the 10 truths that matter – for example, the exact velocity of the quarks which make up atoms, are not going to matter in your life, but whether we believe that there is a God and all happens for a positive purpose, will matter! – whether we believe that everything that occurs is there to teach us, to help us, to grow us, does matter! – whether we believe that if we take that lesson and we implement it in our lives and the lives of those we love – and those that we are meant to touch, will become better, does matter! – whether we eat a healthy or unhealthy, will determine how healthy or unhealthy we will be, so that does matter! – whether we can overcome our resentment and anger and live in love and peace instead of bickering and fight does matter! – whether we can see the good in the bad and begin to see the world in a positive instead of negative light, increasing joy instead of misery, does matter! – whether we daily exercise, getting rid of old cells and allowing the birth of new cells does matter! – whether we figure out the specific reason why we were created and we have the courage and conviction to act and not worry what jealous insane people will taunt, which will determine whether our lives have meaning or are meaningless, does matter! – and finally whether we actively participate in electing officials that are normal and seek stability and religious values vs. officials that are stupid and are seeking the destruction of society, will determine the types of countries that we will be forced to endure

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