The following is a recently published 20 year study associating smoked, grilled and BrBQ meats with high risk of cancer (it seems at high temperatures carcinogens produce)

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A soul in essence is a pre-existing consciousness, that upon birth loses its pre consciousness

What no human could fathom –  once upon a time a magician filled with nothing but love figured he will love – you – said the magician to himself “I wish to bestow the ultimate magical act – the abilty to transfom;  however I  have a quandary, for if you do, then you might feel egotistical ( “look what I accomplished…”) and so the magician decided that you would continuously

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Those who have been humiliated and believe they are, become firstly neurotic, as they say in psychology, that trauma/  constant fear, is a normal reaction to an abnormal reality

There are really only two things that we know – God loves ( which is actually the natural state, for only when ego’s delusion enters, does a. our self addiction preclude others ( unless it enhances us, hence the simultaneous need of a bully to have cronies and be sadistic, which explains hitler, arafat – to a certain extent Obama-  certainly Saudi Arabia and other Muslim hate filled ego’s)