It is impossible to mature without not getting your…

To paraphrase Einstein, when we are not thinking rather outbursting – then we cannot accept any other opinion

The fountainhead: all of Judiasim hence reality (it’s offshoot) is based on three principles 1. The goal of life is greater unity 2. Unity is a function of egolessness ( for the greater I feel I am, the more concerned I am with getting my way, and conversely the less capable of having a meaningful relationship) 3. Ultimately for our ability to a. Have unity and b. Be egoless, we need to enter the Messianic paradigm

It is clear that the saying of the sages is true, the Jewish people are like a sheep circled by seventy blood thirsty wolves – how infinite the Shepherd:D

Imagine a universe in which people/avatars existed – imagine that these people/avatars are born into societies – imagine that they are programmed to imagine hence believe that thier society is good – imagine that some societies suffering from low self-esteem and being angry about their “lowness” become jealous and wish to annihilate the others

What if you had infinite time? – what if you had finite?

The facts of life – life has facts – there are laws of nature – there is Divine laws (as kabbalah teaches) but let’s focus on the facts of being human – being a human is fascinating, for as kabbalah teaches, there are two opposite realities, let’s call it the laws of nature and the laws of God, in one body – the laws of God are that only good, truth, goodness is real and matters – the laws of nature states, I want whatever attracts and I don’t want whatever is fearful


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