The Rebbe on Moshiach

“Toirasoih Shel Moshaich – The Torah of Moshiach” which collected and organized all that the Rebbe said and edited (only edited materiel is contained) from the famous talk Chof Ches Nissan 5751 till the fateful day of Chaf Zayin Adar 5752, close to a year of the most incredible insights relating to Moshiach – in keeping with the “call of the times” to study, incorporate – thus maximize our hope and reality of – Moshiach.

Book 1 The Days of Exile

Chapter 1 The explanation and category of the Exile era.

Darkness / Concealment

The era of exile quite simple is a time when the light of G-d shines not and there are multiple levels to this darkness, the greatest being right before the coming of the Moshiach.

As a result of this darkness, hence the negativity of exile manifests.

Shabbos Parshas Tazriah Metoirah Iyar 6 5751

The Darkness of Exile is Temporary / Poland Poi Lin

When the Jews arrived in Poland they stated Poi Lin (a play on the correct name for Poland / Poilin) which means “we shall stay overnight here.”

In other words, they saw themselves as temporarily in Poland dwelling there until the arrival of Moshiach who will take all Jews to Israel.

Everything teaches us a lesson:

Firstly, a Jew must recognize that exile is a temporary overnight stay, followed by the morning sun of redemption.

However – while we are in exile – we must “stay” – we must extract the sparks of goodness through attachment to G-d – Torah and Mitzvos in the land where we are overstaying.

Shabbos Parshas Behaloischah Sivan 19 5751

Exile is the opposite of Kiddush Hashem

Exile is the opposite of Kiddush Hashem (the glory of G-d’s name) as the gentiles say “If he loves these people how come he lacks the power to return them to their land?!”

In contrast, when G-d returns us to Israel this will be a Kiddush Hashem (glory for his great name.)

From the Sichahs (both night and day of) Tuesday and the (night and day of) Friday Parshas Tetzaveh – and 7, 10 and 11 Adar Rishon 5752

Exile is an antonym to spiritual tranquility

Our Sages teach us “woe to the children who have been banished from their father’s table.”

In other words, Jews belong with God in the holiness of Israel (with the Beis Hamikdosh etc.)

For this reason there is an inner angst when a Jew is in exile.

Shabbos Parshas Bamidbar Erev Chag Hashavous and Second day of Shavous 5751

Redemption will relieve the uncertainties of Exile

In the era of redemption the uncertainties we currently have, including the uncertainty about the redemption’s arrival, will all dissipate, for all these uncertainties are part and parcel of the very exile state we have been born into hence creating a Golus mentality (an era of uncertainty.)

Shabbos Parshas Bamidbar Erev Chag Hashavous and Second day of Shavous 5751

Even physical and spiritual wealth – including having Israel today – is still Exile

Even when we have material and spiritual wealth and even for one standing on the Mountain of the Beis Hamkidosh at the closest location one may go to where the Holy of Holies stood, nonetheless we/he is still in exile for we are lacking the actual Beis Hamikdosh (Holy Temple) and the era when all Jews will be resettled in Israel (when the myriad of extra Jewish laws relating to the Temple, Yovel etc. will be reenacted.)

The blessing of the Rebbe following the receiving of the Pan Haklali Erev Rosh Hashanah 5752

The Spiritual Source of Exile is the Highest Light

The time of Exile is when (Kabbalistickly speaking) the light of G-d that sustains the world withdraws to its highest source – namely G-d Himself – for this reason on one hand we have the darkness of Exile while the reason for this darkness is that it is only the source Himself (which is an unrevealble level until the coming of the Moshiach when the world will be capable of receiving it) is the true energy of everything.

Shabbos Parshas Behaloischah Sivan 19 5751

The “Kindness” of the Exile dispersion

Although it is a great problem and descent for the Jewish people to be scattered all over the world (instead of united in their holy homeland Israel) during exile yet there is a benefit to this for wherever the Jewish people are they elevate the potential of the locality into positivity thereby redeeming the Nitzotzes (sparks of holiness needed to be elevated for the coming of the Moshiach – which has already culminated.)

Shabbos Parshas Vayeishev Kislev 23 Shabbos Mevarchim Teves 5752

The Descent of Exile is in truth part of the Ascent of Redemption

The state of Exile which superficially appears as a descent for the Jewish people is part and parcel of the ascent of Redemption.

Hence the sages comment that when the Jews entered Egypt they did so for the sake of Redemption.

Shabbos Parshas Shemois Teves 21 5752

Exile Cannot Counteract Redemption

The Kabbalistic level of Malchus/kingship which sustains all cannot have anything really opposing it for its very existence is dependent on Malchus.

Similarly it states “When a King desires a mountain (of opposition) is uprooted.”

Hence the truth is, that as exile is a prelude to redemption it has no power to withhold redemption and thus we have no reason to fear anything.

Shabbos Parshas Behaloischah Sivan 19 5751

The End of Darkness

There is a fixed time for the darkness of Exile – I.e. it will end, for it was only established to be dark for a limited time frame.

Kuntres Chamishah Asar B’av 5752

Chapter 2 The purpose of Exile

Collecting Nitzoitzois Divine Sparks

Even after the Jews entered Israel nonetheless we were compelled to wander through Gentile lands over two thousand years for the purpose of collecting the Divine Nitzoitzois (sparks of Godliness found around the world) and after the completion of this mission we will return to Israel.

Kuntres Chamishah Asar B’av 5752

Refining Each Locality In Its Very Customs And Uniqueness To A Dwelling Place For G-d

Despite the fact it is a great descent that the Jewish people had to be dwellers in the Gentiles lands, nonetheless, our sages teach us “this is a kindness of G-d.” For wherever the Jew settled (in permissible manners according to Jewish laws) they engaged in the culture of the place they dwelled.

Furthermore, the Torah teaches us to obey the law of the land in terms of business laws (as long as it doesn’t contradict Jewish laws) to the extent “it is a great principle of the Torah’s business laws to follow the customs and language of the locality” in deciphering correct business procedures.

In this way, these laws gain a Torah status and the Jewish people elevate this culture and language into holiness.

In the elevation of all cultures and languages there two phases:

The first is using the locality in a Jewish/ethical manner.

However the locality may still be malevolent.

Hence the second more important phase is that Jewish people establish places of study and worship and hence using their own flavor – which as they are citizens of the land is the culture, language etc. of that land – they not only study Torah and do Mitzvos but contribute to its growth.

Shabbos Parshas Vayeishev Kislev 23 Shabbos Mevarchim Teves 5752

The Concealment of Exile Causes The Light of Redemption

Precisely due to the darkness concealment and lack of correct location the Jews find themselves in during Exile G-d “remembers” them and will bring the Redemption.

Shabbos Parshas Shemini Shabbos Mevarchim and Erev Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5752

The Poverty of Exile brings the Wealth of Redemption

Precisely the “poverty” of mind (“the truly poor person is one who lacks intellect/understanding”) occasioned through the hardships and concealments of Exile the Jewish people will merit both spiritual (Mystical secrets) and material wealth in the coming of the Messiah.

Shabbos Parshas Shemini Shabbos Mevarchim and Erev Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5752

Revealing “How a Jew and G-d are One Thing”

The true location of a Jew is in the Beis Hamikdosh (Holy Temple) in Jerusalem “at his father’s table.”

The location of Exile has no intrinsic connection with the Jewish people.

The purpose is to reveal to the nations of the world “How a Jew and G-d are One Thing.”

Hence the quicker we reveal this the sooner we return to our rightful location in the Beis Hamikdosh “at our father’s table.”

Shabbos Parshas Tovah Elul 21 5751

Being Crushed – Upset that You are in Exile Reaches Redemption

Through feeling crushed – despite the fact that one may both materially and spiritually be in a great state in Exile (similar to how the Jews were in the Exile of Achashveiroish that even after beating Haman (inheriting his home which is the lofty spiritual state of Ishapchah) nonetheless they saw themselves still “the servants of Achashveiriosh” i.e. in exile) so by wanting Moshiach the upsetness at not being in Israel in the messianic state causes this to occur (for it reveals the inner soul of the Jew.)

