The 10 things us earthlings must know

1. Each and every one of us is a composite.

2. Obviously we have a body which houses a spirit.

3. This spirit (and on a deeper level, body) is a part of God.

4. Therefore, exactly like God it is first and foremost compassionate- it is also humble (therefore senstive.)

5. As God is the ultimate giver, He desired that we should be able to be proud of our achievements- to do this, he placed the soul within an animal.

6. So just like an animal, our body has four instincts- generally for pleasure and not for pain – specifically there is also the desire for pride and not shame there is also a pleasure in laziness moping and a capacity to both be angry at oneself and others.

7. Anger is to the soul what poison is to the body – it causes us to seek vengeance (just as love seeks unity – anger seeks dissolution.)

8. The way to overcome anger is to have faith.

9. Faith means, that this part of God was placed in a body, to face challenges.

10. The meaning in life is when we face, deal with, grow.

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