Tuesday Night Parshas Shemini 26 Nissan 5751 (1991)

Redemption from Egypt is the gateway to all subsequent redemptions.

Moshiach will reveal miracles that make the miracles of exodus from Egypt seem like nothing.

Realizing the miracles G-d for us did – we are currently encouraged!

Just as when we left Egypt, the Egyptians had a civil war benefiting the Jews and in fact they gave Jews much gold and silver…

The fact that Saddam (a modern Pharoah) had to give up – as well as return what he stole, and pay reparations is a new miracle.

Another miracle is we see how many Jews – similar to the Exodus from Egypt have left Russia (that enslaved them.)

Furthermore just as in Egypt, the Egyptians happily gave the Jews towards their freedom, similarly Russia.

This all proves to us, that G-d is caring for His people.

This also helps us understand that the Redemption from Egypt, was not only a redemption then, but G-d continually.

The main way a Jew perceives miracles and furthermore causes that to them G-d does miracles – is through increasing and dedicating oneself to Torah study, and performance of Mitzvos.

This includes the Mitzvah of Teffilin which is the sign of G-d’s love – to the extent that Gentiles remind Jews (that their success on it depends.)

In addition to our own Avodah – serving G-d, we must inspire the Jews coming out of Russia.

May it be G-d’s will that every Jew will have “The eyes to see, the heart to feel…” “The great miracles seen by your eyes.”

May these miracles be so visible that instead of having to remind people they happen – everyone recognizes.

To the extent he is not embarrassed to dance in the streets! for he doesn’t convince himself that miracles aren’t happening, nor, mustn’t we over them rejoice.

Thursday night – Erev Shabbos Kodesh – Parshas Shemini – 28 Nissan (After Maariv)

The greatest level is that the Infinity of G-d which is infinitely beyond reality descends into.

Seeing redemption is so close, it is surprising that it hasn’t manifested.

And a greater bewilderment is how can it be that ten Jews gather in an auspicious time for redemption and they don’t shatter the heavens.

Even when they plead for redemption they do so more because they were told to – if they truly wanted the Redemption it would have come!

I have tried everything and not succeeded; hence the only thing I can do is give this task to you  -DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO BRING THE REDEMPTION!

May there be found at least ten of you that will Einakshenen / be stubborn, and cause G-d to bring the redemption. And they will certainly succeed.

And in order for me to do my part, I will distribute charity.

I have done my part, now you do yours!

May it be G-d’s will there should be G-d willing among you, 1 or two or three who will come up with the right idea/s. And the main thing! You Will Cause The Complete and Total Redemption With Joy and A Happy Heart!

Shabbos Parshas Shemini 5751 (1991)

This year (5751, “A Year, That G-d will show wonders” (app 1991)) has been miraculous.

These miracles have been open and revealed.

They are a preparation for the infinite miracles in the times of Moshiach.

For just as G-d redeemed us from Egypt with miracles similarly in the upcoming redemption.

This is especially emphasized in the month of Nissan – which represents double miracles.

The word (name of the Parsha) is “Shemini” which is from the terminology Shemeina (fat)/full, that it fills up the whole year.

The greatness of Shemini (the eighth day of erecting the Mishkan…) it became the day the Shechina (Divinity) in it descended.

7 is the number of creation – it represents a G-dly light that descends into the universe – Shemini 8 represent a light beyond.

The ability to have Divinity descend in a higher level – comes from 8.

The revelation that took place in the Mishkan came from the light beyond – 8.

The ultimate goal is not that the light beyond remains that way, but it can descend within.

In other words, the ultimate goal is that the light beyond reality, should integrate.

The benefit of this – that the light descends – is that the individual had become a “keli” a receiver, capable of integrating it.

This creates the connection of the infinite and the finite.

Furthermore the mechanism to achieve this is from below to above – namely through our spiritual efforts, it eventually descends.

This is similar to the creation of the Mishkan which eventually brought down the Shechina.

From the Mishkan, the light transferred to the whole world.

This was seen in the “Aron,” for though it was beyond space, it was also within.

Generally there are two levels – the service of G-d beyond, and the service within.

Each has a benefit – the service within is more heartfelt – personal, and the service beyond is higher, but the ultimate is when the two become one… as the service beyond comes within, and though man is limited, his personal service becomes unlimited.