Kuntres Purim Kattan 5752

Exile Causes The Great Shofar – G-d Himself To Return The Jewish Hearts

The blowing of the great Shofar (a spiritual awakening of the Jewish people who need this awakening as they are) reaching the distant Jews in the land of Ashur and Egypt (“lost to their people in distant lands”) this elevates these lands for the entire purpose of exile is the need to use the great Shofar (the essence of G-d Himself) to return all Jewish hearts.

The Shofar Godal Necessary to awaken even the furthest Jew to return to G-d comes from the highest location “the secret of all secrets” hence this is benefits the entire Jewish people (for once this level reveals itself it encompasses all people.)

Kuntres Rosh Hashanah 5752

Chapter 3 The Cause of Exile

“Love your fellow Jew”

Exile caused by causeless jealousy/hatred between fellow Jews will be rectified by undertaking causeless love hence unity between the Jewish people.

Shabbos Parshas Behar Bechuikosai Shabbos Mevarchim Sivan 5751

Part 2 The Jewish People and Exile

Chapter 1 The Essence of our Current Generation

We will immediately witness the complete and final Redemption

According to all the signs in the Talmud (not to mention the general statements of the Talmud that the redemption is imminent) coupled with the statement of the Previous Rebbe that we will immediately see the redemption – we will soon merit to see the complete and final redemption.

Shabbos Parshas Nasoi Sivan 12 5751 Hisvadeyous Alef Ubeis

“The existence of all generations to this present day depends on our current service of G-d.”

The dictum “the entire world was created for me” refers not only to the present generation rather to every previous generation which translates to “the existence of all generations to this present day depends on our current service of G-d.”

Shabbos Parshas Shemini Shabbos Mevarchim and Erev Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5752

Our Generation is the Reincarnation of the Generation that left Egypt

The Ari Zal writes (the foremost Kabblist) that the generation of redemption (our current generation) is a reincarnation of the generation that left Egypt.

Shabbos Parshas Bo (Shvat 6) and Shabbos Parshas Bishalach (Shvat 13) 5752

We are the lowest and last generation in Exile

Our generation preceding the coming of Moshiach is called the heels of Moshiach

There are two points to heels:

A. We are the most debased of all generations as the Talmud states regarding the character of the generation preceding Moshiach (children will have no respect for elders etc.)

B. We are literally on the heels of Moshiach and we have completed everything necessary for his arrival.

Shabbos Parshas Eikev Shabbos Mevarchim Elul 5751

Chapter 2 The Jew in Exile

A Jew is the Purpose of creation even when he is in Exile

As the entire purpose of the world was for the Jewish people (as our sages teach us the word Breishis refers to the primary cause of creation namely the Jewish people who are called Reishis) hence even if this is unapparent and even if they are under the dominion of Gentile lands nonetheless this essential choice G-d made in the Jewish people remains in full force to the extent that the only reason everything else exists is for the sake of the Jewish people.

Shabbos Parshas Breishis Shabbos Mevarchim Mar Cesh-Van 5752

Exile doesn’t match the true status of a Jew

The entire concept of Exile in essence has absolutely no relationship with a Jew. For a Jews true location is to be “at his father’s table” in Jerusalem.

Shabbos Parshas Toivah Elul 21 5751

Even when there is abundance in Exile (materially and spiritually) a Jew is crushed that he lacks the essence of G-d

When Moshiach comes the glory of G-d’s infinite light will become manifest in this world. So as the nature of the Jewish soul craves this Divine revelation hence the very fact one doesn’t see it in Exile – and even those who see a glimmer of it do not see it all, for when Infinity is revealed it will be visible in all locations in equal measure simultaneously, hence whatever glimmer one does see now is merely a ray – thus this crushing craving to experience this revelation causes the essence of the Jewish soul – who innately craves this light- to manifest itself.

Hence when a Jew is in exile this state of crushed craving reveals the essence of his soul which then brings about the redemption.

The Tzemach Tzedek (third Chabad Rebbe) said, the Alter Rebbe (first Chabad Rebbe) would often be heard saying (to G-d) “I seek not your Gan Eden (Heaven) nor your Olam Haba (the great revelations in the post messianic era) rather only you yourself!” (In other words the greatest revelation is the unification of G-d and man and hence all spiritual lights were not his desire rather the very essence of G-d himself and ultimately this is the true benefit of the messianic times when G-d himself will permeate the very being of every other being.)

Kuntres Purim Kattan 5752

Chapter 3 The Jews and Gentiles

The entire purpose of creation is for the Jewish people

The entire purpose of creation is for the Jewish people as our sages comment on Breishis (in the beginning) the beginning is for Reishis which is the Jewish people.

To the extent that in every generation it is the nation that contains the majority of the Jewish people that becomes the superpower.

Shabbos Parshas Breishis Shabbos Mevarchim Mar Cesh-Van 5752

The Kindness of Gentiles to Jews is a favor from G-d

From the above it is understood that though one must be grateful to live in a peaceful free country as the prophet states “seek the welfare of your country for in its welfare you shall have goodness” nonetheless this is not a favor caused by the gentiles to the Jews rather this is simply the methodology that G-d created, that within Exile Jewish people live in Gentile lands and it is their privilege to do goodness and kindness.

Shabbos Parshas Breishis Shabbos Mevarchim Mar Cesh-Van 5752

Respecting Space

The reason Jewish people are good “to their neighbors” and act benevolently with “their neighbors” in Gentile lands is not G-d forbid out of fear rather because the Exile status is that just as Israel belongs to the Jews these lands belong to the Gentiles hence one respects their space.

Shabbos Parshas Breishis Shabbos Mevarchim Mar Cesh-Van 5752

Chapter 4 Prophecy during the Exile era

It is written, “A prophet, a brother of yours, in your midst, like me (Moses,) G-d will appoint for you – listen to Him.” The Rambam in his Sefer Hamadah (a book of Jewish laws) explains “From the foundations of Judaism is, to know that G-d gives prophecy to people” understandably this is a law applicable to all Jews in all generations.

Though our sages have stated “After the death of the final prophets, Chaggai, Zechariah, and Malachi Ruach Hakodesh (a minor form of Prophecy) Nistalkeh (seemingly translated as, left) the Jewish people” nonetheless we have already once explained (Likuite Sichos Chelek Yud Daled p. 72 and further) that this should not be translated as ceased entirely, rather became more elevated. This is obvious from the fact that many thousands of Jews did posses Ruach Hakodeh (this form of prophecy later as well.)

Furthermore the Rambam in his book of laws in Sefer Hamadah enumerating the legal requirements to establish who is a prophet doesn’t mention at all of an era of when prophecy does or doesn’t exist (i.e. that it ceased at some point.)

Furthermore in the famous letter to the Jews of Yemen the Rambam writes that in a certain year (mentioned there) prophecy will return to the Jewish people “undoubtedly as a preparation for the messianic age” when all Jews will be great prophets.

In conclusion it is a Jewish law for all time – even in the times of Exile to know as the Rambam writes “From the foundations of Judaism is to know that G-d gives prophecy to people” in other words that continually ( in every generation) the revelation of prophecy is possible to the extent of a level of prophecy similar to the level achieved by Moses as the verse states “A prophet, a brother of yours, in your midst, like me (Moses,) G-d will appoint for you” i.e. reaching the highest level of prophecy as the Rambam explains at length there.

Shabbos Parshas Shoftim Elul 7 5751

The Prophet of the generation is the Rebbe of the generation

There is a law of Torah (Shoftim 18,18) “I will appoint for you from the midst of your brothers, like him (Moses,) a prophet, and I will place my words in his mouth and he will speak to you all that I will command Him – you should listen to Him.”

As the Rambam places this law in his Jewish law book – that if one has the stature and completion that a prophet has and demonstrates a miraculous ability to tell the future as well as miracles are performed through him – as we see in the fulfillment of the blessings caused by the leader of the Jewish people (the Rebbe is referring to his father-in-law the previous Rebbe who he speaks of as the leader of the generation but we too can apply this to the Rebbe himself Ed.) then as the Rambam continues “we do not trust him due to the miraculous abilities he has, rather because this is a commandment that Moses gave us in the Torah and he said, if he has established himself through the signs you should adhere to him or through this that he states future events and they come to fruition” (as we have seen by the Rebbe my father in law.)

