If God wants us to see the truth wouldn’t we, perhaps he wants us to discover

there is in truth no such thing as truth, there are only hard learned lessons

There is part of us that is sadistic and a part of us that is compassionate – when someone is suffering if you get a sick kind of pleasure which part is winning

Why I am proud of Americans! – unlike Europeans, who for whatever psychological disease have allowed their countries to be overrun – as anyone who knows anything, knows that Europe is lost – the forces of aggressive me vs. you, instead of liberty, unity and justice For All (not only those who terrorize) have obliterated the gains to civilization

Israel has no problem with Arabs, Arabs have a problem, as did the nazis – it’s called jealousy – you see the fires prove it – for the jealous person seeks not construction of self but destruction of whom they feel causes their delusional grandiosity (“mirror mirror on the wall, whose the fairest one of them all..”) to be abrogated by facts

life is so hard, why make it worse

God… – last night Rabbi Jacobson said how words mean so many different things – to one, God may mean love, another resentment, another obligation – when we look at how many religions there are…. in truth God is a mechanism – there are no definitions of that which has no limitation, even the limitation of having no limitation (for the difference between infinity that we can/’t understand is, one is infinite relative to finite (so numbers for example) the other is infinite with nothing relative to it (for example imagination – so it can create anything) Therefore ultimately there is no one thing that God is – so instead of using our minds – a limited tool to understand that which is unlimited, instead we must access revelation – and as the Rebbe says, ultimately God is the being that creates both the physical and the spiritual, and as the Alter Rebbe says, all of Judaism and life is ratzu-vshuv, we traverse moments of inspiration which get downloaded in an eternal ying and yang