Always remember smoke is not fire

In the Gentile world if you’re “more” than someone else… in the Jewish world if you’re “less”

After 120 years the only ones of us, that will have significance, are those of us who love, no matter how much anger you have, if you want to do this – forever love now

Absolute fact are, that firstly in a healthy situation we are liberal, in other words naive–love, secondly there are many who get depressed and lose love for themselves, thirdly there are those who are angry and are therefor jealous of Tranquility and jealousy causes maliciousness AKA bullies, anti-semites, anti-west, like terrorist fourthly there are those who are mature

Those people who assume, because they are right they have a right to abuse others… are quite simply people who not only have what justification but jealousy

I just heard a great conversation at family gathering, one of the brothers said “where’s this other brother” so my brother-in-law said “what do you mean, he’s got to work, he’s got a life” so the other replied “this is life”

Many of us, particularly men, don’t understand what’s the problem with TV, movie, pornography, etcera and the answer is that you can only be focused in life on a few focuses, and each to the detriment of the other goals