Shabbos Parshas Shoftim Elul 7 5751

The Rebbe of the generation is intrinsically (capability-wise) incomparably superior to the people of his generation

The Rebbe of the generation – a man who has free will – is intrinsically (capability-wise) incomparably superior to the people of his generation in order that he may be able to guide them properly.

Shabbos Parshas Shoftim Elul 7 5751

Part 3 The essence of the Torah and Exile

Specifically the lowest generation receives the highest revelation

One may ask “how come – seeing that every generation falls lower as the Talmud states ‘if we compare the earlier generation to angels then we should compare ourselves to humans and if we compare them to humans we should compare ourselves to animals etc.’ hence why should it be that the greatest revelation of the essence of Torah (Chassidus) was revealed to the lower generations.”

The answer is, like a diamond buried deep in the ground, specifically as our generation need to sift through the very muck of materialism to extract its spiritual potential thus it is our generation that is worthy and meritorious to receive the great blessing of the revelation of this wisdom.

Shabbos Parshas Chukas Tammuz 10 5751

The Essence of Torah is now revealed as we approach the Messianic revelation

The main cause of the revelation of the wisdom of Chassidus (the essence of Torah) which previous generations for millennia did not receive, is not merely to rectify the lowness of the later generations, rather primarily to relate to the Messianic revelation for Moshiach will reveal the greatest secrets to the extent in the Messianic era we will study Jewish laws from Jewish mysticism and this will be our sole occupation (studying Chasssidus) hence as we get closer to the Messianic redemption and the revelation of the Messiah hence this wisdom increasingly becomes revealed to the Jewish people.

Shabbos Parshas Mikeitz 5752

Part 4 Rebbe Replies Both In Writing and Orally

Destruction for Construction

“The cause of the destruction of the Temple was in order for the reconstruction of the Third Temple.”

Bies Chayenu Vol. 98


During Dollars (when the Rebbe would meet greet and distribute a dollar bill to each visitor for charity) a Chabad Chassid presented Mr. Gershon Solomon the head of the organization to protect Mount Moriah (the Temple Mount.)

The Rebbe: Much success, may we immediately merit the third Temple (adding smiling) and then you wont need to worry about the Temple Mount.”

Mr. Solomon: We visited the Rebbe a year and half ago and he gave us his blessings, and we had much success over the battle for (control) of the Temple Mount; I would like to ask the Rebbe that this year (a year when I will show you wonders) firstly a announcement to the leaders of the Jewish people to remove the Temple Mount from the Arab Enemy and we should install Jewish police there. Secondly, to announce to the Chassidim and all Jews to emigrate to the Temple Mount (Israel) and to create a protective force of Jews on this Holy Ground.

The Rebbe: But we are also awaiting Moshiach. It is for the Jews in Israel to fight the Israeli wars (i.e. fighting for the Temple Mount etc.) however those in the Diaspora, some it is their mission to be in the Diaspora and to protect their fellow Jews both materially and spiritually.

Mr. Solomon: Finally, Rebbe, The whole nation eagerly awaits that the Rebbe and the dear Chassidim of Chabad should come to Israel and this should be a truly the year of redemption.

The Rebbe: Amen, The final thing is not my personal coming to Israel rather the first thing which will occur when Moshiach will come which will also be the last day of Exile.

Sunday Av 21 During Dollars.

It should be immediately there is no time to wait

During Dollars a person said “The Rebbe should be well and we should merit to greet Moshiach with the Rebbe at our Head”

The Rebbe replied “Hover it should happen immediately, there is not time to wait!”

Sunday Rosh Chdoesh Elul

Book 2 The way to Redemption

Part 1 What we need to do

Chapter 1 About and the essence of what we need to do

The mission in general

Transforming materiel into spiritual – a dwelling for G-d

The conquering of Israel by the Jews long ago was not merely to have a land rather to retake the land from negativity and transform it into a land of positivity through using it to fulfill G-d’s commandments associated with the land; build and warship in the Holy Temple etc.

Similarly the entire purpose in all lands is to transform that domain into a place where G-d Himself would feel comfortable to be invited into.

Shabbos Parshas Pinchus Shabbos Mevarchim Menachem Av 5751

“All our days are to bring about the Messianic Era.”

The fundamental goal of every Jew in all generations, how much more so in our generation, is to bring about the complete and total revelation of the Messianic Era.

The First night of Rosh Chodesh Kislev and Shabbos Parshas Toildois Kislev 2 5752

“Create Israel locally!”

The story is known – told by the Friedekeh Rebbe (whom the Rebbe referred to as the leader of our generation) that a Jew once asked the Tzemach Tzedek (the third Chabad Rebbe) if he should emigrate to Israel “Create Israel locally!” the Tzemach Tzedek replied i.e. through studying Torah and performing Mitzvos.

In other words, the Tzemach Tzedek was referring to the service/Avodah of Dirah Bitachtoinim, to transform every corner of the world into a home for G-d – so every Jew wherever s/he may find themselves is intrinsically connected to G-d and behaving Judaicly they transform their locality into G-d’s home and especially when they establish places of worship in Exile.

As the previous Rebbe the leader/Nasi of the generation revealed this (a story known previously to few select people) it is currently within the realm of every Jew to do this.

Shabbos Parshas Pinchus Shabbos Mevarchim Menachem Av 5751

Cry to G-d for redemption

Since according to all the foretold signs Moshiach should have already come thus a Jews request to G-d for the redemption should be heartfelt “how much longer need we suffer needlessly?!”

As a Jew and G-d are one entity hence his cry can pierce the heavens as it was when the Jews were in Egypt and “we cried to G-d and he heard our voice and redeemed us.”

Shabbos Parshas Tovoih Elul 21 5751

Adding in the Alef / G-d into Exile transforms it to Redemption

Bringing redemption is not through eliminating Exile, rather bringing the missing letter in the Hebrew word Exile’s name (Goilah missing an Alef) namely when we act G-dly within Exile, Exile transforms itself into redemption.

Shabbos Parshas Tazriah Metzoirah Iyar 7 5751

Revealing the Moshiach within reveals Moshiach around

Bringing redemption begins by each and every Jew revealing the Moshiach within himself as is known, the prophecy by Billam regarding Moshiach “a star shall shoot forth from Jacob” refers both to King David King Moshiach as well as each Jews; the mechanism behind this is that Moshiach’s soul is the general soul of all Jews hence every Jews soul contains Moshiach’s soul within it.

When we shine, then the world will reveal its soul namely G-d Himself.

Shabbos Parshas Nosoi 12 Sivan 5751 Hisvaduyois 1, 2

Moshiach is primarily brought through charity

The work to bring Moshiach need not be in lofty matters e.g. the study of and teaching of Chassidus. Rather in this very instant a person can bring Moshiach as the Rambam writes tipping the scales of good over the scale of evil through dedicating oneself to assist a fellow Jew in their material needs.

The blessing of the Rebbe following the receiving of the Pan Haklali Erev Rosh Hashanah 5752

Awaken fellow Jews from their Exile slumber to discover their latent desire for Moshiach

The Previous Rebbe writes “We are close to the mountain. We can see that Moshiach is ready to come. He is standing behind the wall close to us and those who have a fine acute sense of hearing and sight can both see and hear him. Before morning sleep strengthens. We must strengthen ourselves to not be asleep during this awesome stage. We will then also become a container / receptacle to receive the light of day to shine.

Every Jew must know this and additionally when a Jew encounters a fellow Jew he must tell him! Please listen carefully my fellow Jew! Please do not fall asleep just prior to the messianic revelation.

The Rebbe deduces from the Previous Rebbes wording that as every Jew merely needs to be awakened from his sleep this means the desire for light/Moshiach is already there, one need only reawaken him to his true desire.

