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Chapter 47 Tanya In Simple English

In every generation and every single day, a person must envision himself, as if he left Egypt today.

This is the exit of the Divine soul from the prison of the body – “the serpent’s skin” to unify in a unity with the infinite light of God, through the study of Torah and performing the Mitzvahs – generally speaking.

Particularly when one accepts the Kingdom of Heaven, during the recital of Shema, for then one accepts and draws upon themselves the oneness of God in absolute clarity, when he says, “God is our Lord, God is one.”

As we mentioned before, that God is our Father, just as he is the God of our forefathers – because we too become merged in His Infinite Light – the only difference is Abraham merited this through his actions, and his elevation in Holiness ascending from level to level as it states, “And Abraham journeyed, continuously ascending.”

However by us, this is our inheritance, and a gift that God has bestowed upon us, His Holy Torah and He has placed His will and His wisdom within it – and His will and wisdom are one with His very essence and Being, in a complete unity, and therefore it is as if He is given us He Himself!

As it states in the Holy Zohar on the verse, “And take for me an offering” it is as if you are taking ME! for God is one with the Torah.

And this is what it says, “And He gave us God our Lord with love.” “For in the light of His face, He has given us God our Lord etc.” and there is nothing stopping this soul Union with God and His light except if a person does not desire God-forbid to attach themselves to God; but as soon as a person desires and accepts upon themselves and draws down the Godliness and says, “God our Lord, God is one…” so automatically his soul unifies in God, for “Spirit calls spirit and draws forth the Divine spirit – Godliness.”

And this is the level of leaving Egypt, and therefore our sages have said that we should read the story of leaving Egypt daily, in Shema specifically – although technically it is a separate Mitzvah (to recall the leaving of Egypt) and it is not the Mitzvah of Shema, as the Talmud and commentators teach us, but actually because they are the same exact concept, namely The Exodus from the enslavement of the body in the unity with God – and similarly at the end of the Parsha / story of leaving Egypt, we finish with the words, “I am God your God” which is this concept (namely that we unite directly with God, through the Torah and Mitzvos.)

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