Recently I had an interesting discussion with a very learned man – especially in the Rebbe’s talks – the discussion was, what was the Rebbe’s message regarding Moshiach?!



He felt the Rebbe effectively is calling us to action – I felt that the Rebbe is waking us up to a new paradigm – in other words, the Rebbe’s call, though it leads to action is not about action; rather, it is a reality check – “You are not living in exile – the past hell that you have been through is over – you are now living in redemption! – The present bliss – Freedom – Secrets of the Torah never ever ever before revealed to humanity, through Chassidus – Gentiles not only, not harming Jews, but wishing them, and identifying with Israel, and actually giving money for Jews to relocate to Israel! – A world (generally, excluding Arabs) that forever engaged in wars, bloodshed, murder, With a basic premise to promote life, democracy, working together! – this is not an accident, this is the messianic world!!!”


What difference does this make? – All the difference in the world!!


As the Rebbe says, He is promoting Moshiach “for the sake of joy!!!”


Happiness or depression is dependent on a single factor, Hope or Depression – lack of hope: (

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