Likuitie Sichos Emor 5751

Your personal Service / Avodah to G-d effects cosmic change

One may wonder – seeing that I live in a single location in the world so what kind of cosmic effect can my tiny service / Avodah to G-d achieve?

Furthermore one wonders, how can I be responsible to bring the complete and total redemption when I am in one location?

The answer to this is, the Rebbe (the Tzemach Tzedek etc.) has taught us, “Create Israel Locally!”

It is not your job to worry about what is happening in another far off corner of the Jewish world, rather to dedicate your heart and soul with your thoughts speech and actions to make YOUR LOCATION ISRAEL!

It is specifically in this manner that you change the world, for as each individual must believe “the world was created for me (to change”) hence all other locations are spiritually included in your location, hence by changing your location you effect all other locations.

In this manner every person can change the world even a business person who may think what connection do I have to spiritual endeavors? nonetheless besides the fact he can contribute to establishing a place of worship and study for G-d additionally when he acts ethically and all his doings are for the sake of G-d then he brings G-d into his world and as mentioned this effects change cosmically.

Shabbos Parshas Shemini, Shabbos Mevarchim and Erev Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5751

We all have the ability through our souls – G-d’s assistance – and the Rebbe’s energy to bring Moshiach

There is also a lesson for all of our service / Adovah.

As I am in Galus / exile, a Jew may surmise, and there are many concealments, obstacles and difficulties including my physical needs: working, eating, sleeping; so not only do I have no time for grand scale projects like bringing Moshiach, I don’t even have time to dedicate to small projects.

Thus we reply to him “the coming of Moshiach is dependent on the service of all Jews in every generation, seeing that Moshiach has not yet arrived, this means that it is currently dependent on our generation.”

Furthermore (aderabeh) specifically the Avodah / service taking place amidst travails and concealments, that brings out the very best in a person, as the Rambam teaches, every person should surmise that the entire world hangs in balance and my good deed shall tip the scales of merit to save the entire world.

Seeing that our entire purpose of existence is only to serve God, and God only requests according to our capabilities – furthermore he assists us to succeed hence each and every Jew does have the potential to bring Moshiach.

Furthermore our service must not be like a hired hand rather like a full fledged partner in Hashem’s goal of bringing Moshiach.

Furthermore as every Jew literally is a part of God (his soul is God) hence every Jew has infinite powers as the famous adage “You have my powers.”

…Furthermore we receive power from the Rebbe – the reincarnation of Moses – of the generation, my revered father-in-law in which we currently read in his synagogue (a location of Torah study, Charitable deeds and most importantly prayer) for the eight time Parshas Shemini (the Rebbe emphasized, what it states that a year that Parshas Shemini is read eight times is a year filled with blessing.)

And from the energy emanating from this house of worship it energies all the houses of worship and Jews world wide, hastening the building of the Beis Hamikdosh as it states “My house of worship will be called a house of prayer for all the nations of the world” and the speedy arrival of Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

Shabbos Parshas Shemini, Shabbos Mevarchim and Erev Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5751

To Bring Moshiach

The fundamental service /Avodah of a Jew in every generation and how much more so ours, that all the Birrurim (sparks of holiness needed to be elevated through the exile) has already been completed is to bring Moshiach.

Erev Rosh Hashanah 5752

Revealing Moshiach

Our sages teach us “your entire days / life should be to bring Moshiach.”

This teaches us that not only when we are actively engaged in bringing Moshiach are we bringing Moshiach but furthermore even when we are just living our life itself (as will be explained) brings Moshiach.

This can be understood from the words “to bring” as opposed to the more common terminology lirabois to add, for one is in the singular and one is in the plural.

The singular denotes that when a Jew reveals the essence of his soul then he has effectively brought Moshiach.

This then is the catalyst for the plurality of the stages within redemption namely that there are the two general stages (Moshiach and then Tichiyas Hameisim Ed.) and the infinite elevations within them.

Erev Rosh Hashanah 5752

Bringing Moshiach into your Galus reality

In addition the terminology to bring to the era of Moshiach means a. that we bring Moshiach into our lives today, b. this includes all the revelations, inspiration and union with G-d that will occur then.

Shabbos Parshas Shemois Teves 21 5752

Transforming Exile Into Israel

The Teaching of the Tzemach Tzedek

A Jew wanting to emigrate to Israel was told by the Tzemach Tzedek “make Israel here.”

As the Previous Rebbe said this, this serves as teaching to every Jew.

Even if there is but a moment left to exile (when we will all physically return to Israel) nonetheless we must use every moment in Exile to transform the location into a place of Israel – Torah Mitzvos goodness and kindness.

Shabbos Parshas Pinchus 5751

The Goal Of The World Is To Transform It Into A Driah Bitachtoinim God’s Home

The concurring of Israel is also a spiritual service of a Jew.

The primary intent of course is to take a land that can be neutral or God forbid used fo negative things and use it for Torah and Mitzvos especially all of the Mitzvos associated to the land so it becomes a holy land.

In the act of conquering there are two elements.

The conqueror and the conquered.

For a conquering to be complete both these elements must be complete.

In regards to Israel:

The land must be fully conquered to the extent that there are no parts of it left in enemy hands, for then it is secured from attacks.

Additionally the conqueror must think speak and act upon his intent to conquer, for if he only thinks about it, it remains in thought, if he thinks and acts but doesn’t give commands to his soldiers it also doesn’t actualize.

Similarly in our spiritual battle of transforming the world into a G-dly domain it means:

A. the entire world and every detail of it must see its unifying link in Serving the Creator.

B. the level of Divinity that descends must be the essence of God that everything expresses this essence which is subdivided into the ten sefiros (three intellectual and seven emotional) expressed primarily in God’s thought speech and action (namely the worlds of beriah assyah and yetzirah; Ed. Perhaps what the Rebbe means is not that this world acknowledges G-d but we transform our very essence into God’s thoughts, speech and actions.)

Shabbos Parshas Pinchus 5751

Using our full faculties Thought Speech and Actions

The main Dirah Bitachtoinim (home for God on earth) is created through a Jew

This refers not only to a Jews Avodah i.e. his personal holy thoughts, speech and actions but even when he is involved in the world, the thoughts speech and actions.

Generally in Mitzvos there are thoughts speech and actions (in a general sense Torah study is speech, Teffilah, prayer relating to emotional connecting through intellection comprehension of God’s greatness is thought, and good deeds are actions) but specifically every Mitzvah has a thought (intention) aspect, a speech (its blessing) aspect, and a deed (its doing aspect.)

Hence for a Jews service (particularly as we are not talking about people looking for rewards or just to fulfill a obligation) to be complete, the Jew must put himself fully i.e. his thought, speech and actions into every Mitzvah he does.

Generally in regard to anything in this world mans thoughts speech and actions can be discerned (by a discerning eye Ed.) in everything he affects, thus when a Jew puts intent prayer and good deeds (actions) in everything he does, this effects the entre representation of God’s thoughts, speech and actions, transforming the world into God’s home.

Shabbos Parshas Pinchus 5751

Thoughts Speech and Actions in Preparations

Additionally not only should one apply oneself, ones thoughts speech and actions in everything one does, but even in the preparations for what one needs to do, as well.

As the well known story that once Chassidim were Farbreinging (gathering, and the Rebbe would say a Mammar, a mystical discourse) and the students there (of Tomchie Temmimim) were rushing through the preparatory song (sung as an introduction to the Mammer) so the Rebbe Rashab (the fifth Chabad Rebbe) stopped the rush and dedicated an entire talk that a pnimi (a congruent genuine soul based person) whatever he does, he does with full intent. In other words, even if something is just a preparation for another thing, nonetheless it is still an important principle that we should be fully engaged in the matter at hand.

As everything in Jewish mysticism has a source in Nigleh (the previously revealed part of Torah,) the source for this can be deduced from what the Rogetchaver Goan explains about the intent of Mitzvahs (that as they come from God they too are holy.)

Shabbos Parshas Pinchus 5751

Another Reason Why Preparations Are Holy

Explaining why the preparation for a Mitzvah is itself vital and a Pnimy is fully preoccupied with it as well, the Rebbe Rashab (continued in that talk to) explain that firstly it is in the nature of a Pnimy to do things properly and secondly only through doing the preparation properly can one come to achieve the result in its completion.

