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We have a tendency when things are good to forget the bad; and when things are bad, to forget – we should always remember! – there is always good/evil

Do “Black Lives Matter” – Understanding Racial Violence

The three cardinal mistakes a. “I am right” (if you are.. why…) “you are wrong!” (if they are, who cares?) I am wise (as opposed to…)

What if

The truth



In life you can either a. trust or distrust; you can either love or hate

how not to be jealous



You see, it is fascinating to me that the one emotion, that God places within the Ten-Commandments – is not “Love God” etc. rather “Don’t Be Jealous” – at the heart of all evil – all bullying, terrorism, antisemitism, anti-white, anti-anything, is jealousy- You see, jealousy is the cardinal problem – for when we are jealous, we feel “that it isn’t fair” – now whenever we feel something is unfair, we get angry, – for example, if I were to offer all people that come into my home a chocolate, but didn’t offer you… – you would be lived – if however I wouldn’t offer you because I know you don’t like chocolate, and you know that I know… so then you would feel happy

The most fundamental of all rights which is therefore the most fundamental of all duties – Treating Another With Dignity