New Rebbe Mamer Quotes

Mamer Veilah Hamishpatim

Motzai Shabbos Parshas Pihspati 5738

2. A person has to have clarity in the Torah – particularly as they need to be able to teach it to their child.

5. The essence of every Jew is a person who desires to fulfill God’s will, to the extent of being a Benoini  (completely dedicated in thought, speech and action.

6. As Abraham their ancestor, a Jew has the capacity to withstand all internal and external pressure to transform this world into God’s realm.

7. The evil in this world is there for us to transform it, and this brings Moshiach!

8. Through first bringing the Shechina (God) within ourselves – as the Aron, which practically means the study and performance of Torah, we then manifest it for the entire world.

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