Furthermore (adds the Rebbe) since G-d created the structure that things have preparations, hence through doing the preparations properly which in the terminology of Chassidus creates the keli – the container – for the light – hence it is an integral process leading up to the fulfillment of the objective.

This is seen in education that though it is education for the future of the child nonetheless in certain respects it is even more important than the future, similarly the preparation for a Mitzvah is a complete entity in its own right that needs to be accorded the attention it deserves.

Furthermore as Atzmus, God himself is the creator of every moment (for it is only in his ability to create matter out nothingness continually) hence this moment used properly – though only a preparation for something – is imbued with the infinity of God himself, transforming it into a Dirah Bitachtoinim a dwelling for God.

To further subdivide the matter, the thoughts and speech that precedes the action – and action is the ultimate – is similar to the higher worlds that precede our lower world, but receive an elevation when the lower world fulfils its mission.

In other words, the thought and speech that is the preparation for action gains its ultimate elevation retroactively as it brings about the fulfillment of the ultimate intent of creation.

Shabbos Parshas Pinchus 5751

Another Reason To Live Godliness In Golus

Another reason why one must be fully present in his Avodah / work for God in Golus.

As Golus itself – though a preparation for Geulah – is not God forbid a mistake or a random event, hence this moment in time – though preparatory – contains the entire purpose of creation and hence must be treated accordingly.

Shabbos Parshas Pinchus 5751

Bring Redemption into Exile

There are three purposes to “Make Israel Locally” the directive of the Tzemach Tzedek which is that we must transform our exile location into a holy land which affects obviously the Synagogues and places of study we build fill and use, but also the very dimensions of our exile reality, when used properly to serve God.

1. We must firstly transform the exile space into Israel.

2. We must do so not perfunctory but rather bring the completeness, the totality of the holiness of the messianic age into our current space in exile.

3. This serves also as the forerunner of the future when the exile will turn into Israel “as Israel will expand to encompass the whole world,” hence by refining our current exile space into Holy space, we actually bring about the redemption.

Shabbos Parshas Pinchus 5751

Today is Tomorrow

Furthermore the very notion of perfecting ones thoughts speech and action which encompasses all of ones service to God serves as the ultimate preparation for Moshiach.

We know our sages teach us that the Mitzvos we do today are symbols to give us the familiarity so as not to be unaccustomed to the prefect Mitzvos we will do once Moshiach comes.

In other words, this is in fact the actual service of Moshiach.

Shabbos Parshas Pinchus 5751

Chapter 2 What is uniquely added in our Service / Avodah to bring Moshiach recently

Acceptance of King Moshiach’s rulership

The electing of Dovid the King Moshiach already occurred as it is written “I have found David my servant and I have amounted him with holy oil,” all there must be now is the acceptance of his rulership by the people.

And the complete revelation of the connection between the people and the King.

Shabbos Parshas Mishpotim 5751

The Rebbe’s Impassioned Plea For Each Of Us To Discover How To Bring Redemption

As our emphasis today must be to bring Moshiach – a great question needs to be asked, how come Moshiach has not been brought.

Additionally more than ten Jews have gathered here today and not only are they not demanding Moshiach but it is quite feasible for them that Moshiach need not come today tomorrow or God forbid the day after.

Even as they shout Ad Mosai (we need Moshiach now) they do so only because (I) have commanded them to do so but they themselves do not feel it personally.

If they would truly mean it Moshiach would be here already.

What more is there that I can do to encourage and implore that all Jews should cry for and hasten the coming of Moshiach.

Everything that I have done till now was to no avail and the proof is that Moshiach has not come – and in addition we find ourselves spiritually in darkness.

The only possibility is for me to hand this matter over to you – that in a manner of the infinite light of Toho but within the normal paradigm of Tikkun – you should do whatever possible to bring Moshiach.

May it be God’s will that among you there should be found at least ten who will Ain Akshenin (be determined) “as it states, they are a determined nation” and you will get God to bring Moshiach.

And in order to hasten Moshiach’s coming through my contribution I will give out Tzedakah as it states “charity hastens the redemption.”

I have done my part, from now on please do yours.

And may it be God’s will that amongst you there should be found one two or even three whom will discover what needs to be achieved to bring Moshiach and you will do so amidst joy and gladness of heart.

Nissan 28 5751

To Invite Redemption Into Your reality

As I have reiterated repeatedly Moshiach is now not only ready to come but is standing in the doorway and desiring that each of us should bring him into our lives (Ed. This means to lift our eyes beyond the horizon, peer beneath the darkness, and see how the transformative times we are experiencing – from communism to democracy – from materialism to spirituality are the Messianic era.)

The Discussion Between the Rebbe and Chief Rabbi of Israel Mordechai Eliyahu Alav Hashaloim, Marcheshvan 6 5752

Get Ready

It is high time for us to actively ready ourselves to enter into the messianic redemption.

Shabbos Parshas Lech Lichah 11 Mar Cheshvan 5752

We have the Moshiach we need only be ready to greet him

According to the brief by The Previous Rebbe the Moshiach, that Moshiach is ready to come and we have finished our job of refining the evil hence one currently not only has the birth of Moshiach but also his revelation and all we need to do is to get ready to accept his kingship.

Shabbos Parshas Vayeira Mar Cheshvan 18 5752

Be Prepared

In addition to the fact that all Jews are Shluchim as everyone’s job is “I was created to work for Hashem” and certainly the emissaries of my father in law the Rebbe, there becomes an added dimension to this work in certain eras / times.

This addition becomes the pathway through which all other aspects of the Shlichus / mission are measured hence this is a very important addition, primarily if this addition is not just a specific but a general point and not only a general point in general but an all encompassing point of our Shlichus in general:

As the Rebbe my father in law the Moshiach, has stated that we have already polished the buttons (of our suits in anticipation of Moshiach) and we have done the requisite Teshuvah to bring Moshiach, hence the only job left is to encourage everyone to be prepared to greet Moshiach (in other words, Ed. The Rebbe is teaching us that the Messianic era is beginning so there is no need to polish buttons or do Teshuvah rather to simply be conscious of this fact, hence anticipatory toward the Messianic revelation.)

Shabbos Parshas Chayeih Soroh 5752

Open your eyes to see Moshiach

We are sitting at the Messianic table with the Shor Habor, Livyasoin and Yayin Hamishumar (Ed. These refer to spiritual revelations in this context) we are sitting with God and with Moshiach as it states, in every generation there is one who through his righteousness he will merit to be the Moshiach (when the time for his arrival comes, which has occurred.)

All that is left is for a Jew to open his spiritual eyes ears and heart which is done through studying the inner dimension of Torah (Chassidus) and then he will see how all of this including the messianic redemption is actually manifest.

Shabbos Parshas Vayietzeh Kislev 9 5752

Avodas Hbirurim Ended

After the thousands of years of Avodahs Habbirurim (refining the exile) and the addition of Torahs Hachassidus as we have already explained, we have ended the Avodas Habirurim.

Hence we currently are not in, rather beyond the Avodas Habirrurim era.

Shabbos Parshas Vayishlach Kislev 16 5752

The Last Ditch Effort

Seeing that Moshiach is about to come, but hasn’t yet, hence there must be a last ditch effort to make him appear.

Shabbos Parshas Tazriah Metzoirah Iyar 6 5751

The Current Mission is To Reveal Moshiach

As we have ended the Avodas Habirurim hence the current job is to bring about the complete and total revelation of Moshiach.

Shabbos Parshas Vayishlach Kislev 16 5752

Bringing Redemption to the corporeality of the World

As mentioned many times as the Previous Rebbe said that we have ended the Avodas Habirurim hence the current job is to redeem the corporeality (the grobkeit of a world which is physical but can also be spiritual) through bringing in the messianic light into the world.

