is quite simply to murder everyone. Though terrorism has somewhat subsided – as President Trump is  formidable enough for  some of the less aggressive players to temporarily be subdued.    Islam has mainly three groups: the Sunnis 1.2 billion, the Shiites 200,000,000 (mainly Iran, Iraq, and Syria) and Wahhabism (the version of Islam which founded Saudi Arabia) Wahhabism is a literal interpretation of the Koran, a book which calls directly for the murder of Jews and Christian, over thirty times.  Wahhabism was aligned to Sunni, hence Wahhabism spreads through Saudi Arabian oil.  For example in Pakistan where their madrasas, school of learning, educate 1 million + annually  and the sole study is memorization of the  Koran and practices of Islam.  The literal interpretation of Saudi Arabia’s version of Islam is, “kill, kill and kill some more…”  results in a million graduates, annually, of you guessed it – “wannabe suicide bombers.”

When we consider five facts we’ll understand this poses an existential threat:

#1 Pakistan as we speak has 120 Nuclear bombs.   If you are aware of the EMP – electromagnetic pulse – it takes but one (detonated 20 miles above the ground, in the center of a country (G-d-forbid) to fry the entire electrical grid, resulting in Government estimates of 80% of United States  citizens dead within a year (that’s a conservative estimate.) Now how many radicals does it take to push a button….

#2 The source of this doctrine  Saudi Arabia, is thanks to Obama -continued with Trump, building 16 nuclear reactors!

#3 Iran is the other side of jihad (for they believe “when the world will be filled with blood up to a horse’s knee, the messiah will come”) they of-course are feverishly working their centrifuges.

#4 Once a person has been indoctrinated, not only can you not unconvinced them, they are ready to give their life too – and  they convince more.

#5 Turkey, a  NATO ally (if there ever was an irony) is working on  nukes,  Remember the head of Turkey is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, perhaps the largest Islamist terrorist organization, and over 50% of the party (Turkey’s Parliament) belongs to Islamic radicalism….

Solution To Issue # 4.

  1. 78% of Americans agree, we should not give any Islamic country Nuclear Technology.


 2. 64% of Americans agree we should sanction those who already possess it.

3. 71%  of Americans  agree, that we should ban Jihadist doctrine on the Internet.
Remember this is how ISIS – who wantonly murdered, raped, beheaded was formed.
Gravis Marketing Poll

​ 4. 80% of U.S. Mosques, to which millions of otherwise (potentially) peaceful Muslims attend , have been radicalized.   They are being sponsored and indoctrinated by Saudi Arabia Wahhabism.

5. 61% of Americans agree, we should stop foreign funding of local Mosques (as this invites radical doctrines.) Gravis Marketing Poll


6. 73% of Americans agree we should sanction Islamic countries that educate their children to murder. Gravis Marketing Poll

Of course this is based on the assumption that solution # 2 (voluntary mediation won’t work.)

In general it would be wise,   that countries with nuclear technology should limit its spread and that all countries give up all their nukes as most Americans desire.  Though this is probably unfeasible. Einstein spent a lifetime trying something even less ambitious namely that those countries that are nuclear powers – instead of suicidely, for a couple of bucks, selling the technology to madmen – don’t.

#5 Unity vs. Discord – on a familial level our divorce rates are through the roof, lack of marriage as well; though most would like to….

The  following may shock you.  it is based on the very good research of David Goldman, an economist whose column is read by intelligence  agencies world wide.  His book is called How Civilizations Die  and this includes  Islam – the following is from the books description.


Thanks to collapsing birthrates, much of Europe is on a path of willed self-extinction. The untold story is that birthrates in Muslim nations are declining faster than anywhere else—at a rate never before documented. Europe, even in its decline, may have the resources to support an aging population, if at a terrible economic and cultural cost. But in the impoverished Islamic world, an aging population means a civilization on the brink of total collapse— something Islamic terrorists know and fear.

Muslim decline poses new threats to America, challenges we cannot even understand, much less face effectively, without a wholly new kind of political analysis that explains how desperate peoples and nations behave.

In How Civilizations Die, David P. Goldman—author of the celebrated “Spengler” column read by intelligence organizations worldwide—reveals how, almost unnoticed, massive shifts in global power are remaking our future.

Goldman reveals:

  • How extinctions of peoples, cultures, and civilizations are not unthinkable—but certain
  • How for the first time in world history, the birthrate in the West has fallen below replacement level
  • Why birthrates in the Muslim world are falling even faster
  • Why the “Arab Spring” is the precursor of much more violent change in the Islamic world
  • Why looming demographic collapse may encourage Islamic terrorists to “go for broke”
  • How the United States can survive the coming world turmoil

Solution to Issue #5

The only exception to the falling birth rates is Orthodox Jews and Evangelicals– and the reason for this (I believe)  is when all other societies  ( including I Islam)  hit modernity they stop having children. It means that fundamentally speaking,  there must be something in both Orthodox Judaism  as well as Evangelical Christians that encourage them to WILLINGLY have more children- and (I believe) there are three factors:

  1. Prosperity (generally both of these groups live in prosperous countries)
  2. Love – this cannot be overstated – people who are loved, love – again people who feel loved,  can give love, and therefore having a child is an act of love.
  3. The Bible – having a value system which encourages marriage, fidelity and children.

