Tanya in Simple English – Chapter 8 – Iggeres Hateshuva

After one thinks deeply into all the above then, they can actually from the depth of the heart ask God, “From you great Mercy erase my sin.”

For then their heart truly will be broken within them – as they contemplate the tremendous suffering that is on their Godly soul and even beyond (namely God) as mentioned before.

From this they will arouse a great compassion from God from the 13 compassionate emotions which come from His will which comes from the desire of God, represented in the Horn of the Yud which actually transcends the energy of Havayeh.

It is for this reason that the 13 compassionate emotions can wipe away all sins and dents.

Once this occurs then the dark side cannot draw their energy from the lower Hei as mentioned before.

(And through this the the lower Hei unites with the Yud and Hei and Vov.)

Similarly this occurs below in The Godly soul in man that once again the sins of the individual, do not block their soul from its connection to God.

As the verse States that “The soul is cleansed of the sins, for those who return to Him” and the souls are cleansed of the dirty garments which are the Kelipah that attached to it.

As the Divine Spirit has cleansed the soul, now she can return to God, and ascend above to her source and attach itself to God in an incredible Union.

To be united with God, as the soul was before she was sent to the body, when she was in a state of oneness with God (by way of example, like a person whose breath is in their mouth, before it leaves their mouth.)

Now the level of this Union is the level of the higher Teshuva, which comes after the lower Teshuva.

This is what the Zohar says, that the higher Teshuva is to study Torah with love and reverence for God, for that is uniting in the spirit of God.

(And the benefit of the Baal Teshuva even over the Tzaddik in this is because His love is greater and therefore their attachment to God is.)

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