Growth is understanding what is or ins’t your issue

Understanding the difference

Men and women as the age old adage, “women you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.”


A world without women (as apart from the fact it simply wouldn’t exist) also would be one in which men basically, as one older single man I know, live in squalor  – not that there isn’t pride, it’s just cleanliness isn’t high on the priority.


However I have a good friend who innovated the concept of a “honeydew list” – “what’s that?” I inquired – “Honey, do this, and then that…” – Well today when I spoke to him, and mind you, third-time married, hence quite vigilant, and in fact does have a wonderful marriage, he seemed a little exasperated – You see, apart from being a successful doctor with  a large practice and many philanthropic activities, but when he comes home, perhaps he becomes a shlepper – well men love to help… – which man seeks not to be a knight in shining armor ? – but you see, we men like, say A.   battle, not an endless list that after each honeydew list    there is another!


Why can’t women seem to just figure out to schedule their requests?


It all has to do with understanding the fundamental difference between a male and female brain.


As Kabbalah (corroborated by modern science) teaches: men have the quality of Chochmah, we are most innovated        sometimes to the point of unrealistic.


Women fortunately and unfortunately have another kind of brain (from a scientific perspective – amazingly as mentioned in Kabbalah – amazing considering there were no cat-scans!) the right mind is innovative, the left hemisphere is calculative, and the prefrontal (the only distinguishing part between us an apes and all other mammals etc.) is the integration (where our ideas can become convictions.)

You see, when you are left brain centered, your mind is not seeing what can be, your mind is seeing what is.


This has a positive and negative – on one hand, no man can do what any women can – namely take care of the kids – I remember watching the first  Oprah interview with the obamas and Michele correctly mentioned that she couldn’t  give her husband more then a few things to do for shopping, “else his head would explode.”


Women on the other hand have an amazing ability to process large amounts of information – however this comes at a price – the price is they can never just relax.

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What does the UN vote with only six out of all the countries in the world voting against – to deny a connection between Israel and the Temple Mount really mean? – it means that all countries are either openly antisemetic (except these six) or not moral (for some may have their political alliances, disregarding truth and justice – what this really means, is that the vast majority of nations are absolutely pathetic)