We can be angry or happy

Do you wish to die feared 

You are not alone, you’re no different to a little avatar put into a computer game, every single experience that you ever had and ever will, was designed by the programmer giving you more wisdom hence more compassion, leading to the universal age of unity

What is better… pretending, which is really fear

Our world is not what you think it is, rather it is like white light which contains all colors! within you is a desire, and this ability to choose will allow you to choose to live in whichever wavelength, for that is what a color is; for example there is the world of black, the dark world of  fear and hate; there is the world of yellow, the world of love and unity; there is the world of red, the world of jealousy; and finally there is the world of green, the world of desiring sex and any kind of instinctual pleasure

imagine that you were a German – and in the beginning you believed  hitler and you rose  through the ranks and you became his confident, and you were very powerful  and then you realized that everything that is going on is evil, would you kill him

God seeks not soldiers, rather volunteers