Anger = Maliciousness

In simple words, God is a lover!

The bottom, bottom, bottom line

You see, we all are souls – and all souls have two directions – one is toward, the other is away

The modern Bible: In everything that God made, there is a special all-encompassing global and individual benefit

The Hebrew letters also have numbers and when two numbers (the sum total of all the letters) add up – so different words have similarities.

The Baal Shem Tov teaches, that the Hebrew word for secret (raz) and light (oir) are equivalent, for he one who knows the benefit of something sheds light.

Women = children – causing men to grow

Men = love – sacrifice

Children = future

Sex = when it is sacred, namely as the Bible (G-d) proscribes between a husband and a wife during appropriate times – unity – children

Money = charity – peace (for to have peace, there must be security)

Torah = truth

Falsehood = choice

Everything that ever was is and will be, serves a singular purpose

What it takes



You see I just randomly bumped into the “happy movie” where the producers went around the world trying to discover how to be happy


Considering that I found it odd, I realized, that is because I am


So here are my secrets

You see first and foremost, to be happy, you cannot be in pain

There are two types of pain, physical and emotional


So obviously in order to be happy a person must feel secure – that itself is often impossible (a large part of my happiness comes from feeling secure)

The second part to being happy is not to feel emotional pain – we see this clearly with children – when they feel secure and are not in emotional pain they are happy

We Are