Tanya In Simple English – Shaar Hayichud Ve-haemuna – Chapter 11

Now even the 10 sayings are only existing relative to the creations – for just as the emotions in the soul of a person when they are being revealed in actuallity, they come into the letters of thought – for example if somebody wishes to express love or compassion – this must come about through thinking about it…considering how to implement it….- furthermore if he tells someone else to do something – for example a king instructing someone to give money to another – then this emotion of kindness and the thought-letters, also go into the letters of speech – similarly when a person speaks words of kindness to another.

In a similar sense, the emotions of God when they come to a revealed level they affect the creation – this is called revelation and the effect of the speech.

Of-course speech is made up of many letters for it is impossible for any action to occur from God’s emotions without the combinations, which are called letters – for example, to create light from the emotion of compassion and kindness of God – so the letters in Hebrew, “Let there be light” were said.

Though these letters are obviously not like the letters of our thought – nevertheless this is an example which demonstrates the concept that light was created out of nothingness – and it is for this reason that specifically light came and it wasn’t another creation that could have also come from kindness, such as water etc.

Water has its own letters which demonstrate it’s transference of infinite potential to its actual.

Those that create the hidden worlds are like letters of thought, which are not revealed to another – and then there are those that create revealed worlds – and this is like the letters of speech which reveal to another what was hidden in the heart of the speaker.

However even the letters of speech above, are way higher than the level of wisdom of a human being – for we see that through these letters and the statement in Hebrew “We will make man in our image etc.” a person with intelligence was created – or perhaps Just from the breath of God itself, as it states “And he blew into his nostrils the breath of Life” – as such, the speech and the breath of above is the source of the wisdom within man – particularly within Adam Harishon / the first man who includes all the souls of the Tzaddikim, who were even more intelligent than the highest angels.

This is because the letters of speech of God, are actually referring to specific energies that draw from His emotions, which are connected in their very essence – to God Himself! which is infinitely beyond any type of created wisdom.

Now these letters, are 22 different types of energetic flows with which the entire universes above and below are created – and all the Creations within them – for it so arose in the will and the wisdom of God to create the world through 22 types of energetic flows… no more or less… these are the 22 letters which man speaks – as stated, “In the Book Yetzirah.”

(Now the shape / image of the letters shows on the exact flow of energy.)

Now also the letters of speech and thought within man come from the intellect and emotions of the Soul, and from the soul’s essence.

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