New Mamer Quotes

Shabbos Parshas Mishpatim 5741

2. To begin a Jew approaches Judaism with Kabbalois Oil – not with what I understand, but rather as God so says.

Even the Mitzvahs that one understands, Mishpatim – our understanding itself is only because so we are told.

Note 22 Through learning the laws (Halachois) we gain Daas (firm knowledge.)

8. Through learning Torah we receive pleasure – even in Kabbalas Oil (doing Mitzvahs because so we are told.)

9. The ultimate service of God is when in it you take pleasure ( a lower level is fear – even that the Godly soul imposes a higher will (but this shows, the person themselves wishes differently.) The highest is when there is but a passion for Divinity.

10. This type of Iskafyeh – self-control for doing God’s will – includes pleasure, for it is the person’s pleasure to not fulfil their body’s instincts.

The service of Iskafiya draws down a higher light (than Ishapcha – especially an Iskafiyah that includes one’s pleasure.) 12. We must study Torah simultaneously as a servant (studying the will of their master) and with greatest of pleasure.

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