In the end of the day our option of life our truly simple – we can either one hundred percent realize that the only goodness comes from God, or we can follow our own instincts – which best case scenario means we are primarily selfish

We do not run anything

Are you your body or mind

Recently our air conditioner broke – there was a leak in the Freon – it made me think, everything works well until there is a leak – the only way we can be leak proof is if we are one hundred percent with God


The proper care and training of your brain – the brain has the features – remarkably as I assumed and later found in Jewish mysticism the phisycal brain actually corresponds to the Kabbalistic description (right, left, center) the right brain is our creative side in which when left alone our imagination fires up fancies and dreams, obviously give us a wonderful dream and fantasy (think what all those holding lotto tickets are thinking) The left brain is fear based on reality hence it becomes obsessed with narrow tap-dancing in the hopes that it will be able to sidestep overcome and not be consumed – the former obviously feels pleasurable which is why we indulge, the latter is vital which is why we succumb – but there is a third option in which we simply accept that our entire reality, both our loves and fears is all meaningless….

The Baal Shem Tov teaches that as God desires free choice, whenever there is a great and holy Tzaddik God creates a nemesis, for example Moses has his fair share of nemesis, as did David as did the Rebbe


Ask not, what do I want? for you have many wants, ask only, what is worth…


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