Amazing letter from the Baal Shem Tov to his son

By the Grace of G-d,

Much peace and blessings

The blessings of Heaven and all Good

To my beloved and Dear son

The honored Rabbi and Chossid etc.

One who walks humbly with G-d etc.

Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch

May He Live Long and Good Years – Amen

After requesting to hear how you are in all aspects…

I shall reveal to you some matters in the path of Truth.

So you can have what to teach your children and grandchildren etc.

May I request of you my son, to please reread this letter once weekly on Motzai Shabbos (Sat. Night. After Shabbos.)

The study of this letter is a tried and tested manner to save oneself:

From unwarranted hate

From thieves

From troubles

From plagues G-d forbid

“Before myself I always see G-d.”

Shevisi (Hebrew for I see / put) also means “all things to me are equal.”

Whatever occurs to you, it should be the same.

Be it people praise or shame you….

Similarly in everything….

Likewise regarding food – it should make zero difference if you eat tasty or bland.

This occurs when you remove from yourself the Yetzer Hara in all things.

Whatever happens to you say, “As this came about via G-d – and as it is fit etc. in His estimation – (therefore I agree.)”

From your perspective everything you do should be for God.

So you sole concern is if it’s of benefit to God (not for you.)

This is an exceedingly high level.

A person should continually imagine G-d (or continually perceive) to the extent that it is as clear as one perceives a good friend.

Also consider that God is watching you – just as if another person is.

Always keep this in mind – clearly and exactly.

Now the advancement of the Baal Teshuva (average) is through the Tzaddik (Rebbe) of the generation, who binds his soul to its source.

This is the explanation of Unkeles on the verse, “You created me back and front” for “the angels run and return.”

A person exists in the state of expansiveness and constricted.

If a person can recognize they are in the constricted state, then his state will transform.

Know that fear of punishment (from G-d) which is an emotional (selfish fear) is really a sign of G-d’s love – as it symbolizes his outstreched hand ready to recieve everyone (in Teshuva – returning to Him.)

This is like a soldier sent by the king to summon someone to appear – the soldier (identifying with his Master) angrily summons the individual – now an intelligent person, from the soldier has zero fear – for he will immediately go to the king, to appease the king.

The same applies in the realm of love (in other words, if the king sends a messenger to tell someone that he wishes to give him a gift and the messenger is happy😅 the intelligent person runs to celebrate with the king🤴. )

So one should feel the negative as a positive, and by doing so, the negative so transforms.

A non intelligent person sees the effect, while an intelligent person sees the cause.

The Talmud states, “The whole world is fed in the merit of Chanina my son.”

Shvil (Hebrew word for becuase) also means pipeline.

For he opened the pipe and gate for G-d’s benevolence.

Know that in the merit of the Torah that a person learns daily – when something occurs which the individual cannot discern (what to do)…. From the Torah studied that day, you can discern.

This occurs if your thoughts are consistently with G_d. For then G-d causes that from the Torah you learned that day, you will discern.

Know that sometimes a person will be brought to a very high level not from Today study, rather from prayer – for s/he prays with great devotion.

If a person knows that they are constricted this allows their mind/soul to expand (but if they don’t know, this is pretty bad.)

A person who thinks that He and G-d are super-close – at that moment he in fact is very far.

However if a person feels very far – then he is not only close, He is face to face.

The Yetzer Hara (Satan) complains when G-d sends a holy soul (Tzaddik) to come into this world, “You created me for nothing – he will get everyone to return to the good path and I will not be able to lead them astray” so G-d sends a second soul – a lowlife in the guise of a Torah scholar, but in actual fact a Jewish demon, who mocks the holy Tzaddik and then people can choose.

It is known from our Holy Rabbis that the idea that in the future G-d will kill the Satan is, he will remove His evil which is the letter Mem and what remains is a Divine name.

Whoever seeks to relieve themselves of suffering, but chases it, this is like a woman who having birth pains decides to go to another city (but the pain just follows.)

The solution is to pray to G-d and get rid of the pain, as the verse states “I called to G-d from the place of suffering – Answer me from a place of grandeur.”

This is the meaning of the verse, “Behold Egypt pursued them.”

They understood that their suffering followed – so they called to G-d.

And therefore G-d (through Moses) said that day – “As you have seen Egypt today, you shall never see them again.”

For the main thing is faith and trust in G-d –

Whoever trusts G-d, is encompasses by G-d’s love.

But a person who does the opposite and fears G-d and Divine punishment he actually attaches Himself to the negative.

This is what it states that wherever a person thinks… there they exist.

So a person worrying about punishment, causes it.

But a person who trusts in G-d’s compassion, causes it.

And only good things to him occur.

As such place yourself solely in G-d.

With this I Your Father Seek Your Goodness With all my heart and desire – Awaiting the Redemption speedily in our days!

Yisroel the son of my Father my master Rabbi Eliezer ZT”L

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