Shabbos Parshas Vayigash Teves 7 5752

Preparing ourselves for Moshiach’s Arrival

As the Rebbe (the Previous Rebbe) the Sole Messenger of Hashem to this generation has said that we have ended our work in exile thus it is self understood that the beginning of the era of redemption has begun and hence the last remaining job is to prepare ourselves and others to greet Moshiach so he can come (Ed. Apparently this means that if you are waiting for Moshiach or any Grand Dignitary to arrive one must be sufficiently prepared before he makes his grand or even humble entrance.)

Shabbos Parshas Chayeih Soroh 5752

The World Needs You To Open Your Eyes

One need merely to open ones eyes and he will see how the entire world is pleading for a jew to live in the time of Redemption (in other words to live as the Rebbe stress the redemption now.)

Shabbos Parshas Vayigash Teves 7 5752

(Ed. Possible Commentary: Now how is one to understand these holy words coming from the greatest leader of our time.

To me it seems so patently clear that the Rebbe is not denying reality nor encouraging a utopian era rather the essence of God’s will namely to bring God into our world today.

To live without fear but with security in knowledge of God’s love for us and this itself will raise us to the messianic perception, paradigm, reality, which we Jews – the light onto the nation – must cast.)

The Revelation of Moshiach

The main revelation of Moshiach is the revelation of who he is, for all that he does afterwards is as a result of his identification of being Moshiach.

The First night of Rosh Chodesh Kislev and Shabbos Parshas Toildois Kislev 2 5752

Chapter 3 The style of our Avodah / Service Today

To Bring Not To Await

Our Avodah today is not only to await Moshiach, hence enjoying the future redemption, rather to actively bring Moshiach!

Shabbos Parshas Chayeih Soroh 5752

To Serve Complete Within Exile

One must serve God in exile with all of ones thoughts speech and action, for although we may be heading to redemption, a Pnimy (the ideal service) does everything with full intent (hence though we may be heading somewhere, we serve God with all our heart and soul today.)

Shabbos Parshas Pinchus 5751

Supernatural within natural

A Jew may think, how can I act in a manner of beyond limitations to bring the Redemption?

In other words, what will the world think of such a drive to bring the redemption – will they think its crazy?

The answer is, that when a Jew acts beyond limitations but within the fabric of reality (within limitation,) the world is not only ready for redemption but will assist him in achieving his goals.

Even in Russia and how much more so elsewhere the world is assisting the Jewish people.

As the staff of Aron grew Shekadim (almonds) which was both a supernatural miracle (that a stick should suddenly grow almonds) however it occurred in a natural way, namely real almonds grew, similarly we act supernaturally but the very nature of reality will assist us to bring about a supernatural redemption in a natural order.

Rosh Chodesh Tammuz and Shabbos Parshas Korach Tammuz

Be Present

Once the Bochurim of Tomchei Temmimim were singing a Niggun (melody) as an introduction to a Mammer and being eager to hear the Mammer they were rushing the niggun.

The Rebbe Rashab (fifth Chabad) Rebbe, stopped the song and commented, someone who is genuine is completely immersed in what he is doing. Even if something is only an introduction to something else we need to be fully present.

Shabbos Parshas Pinchos Shabbos Mevarchim Menachem Av 5751

“He shall rule from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth” – what we need to observe and inculcate from Moshiach’s behavior: Self discipline on all of our abilities!

It states regarding Moshiach “He shall rule from sea to sea and from the river to the end of the earth.”

Why do we mention the seas when the rulership of Moshiach is over people who live on dry land?

The completion of the days of Moshiach result from our Avodah (Torah and Mitzvos) in Galus (exile)

The answer can be explained in light of what the Alter Rebbe teaches in Tanya that the completion of the revelation in the messianic times is actually a result of the Torah and Mitzvos we currently do in exile. For through learning Torah and adhering to its Mitzvos we prepare the world and particularly the Jewish people for the messianic revelation.

As God repays in kind, hence its self understood that our efforts bringing the messianic revelation must be “in kind,” similar to the revelation that will be revealed then.

In other words – in order to reveal Moshiach from “sea to sea and from the river to the end of the earth” we need to do something that mimics such a consummate rulership.

The Part of Moshiach’s Soul Within Every Jew Must Rule Him

This will be understood based on what is explained in the Sefer (holy book) Meor Eineyim (light of the eyes) written by the Tzaddik etc. of Tshernobel in the name of the Baal Shem Tov “Each and every Jew must repair and prepare his part of the general soul of Moshiach of his soul.” [And as explained elsewhere how the Talmud Yerushamli alludes to this – hence this is mentioned in the revealed part of Torah as well – for in the Yerushalmi they homiletically interpret the verse “A star shoots forth from Jacob” referring to every Jew and elsewhere in the Yerushalmi and in many other commentaries) this refers to Moshiach, the meaning behind this dual interpretation is, for in every Jew there exists a part of the soul of Moshiach] and as explained in the Tanya that the revelation of the innermost part of the Jewish heart (soul) which refers to a Jews inner bond to God transcending any logical reason, this mimics “releasing the Shechinah (Divinity) contained within exile – permanently, eternally and forevermore.”

Based on the above we can deduce, this is the emphasis of the verse “he will rule from sea to sea and from the river to the end of the earth” as the process of revealing Moshiach in the entire world (the general revelation) mimics the personal redemption (within every Jew) that each Jew’s spark of Moshiach within him or her (his inner heartfelt love for God) needs to awaken and control his body and his affairs – and the main affairs of man divide themselves into “from sea to sea and from the river to the end of the earth.”

He will rule from sea to sea” – to have self discipline from our thoughts to our actions

The explanation of the above is:

The difference between the sea and dry land is, that the sea indicates on objects that are concealed (just as the sea creatures are concealed within the ocean) and dry land indicates on objects that are revealed.

Referring to each and every person person’s Avodah (Divine service) Sea refers to the latent powers within man and “land” indicates what man effects on his environment surrounding him.

So in reference to the sea, the verse emphasizes from sea to sea for there are two forms of seas that a person needs to gain control over.

These two seas in reference to mans Avodah (Divine Service) are – basing ourselves on what is written in Zecharyah’s prophecy) “It will be on that day living water will flow from Jerusalem, half will go to the Jordan river and half to the Mediterranean sea” and based on this we can explain that the two seas mentioned regarding Moshiach are the first (in Hebrew in this context the Jordan is called the first sea) and the last sea (also in Hebrew in this context the Mediterranean is called the last sea.)

In reference to man’s service “The first sea” this refers to our first abilities, the ability of Chochmah, the beginning of thought and the last sea is the last of our abilities the ability of action and man’s service to God is only complete when he rules (manifests his Divine purpose) from the beginning of his abilities (thoughts) to the end of his abilities (actions.)

In other words, to begin with a person must be in charge of his thoughts that they should only be involved in holiness for everything a man does down to its last detail are all dependent on his decisions made in his mind; that the mind should have the strength to overcome the negative desires found in the heart etc.

On the other hand, it is not enough for man’s intellect alone to be into holiness this must translate in practical application of man’s decisions for it is self-evident that a person’s decisions may be noble but it doesn’t translate into practical good deeds for he simply lacks the self discipline to do what he himself wishes to. It is entirely possible for a person to have true heartfelt positive feelings for all matters of holiness including positive thoughts and positive speech but yet he cannot effect positive deeds and the main thing is the deeds.

This is the emphasis that mans Avodah (service to God) must be from sea to sea, for it is impossible for our service to be a full one without having self discipline on both these “seas” (fronts) thoughts and deeds.

Likuitie Sichos Balak 2 – 5751

Spreading the word and being a positive role model

As a result of the completion of ones personal service (in thought speech and action,) this should also manifest itself in speech; similar to the lottery which would communicate, (when the Jews entered Israel, a lottery system apportioned the land to each tribe, which not only was chosen by hand, but furthermore miraculously spoke what was written inside it – in other words, that man’s speech merges with Godly speech!) This is achieved through a person being fully dedicated to the lesson “make Israel locally!” in regards to his family, his relatives (or perhaps the Rebbe means here friends) and how much more so in regards to ones disciples, to the extent that one speaks in this (Judaism,) to everyone whom he encounters (or can reach) and seeing that the person truly feels for this cause, thus he speaks words that come from his heart and hence enter the heart of the listener and therefore create results. How much more so is one effective through being a good role model to the extent that those who learn from him they too become people who teach – similar to the lottery that spoke (in other words, they too become consumed and hence desirous to share the message.)

