To know what is, we have to know what is Phenomenal – it is easy to see nature – the constant… – but when we see what is supernatural (we know what both creates, interacts, guides us and nature)

  1. Everything as we now know is merely sound waves – little oscillating frequencies which like music notes, when combined, are the things, such as H20, salt – and of-course we know that like the music being played by a symphony, each and every instrument continually goes from its inherent state (of non-frequency emitting) to its created state by a miraculous hand (all that I am writing is pure quantum physics)
  2. As is obvious, the world being built on but 118 fundamental chemicals (like the basic building blocks – and I believe all life on merely 28) if this is the case there must be a mind that can take these invisible particles and connect them to create any shape He desires.
  3. In addition, we know a physical matter – like a rock doesn’t breath, eat, and most importantly think or desire – so every single living thing from ameba to plant, to tree to animal to human has a unique soul.
  4. These souls are not born in this world, they come from the four spiritual universes beyond us, and in an infinitely sophisticated and exact mechanism they are implanted – for example, at the moment of conception (the zygote) a flash of light is seen

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