No matter how cruel another is; Don’t Be

In the beginning the light desired to love, so he created darkness and in this darkness he put you – in the foreknowledge that you in essence being light (a soul) would wade through the darkness, to discover then unify and eternally merge

in extremely simply words – we either are in the accepting state – this state born from security and the natural desire for love is incapable of seeing any potential evil – or we are in the protective, “closed-gate” state – this state born from fear, anxiety, often experience-based, sees only potential danger, hence in this state it is perfectly reasonable to shut out all love and in fact be quite volatile, as sometimes the only defense is offense – Oh’ how fortunate is s/he who matures

Are you a victim? – in other words, are you now free because society owes

There was once a man who woke up one day and said “I love you”, “I love you with all my heart and soul” “To me you are the most exquisite body in the world” – You see this man actually hated himself – so his psychiatrist told him to self-affirm – but the reason I tell you this story is to say, that the more words of love, the less

If you love someone you can’t hurt; but if you hurt, it means we hate, for love can see no harm, while hate, exclusively!

By it’s very definition, a meaningful life is a challenging one


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