See Sichas Purim 5747 – Hisvaduis 5747 Book 2

Spirituality permeating physicality

By each and everyone one of us (taking a lesson from the Mitteleh Rebbe who achieved this) we should strive that our passion, vibrancy, Judaism and Chassidishkeit should permeate also our mundane affairs.

Shabbos Parshas Vayeitzie, Kislev 9, 5752

Studying about Moshiach and Redemption, leading to living in Moshiach and Redemption now

As we are constantly speaking about recently, to continually add in our studies in Torah regarding the subjects of Moshiach and Redemption – not (only) as a segulah (spiritual mechanism) hastening and bringing the coming of Moshiach and redemption; rather (also and) mainly in order to begin to “live vibrantly” in Moshiach and Redemption; to live in the unique times we find ourselves in, of the Messianic era, through that one’s mind becomes filled and permeated with understanding and comprehending the Torah’s teaching on the messianic era and redemption; then from one’s mind, this feeling spreads and permeates also ones heart (emotions) to the extent that ones behavior practically in thought, speech and action correspond to the amazing times we are living in – that we are standing on the threshold of redemption and we can literally point and say “Moshiach is coming.”

Shabbos Parshas Balak, 17 (Good) Tammuz 5751

Getting over the personal impasse to recognizing that redemption has arrived

The main thing – we see that despite the constant emphasis in that we are in the last moments of exile, have seen the amazing miracles, which testify that this is the year that the King Moshiach has been revealed (5751) we discover that it is difficult for many to appreciate, recognize and inculcate that we truly are beginning the messianic redemption quite literally – to the extent that we should vibrantly begin to enjoy living in the messianic era.

.. the solution to this is, to study Torah regarding subjects of Moshiach and redemption, for the Torah has the ability (as it is God’s wisdom which transcends the boundaries of nature) to transform man’s nature namely that even if he feels that he is God-forbid outside the redemption consciousness (as he hasn’t left his person exile) nonetheless, through studying the subject of redemption in Torah, this will elevate him to a standing and level of redemption and he will begin to vibrantly live redemption amidst the knowledge and recognition and emotion that Moshiach is coming.

Shabbos Parshas Balak, 17 (Good) Tammuz 5751

Dedicating our lives to bring Moshiach

All of our life is to bring Moshiach, namely that we do not merely wait for Moshiach to come when we will enjoy, rather we dedicate every hour of every day, in fact every minute of every hour to bring Moshiach!

Shabbos Parshas Chayaih Sarah 5752

Hungry for Moshiach

We should be so permeated with our anticipation and living with Moshiach that even after we eat, we should feel hungry for the meal that will occur when Moshiach comes!

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Shabbos Parshas Vayierah 5752

Accustoming Oneself To Redemption

In simple words: Standing now moments before redemption – every Jew must begin to accustom himself to the redemption and to manifest oneself in a state and feeling of redemption; through studying the Torah concepts of Redemption; but most importantly to transform ones individual day to a redeemed day, and transforming ones locality to a redeemed locality (Eretz Yisroel) which occurs when one fulfils one’s purpose of existence wholeheartedly in his location, in his three garments of thought, speech and action.

Shabbos Parshas Pinchus 5751

Feeling the Lack

We need to strengthen our belief, desire and anticipation of Moshiach’s arrival, to the extent that we feel that as long as Moshiach is not here, our days are lacking! as Yaakov said: even a 130 years of life were few, because redemption hadn’t arrived!

Shabbos Parshas Mikeitz 5752

Spreading Judaism only depends today, on the desire to do so

We will understand (based on what was said before) a lesson from the fact Yehudah approached Yosef (speaking with him deliberately and with conviction, though he was officially a subject) to our generation, standing on the threshold of the complete and final redemption:

Notwithstanding Yehudah’s strength of character in his age, and Mordechai in his; and all the Tzaddikim and Jews in all the generations, nonetheless, in all the generations there were limitations superimposed from the gentiles and decrees they made against Jews heaven-forefend, that made it impossible at times for the Jews to behave with all of the convictions and strength.

On the other hand, in our generation, in our time, we see practically, that we don’t have the nuisances of the past; in fact gentile nations allow Jews to do whatever they want and as this is the case, if Jewish people simply desire to act Jewishly, as is the case in many many localities; doing so with all their strength and with broadness, both in this country (the U.S.A.) a country of kindness which allows the Jewish people to act as their convictions dictate; similarly, in many many other countries of the world and in the most recent years, we see how even in countries that there were limitations, these limitations have fallen away, on the contrary, these countries are in fact assisting Jews in following their convictions!

Shabbos Parshas Vayigash, Teves 7, 5752

Today Jews can easily teach gentiles if they desire to

We see today, how Jews are able to stand strong; even teach their convictions to gentiles; the entire matter is only dependent on their desire – the reason for this is, because we are just before the complete and final redemption and then it will be revealed how as the verse says “My servant David is their king forever” and all the gentiles will “Know, that I am God” it is for this reason that this is beginning in our generation, as a preparation leading to the complete and final redemption through Moshiach!

Shabbos Parshas Vayigash, Teves 7, 5752

Moshiach is enabled through the Previous Rebbe

Additionally this is hinted to in the notion that Yehudah approached Yosef which also means that together with the assistance of the Yosef of our generation the previous Rebbe, we also have Yehudah, Moshiach, who will come speedily as the verse says, “and my servant Dovid will be a king over them forever” and he comes through the assistance and enabling of the Yosef of our generation.

Shabbos Parshas Vayigash, Teves 7, 5752

Conviction brings Moshiach

…From here we can learn a lesson for our generation – through us acting in this manner of strength of conviction, that we demonstrate in Judaism strength and a sense of activism, recognizing, that the world is created for the Jewish people, that itself brings about the verse “and Dovid my servant will be a king on them forever.”

Shabbos Parshas Vayigash, Teves 7, 5752

Adhere to the Judge and advisor of the generation

In order to achieve and be capable of accepting the elevated status in the time of Moshiach, when as the verse state “I will return your judges as before and your advisors as was previously;” a Jew needs to have in his Avodah, service to G-d today, a similar trait, that both his Judaism and Torah and Mitzvos should be comprised of these two mechanisms. The mechanism of Shoftechah, judges, which represents accepting as one accepts a decree, from a judge with Kabbalas Oil, with humility; fulfilling the decree of Torah; and the mechanisms of Yoi-atzechah advisors, where, as when someone is advised by a friend, one feels happy to do it, knowing that it is in their best interest, similarly, one is able to take this decree and make it joyfully their own.

This is effected, through this that the Jewish people in every generation adhere to the judges and advisors of their generation, as the Halachic authorities rule the verse, “judges and advisors I will give in all your gates” is a fundamental ruling of G-d for all times and all places, even outside of Israel including today, and the judges and advisors of today receive through the original mandate of the supreme court of the Jewish people, as it says in our Parshah “and you will come to the judge who will be in your days and he will analyze and tell you the law and you should do everything he says” to the extent that the judge that will be in your day, in every generation, is in the same state that Shmuel the judge of his generation, as great as the judge Mosheh in his generation.

Now the completion and ideal of the judge and sage of the generation is, apart from his decree, one also has the relationship as an advisor, someone you get good advice from; or that apart from the judge and the Halachic decision, there is in addition an advisor, as we said aseh lichah rav every person should have a personal spiritual mentor they relate to, the idea of a good friend, advising; who gives advise in the service of G-d, and through listening to the judge who gives the Halachic ruling and the advise of the judge for his generation, and the advisor, this creates that a person should be a vessel capable of receiving the coming return of the judges and advisors in the times of Moshiach, that it will come a personal meaningful way!