The ultimate is when the infinite and finite merge – this can only come from a level beyond both – the revelation of the essence (of G-d.)

Like oil, the essence permeates everything.

The goal of 8 – the light beyond – is that it should penetrate within.

Because the way to reach infinity is through finite Avoidah…. this proves the greatness of it.

The one who has the ability to manifest the Shechina below (and he was #7) Moshe Rabbeinu.

Through Torah, a Jew has not only the ability to draw down G-dliness into the world but a G-dliness beyond (within.)

Moshe’s ability to draw down G-dliness (and Torah) is because he was the most humble – which can contain the essence (beyond limitation.)

As such He could be the connector between G-d and the Jewish people.

Moshe’s name is a Roshei Teivios (acronym) for “Moshe” “Shamai” “Hillel” – Moshe is Tifferes the middle (between Gevurah and Chessed).

He was inclusive and unified both.

Moshe had the greatness of both the infinite and finite dimensions.

Because He had both, He could manifest them.

Every generation (especially the generation that left Egypt) includes all the generations, prior and post.

As every Jew, the world was created for – hence every generation of Jews effects the past and future.

Moshe gives every Jew the power to receive the Torah and unite with G-d.

To the extent, “Your eyes will see your G-d.”

(The Rebbe Rashab says, “When one sits and studies “Likuitei Torah” you feel G-d” – “You know and thereby become.”)

Through Torah, the greatness of the integration of the infinite and finite occurs.

Through the revelation of Malchus (redemption) in Gevurah (whose source is highest) the end of Galus becomes revealed.

It is our actions, that bring Redemption!

Because the light comes from the darkness, therefore it lasts (eternally).

Specifically through the darkness of exile comes the infinite Divine (Moshiach).

Because – and specifically as – a Jew is in exile, therefore G-d recalls, and saves Him through Moshiach!

Even more specifically through our Golus (exile) Avoidah, therefore Moshiach comes.

Specifically through serving G-d in the darkness, we create the infinite light.

Through serving in poverty – humbly (like a servant in exile) we cuase the Infinity.

How much better now when Jews have freedom and so much more Torah (through new Seforim etc.) has been bestowed.

As such during redemption, we will have not only have the benefit of the infinite light of redemption, but also (Iskafiyah) the finite.

This also answers a question, a Jew may ask, “How can you ask me to bring Redemption?! – I’m just a little person.” And especially if most of one’s day must be preoccupied… – the answer is that it is only from the darkness that light generates!

If Moshiach has yet to come, it is obvious it is up to you now!

As the Rambam Paskens, through a single Mitzvah, one can bring Redemption.

As “I am created to serve my Creator,” and as G-d not only asks according to our capacity, but helps us, so we have the power!

We are not only G-d’s partners in creation, but like a true partner we take initiative.

This is in addition to the fact that every Jew being literally part of G-d has the greatest capacity imaginable.

To the extent he is commanded to be as Holy as G-d.

Because it is the year, “I will show wonders” so G-d reveals all the miracles – including not only how He runs nature, and miracles – but even how every second the universe is recreated.

To the extent of revealing the miracles hidden in nature.

We reach the level of having the infinite miracles within.

From Shemini 8, we go to 9, and 10 “The tenth will be holy” – the times of Moshiach!

We receive the power from the Rebbe of our generation.

From this Shul (770) it spreads to the whole world!

To the extent, arriving at the Beis Hamikdosh – “My house will be called a house of prayer for all people.”

Together with the return of all the Jews.

As we see in this year, how Jews are returning from Russia.

When Moshiach comes, there will be the revelation of G-dliness beyond nature, within.

The fact that Jews are able to leave Russia, is from the miracles of beyond nature, within.


As such, it makes no sense that instead of doing the work, one relies on another.

Every person must personally serve G-d – which they were created for, and definitely G-d gives them the ability.

What must one do to bring Moshiach? – Simple! increase in your Torah study and better your Mitzvah performance!

In addition to increasing… get others to, as well.

If one’s previous service of G-d was lacking, then one must double and triple their current efforts.

This includes increasing in spreading Judaism and Chassidus, which is uniquely beneficial to bringing Moshiach.

This all should be done with a powerful hope for the arrival of Moshiach!

May it be G-d’s will – through increasing all of these positive resolutions and certainly fulfilling them, Moshiach should immediately come!

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