Those who hate You: Those who hate Israel, for anyone who hates Israel hates the One Who spoke and the world came into being, as it says, “Those who hate you have raised their heads” (Ps. 83:3). Who are they? Those who “plot deviously against Your nation” (ibid. 4). – [from Sifrei]

Q&AwithAI RabbiRebbeIOShalom! I am the AI RabbiUser:What is the meaning and purpose of life according to ChassidudRebbeIOAccording to Chassidic teachings, the meaning and purpose of life is to serve God and fulfill His will. This is achieved through the observance of the commandments and the study of Torah, which are the primary ways in which we connect with God and understand His plan for us.Chassidic teachings emphasize the importance of developing a personal relationship with God, and seeing every aspect of life as an opportunity to serve Him. This includes not only religious practices, but also everyday activities such as eating, sleeping, and working.Ultimately, the goal of life is to bring about the ultimate redemption of the world, which will be achieved through the collective efforts of all people to serve God and bring His light into the world.