Shabbos Parshas Shoftim, Elul 7, 5751

Accessing infinite power

This is what the verse states, that it will be on that day, a great shofar will be blown; for the fact that it says that a great shofar will be blown is indicating that it will be blown by itself, this means that God himself will be the one to cause mans positive achievements, which refers to the times that we’re in, where only a few moments are left before the coming of Moshiach, hence it is our privilege now to recognize that all we achieve both personally and communally is not due to our greatness, rather due to God’s greatness; additionally, when a person recognizes this, that everything that he has achieved is due to God using him and not due to his personal abilities, one may think that this may cause him to weaken his resolve to do things, but on the contrary; when a person realizes, that when I do things for my own ability, as I am a limited human being, so even if it is bchoil mi-oidchah with all my might, nonetheless, my might is limited, hence my ability to achieve is limited, but using God’s strength, I am able to be infinite, for God himself is infinite!

Kuntres Rosh Hashanah 5752

Redemption is personal

A businessmen should use out his connections to advance the cause of Judaism.

A person may think that redemption has nothing to do with our universe, however the Rambam teaches that the conduct of the world will always continue.

In other words, redemption specifically must be integrated into the consciousness of the world so a person must make this world, God’s dwelling.

… Similarly, in one’s personal affairs, one’s intent is Bchiol Drachechah Dahei-hu and Lisheim Shamayim, all for an altruistic cause.

Shabbos Parshas Acharie Iyar 13, 5751


The completion of Taharah, ritual purity will specifically be in the coming of Moshiach, as it states “I will pour holy water and purify you.” However as a preparation for this era when all will be pure, the Cohanim today are careful in Taharah!

Shabbos Parshas Acharie Iyar 13, 5751

Part 3 The Details

Section 1 The faith, the longing, the expectation, and the demanding!

The faith, and the longing,


We see from the Halachah that one who proclaims himself to be a Nazir on the day that Moshiach will come, must immediately apply all the laws of Nezirus, for Moshiach can come on any day – how much our expectation of Moshiach is.

Shabbos Parshas Nasoi Sivan 12, 5751

To emotionally feel the need for Moshiach

It is known that the main mistake of the spies who did not want to enter into Israel is because they preferred to serve G-d through thought and speech (the words of Torah and prayer) not wanting to get into the nitty-gritty of the daily Mitzvos tied to the land. However, as this was a mistake, a person might think that all that matters is actions.

To forestall this, Rashi teaches us, that this agenda upturned Mosses’s command (to report back on the conquerability of the land) into Lashon Hara (ill talk) and a sin.

However, good always is more than bad, hence we can deduce from this, to what extent it matters to think positively when doing mitzvos.

As our sages teach, doing a mitzvah without thinking is like a body lacking a soul.

For the soul’s effect in the body is not superficial or specific, rather the soul transforms the body from death to life, similarly, when contemplating mitzvos, the contemplation livens the mitzvos.

This is mainly through the study of Chassidus, for in it there is a taste of the secrets of the Torah to be revealed when Moshiach comes, as is well known.

Similarly, we can say, that similarly, the mitzvah to believe and await Moshiach’s coming must be felt emotionally.

This emotional desire will hasten the true and complete redemption and the fulfillment of the promise “I will give you hearts of flesh” speedily in our days.

Likuitie Sichos Shelach 5751

Redemption = Completed

We should continually add in all things that bring Moshiach – as Yaakov felt that as the complete redemption hadn’t arrived, therefore he felt, even 130 years of life were meaningless.

Shabbos Parshas Mikeitz 5752

Crying Ad Masai

As we are dealing with something that long should have occurred – especially as we stand in the month of Elul – we comprehend, how impassioned the plea of “Ad Masia” should be.

Seeing that the one who is shouting is a Jew – and a Jew and G-d are one, so it is self-understood that this has the capacity to bring the redemption! (as we see, it was our cries in the exile of Egypt that brought about that redemption.)

In fact and mainly, as the verse states, “Before they cry, I already answer” – the very fact, a Jew exists (with the capacity to cry) is enough.

Though our Rebbe’s have said, “it is not with our will, we went into exile; nor with it, we will go out” – this is only as a Jew and his will are separate – however, as a Jew fulfills the will of God – as our sages teach, that the Jew’s will become’s God’s, and vice-versa – hence this has an immediate effect.

Shabbos Parsha Tavoi 21 Elul 5751

The Last Cry

Everything is already ready! as if a chest with its key has already been delivered!

The last thing that is needed is that a Jew should again and yet again cry to G-d, “Ad Maasi – how much longer?!”

And through this, he achieves that Moshiach will enter into 770, and bring everyone to Jerusalem!

Shabbos Parshas Devarim 5751

We Demand!

And lest G-d for some reason seeks the pleasure of the Jew’s Avoda / service in exile, a Jew demands – “All that the owner tells you to do, do; except for leave…” – hence we belong in Israel! (in the Holy Temple.)

Shabbos Chayei Sarah 5752

Kiddush Levana

To explain the greatness of sanctifying the Moon – Kiddush Levanah, as our sages teach, “whoever blesses the month (the moon during the right period) will merit Moshiach!

The sign of the moon is representative of the Jewish people, whose rebirth will be a glory to their Creator; hence, one who blesses the moon, will witness this.

Based on this, when we calculate that the last straw, is only that Moshiach Himself must come! – one must be careful, that we celebrate Kiddush Levanah publicly, with beautiful clothing, in the street, etc.

And the main thing is, we have in mind, that we celebrate Kiddush Levana, to hasten the coming of Moshiach, through imploring G-d for redemption.

As we conclude Kiddush Levana – “And they requested G-d their G-d, and King David their King – Amen.”

Shabbos Parshas Noach 5752

Chapter 2 – Learning Torah

Study = Living

We must study all about Moshaich – the reason for this is, not as a merit to bring Moshiach, rather to fill the mind and the heart – in order for us to begin to live Moshiach.

Shabbos Parshas Balak 5751

Be In The Know

Knowing that Moshiach is about to arrive, as we have finished all that needs to be prepared, is not in contradiction to the statement of our sages, that Moshiach will come “Beyond Knowledge,” (misinterpreted “when people don’t consciously engage”) for once one has a firm comparison, then it becomes known.

Shabbos Parshas Balak 5751

It’s Here

As we are standing on the threshold of redemption, it is self-understood that the learning of the laws of building the Beis Hamikdosh, must be with a completely renewed vigor.

To begin with, we are studying, not as a mourning of the past, but, a celebration of the future!

And the main thing is, we learn with the knowledge, that this will be practically applied, as the Third Holy Temple, is standing, ready to descend from on high!

Shabbos Parshas Balak 5751

Moshiach Has Come

We must tell everybody, that we are at the end of Galus, and the beginning of redemption! hence the beginning of the reward! (for all our wonderful thousands of years of goodness and kindness, Torah and Mitzvos!) hence we must learn about Moshiach with joy and tranquility!

Shabbos Parshas Teitzei 5751

I have come to arouse everyone for a practical purpose – namely to bring Moshiach! – to do so, all men women and children need to add in their learning Torah – especially in regards to the coming of Moshiach.

Best would be, to have at least ten people studying – for in addition to the fact, as it states, the Shechina is present wherever ten Jews are – when there is a large crowd, this inspires people!

Therefore though there are some who prefer to learn individually, as this allows them to innovate novel concepts on this topic, nonetheless, from time to time, they should join larger groups.

Chapter 15 Resurrection

Part 1 The Essence and Meaning of this Time

The Completion of Reward is specifically to souls living in bodies as the Rambam Decides

As the Jewish people and God are one entity – not only in relation their souls above (or part of his soul) rather his entire being – as he is a Neshomah in a body below – a Jew is one entity with God – so to speak – for as an essential item, when one grasps part of it, one grasps all of it (so the same 1+1 that a professor thinks, is the same 1+1 that a child is taught, though the professor may have more depth, nonetheless the essence is exactly the same) and furthermore as is understood from the ruling of the Rambam that the completion of the reward (for the service of the Jewish people in exile) and hence also the completion of everything is to souls in bodies at the time of the resurrection.. furthermore when Moshiach comes the soul will receive a sustenance from the body.

Wednesday Parshas Boi Third of Shvat and Shabbos Parshas Boi and Vov Shvat 5752

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