Israel, Kabbalah

The double three truths, that span literally from the beginning of time to today – Jews are kind; normal gentiles are good; and cruel gentiles are antisemites; but correspondingly: Jews seem to have a never ending supply of naive trust in evil gentiles – the good gentiles will refuse to do anything aka America and Britain until they themselves get attacked – and the savage gentles will use every opportunity to be savage


Reality, the only reality, to the exclusion of all fantasies



As the Rebbe teaches, there is only one true reality, but many false human constructs


And the one true reality, revealed from Kabbalah through the Rebbe, in his final major address is as follows: life is an eternal, cosmic, development process


Both collectively and individually, we are, shall and eternally will, advance


This advancement occurs through a three stage process:


The growth, the steps that leads us to conclude the growth, which results in the growth


For example, man started off as barbarian


After a couple of knockout punches, they concluded to live with some semblance of laws, after a few world-wars (those who were intended to learn this lesson) concluded to live with unity


Recently I had an interesting discussion with a very learned man – especially in the Rebbe’s talks – the discussion was, what was the Rebbe’s message regarding Moshiach?!



He felt the Rebbe effectively is calling us to action – I felt that the Rebbe is waking us up to a new paradigm – in other words, the Rebbe’s call, though it leads to action is not about action; rather, it is a reality check – “You are not living in exile – the past hell that you have been through is over – you are now living in redemption! – The present bliss – Freedom – Secrets of the Torah never ever ever before revealed to humanity, through Chassidus – Gentiles not only, not harming Jews, but wishing them, and identifying with Israel, and actually giving money for Jews to relocate to Israel! – A world (generally, excluding Arabs) that forever engaged in wars, bloodshed, murder, With a basic premise to promote life, democracy, working together! – this is not an accident, this is the messianic world!!!”


What difference does this make? – All the difference in the world!!


As the Rebbe says, He is promoting Moshiach “for the sake of joy!!!”


Happiness or depression is dependent on a single factor, Hope or Depression – lack of hope: (


The attitude that prevents attitude

Fundamentally as the Alter Rebbe teaches us, we can either believe we deserve what we get, hence with everything we get – as often happens in marriage – we believe we are now entitled to more – hence nothing can ever make such a person (maybe you and me) happy, for as you can easily see, you can never get more, if more is you fundamental position!

If on the other hand, we change our fundamental position, believing, which is the truth, that fundamentally we shouldn’t even have been born, our and every single living thing’s existence is a mere gift of a loving creator who made us in his image out of the greatest act of love (as it states it is the nature of a loving giver to do so) hence, we will never get upset at anything, for whatever we have is good luck and whatever we don’t – well we’re still pretty damn lucky!!!


The Final Frontier



The final frontier, the apex, the point that there is no further point, ultimately, the redemption, the destination, the goal of humanity!


For thousands of years humanity struggled in darkness!


However, beneath the technicalities of Judaism lies a simple, simple, simple; difficult, difficult, difficult; practice, which is the very raison d’être of humanity! of creation! the purpose for which God made you!!!


It goes like this:


Humanity has a few contradictory elements which need to be incorporated in order for life to be perfect.


These are, amongst others, serenity, as well as constant growth; which seem to be in contradiction to one another; for to be serene, we think of relaxing on a beach, while to be productive we think of a sense of anxiety, stress, of compulsion, eliminating the serenity, tranquility and calmness inherit to peace.


So how to achieve both is the ideal for which God has led us, and which is the messianic state!


The way is not simple, it is fraught with doubt and confusion, for nothing, nothing, but nothing, does the Yetzer Hara desire more, then we should not discover, be certain, and implement this route!


But ultimately, the Yetzer Hara himself is also part of this process, for in his every seed of doubt, becomes a seed of determination; in his every yang we get a ying; eventually culminating in absolute certainty that the way, is the ideal, is the redemption, and a heck of a lot better than the exile!


So what is this way?


In Judaism, the highest level, the level of our holy forefathers and foremothers, prophets and Rebbes was this way.


It is called becoming the merkavah, the instrument of God’s will!


Effectively, the problem with simply doing good, which seems to be quite a good thing, is that the ego takes credit; so we on one hand need a new paradigm, in which we can a. be productive / do good, and at the same time; be humble, feel like the good we do, was really God’s doing, not ours!


What’s so bad about taking credit you may wonder? Simple; ego = delusion = expectations = disappointment = anger = resentment = destructiveness; and this is how all the evil in the world has been created.


O.k. settled that one, so how does one become a merkavah?!


Ultimately, it is not up to you!


You see, for you to work for the king, the king needs to want you to work for him; as pretty much any job, in any company!


Ultimately, though I don’t know this, but I think this is correct – it is only after we have fully disassociated, regurgitated and in fact become repulsed by the meaninglessness, the emptiness and the existential loneliness of our modern secular materialistic culture, does this occur – and when it does, when as Oprah says, “My goal in life is to be true to the voice of God within me, for me” – it is clearer than day, stronger than conviction, more true than truth!


And this is how the opposites unite, for when you do good because God tells you to, you cannot take credit! and it is precisely this tranquility, of being subservient, of not being in charge, that both provides peace and egoless productivity!