As such, the solution to this existential problem is through the above three factors.


1. Prosperity (which other solutions can create) is necessary.

2. Feeling loved – this should come from the President, Prime Minister, whoever – at every single speech. Ideally they should begin each speech “Fellow Americans, I love you dearly”… Feeling loved is a perception – though obviously it must be genuine to be believed.

3. Finally we  must make a massive educational campaign which extols the virtues of marriage, fidelity – people can be honored – as this will elevate the status.

Issue # 6. Prosperity vs. Poverty – of-course everyone has a right to basic living conditions – it was always tough, but with Covid  and  robots taking over 50% of manual labor by the year… – it’s no laughing matter

Solution for Issue #6 It goes without saying that the bedrock of economies is business and hence as mentioned in number 3 the encouragement of business is essential.  This is primarily done  though lower taxes.  Again malicious diabolical radicals seek to raise the taxes, though it is not the poor they care for.  More taxes does not equal more but less money.  Lowering taxes incentives investing. Also it is  essential for the creation of businesses to have safety, as well as law and order.

The Laffer Curve notion teaches, that reasonable tax rates and strong economic growth are the best way to generate monies for government.

#7Health vs. Illness – thank  G-d our knowledge of preventive care, mainly through good thinking, eating and exercise, is expanding.

The only way to keep people meaningfully and happily living is  by making farming villages and offering whoever wishes to work a decent wage and meaningful & spiritually  satisfying work.  To the extent possible, we will both grow (and be off-grid) as much as possible, while simultaneously selling, and any extra will be  government funded – this will create healthy wholesome communities, as has been proven. Surveys have shown  51% of Americans support this.

Solution #7

We must make a massive educational campaign which extols the virtues of healthy thinking, self-discipline, love, as well as healthy eating and some exercise.

We must make a massive effort – especially with  children to encourage healthy eating and practices.

#8 Dignity vs. Shame – thank G-d our recognition to not insult, on one hand is expanding.  However simultaneously, politicians demonize, and induce great hate.

We must firstly be very careful to never insult and simultaneously we could have a massive educational campaign.  “Would you like someone to insult you – how do you think whoever you insult feels?”

#9 Joy vs. Sadness or misery – this is of-course primarily based on A. F Feeling fortunate,  and this is primarily based on gratitude. B. This is also based on doing things of value  vs. something meaningless.

We need a massive educational campaign aimed at both  adults and children to: A. thank G-d every morning.  This gratitude as studies show, induces hope and happiness – and happy people are far nicer.  It also encourage people to live – discover and create – a meaningful (the meaning of their) life.

#10 Moral (education) vs. immoral – perhaps the most important indicator of the future.   For-example all civilizations, apart from Evangelical and Orthodox Jews, are destined, based on birth rates, to soon be extinct.

Solution #10

1: The value of life – even of one’s own, must be educated.

Every child should be taught to value both their own life and the lives of others, for life is unconditionally valuable.

2: Introduce A Moment of Silence – Contemplating A Respect For A Higher Power

64%  of Americans  support implementing a moment of silence.  At the beginning of the school day, students are given a moment in their own language and heart, to pray.

 Gravis Marketing Poll

3. 79% of Americans  believe we should implement a curriculum that offers emotional  guidance, for example, how to overcome anger, how to forgive, how to be kind etc. Gravis Marketing Poll

​The State of Kansas has done this.

4: 87% of Americans’  believe, that “Students would be better served if career training is part of the high school curriculum which they should complete by the time they finish high school.” Gravis Marketing Poll

5: 90% of Americans believe society would be better served, if we educate students what are the laws of the land as well as the consequences for transgressing.  This Should be Mandated For All Schools (even Parochial.) Gravis Marketing Poll

#11 Clean Energy
Whether or not one believes in climate change  the  fact is that clean air is healthier. 56% of Americans agree the government should create solar farms that will offer free energy nationally and internationally.

# 12 The only way we shall have world peace is by A.  Realizing that the only thing that is random is our own stupidity – every single created being is an epic – scientifically proven – miracle! As such there is a purpose to each – we each like a unique instrument in a grand symphony contribute.  When we understand this, instead of feeling jealous, we feel love, and when we feel love, we don’t feel hate. When we feel love, we wish, as the Hebrew word for love has in it a “hav” to give – while the  Hebrew word for hate has in it  “na” – to annihilate.

#13 Finally though this is religious – yet believed by the majority of the world – we must accept that life has a past, present and future – the future is the messianic era – an era in which the explosion of both spiritual and scientific advances gives abundant wisdom and prosperity – but what to do? – this is one of the greatest problems as Aristotle writes “people need to be taught what to do with leisure time.”

The solution of-course is that we will all infinitely grow.

Listen to the soft voice of your Divine soul – for in it, all that is good, holy, loving – instead of selfish, narcissistic and savage – leading you to a life which you will be proud (instead of ashamed of.)


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