The Seven Healthy Habits – If We Wish To Live / Love – With Appreciation To Dr. Steve Simon (for reviewing)

If you do these you will feel better, have more energy, think clearer and live longer

  1. Eat Right –
    a. Eat mainly vegetables (a 10,000 person study into what has been proven to be from the healthiest diets, namely the Mediterranean diet, found that the reason that it causes benefit, is due to fiber – fiber traps cholesterol and of course cholesterol is the number one reason for heart attack and stroke, the two primary reasons of death – Fiber causes us to be regular which the Rambam (perhaps the greatest Doctor ) writes, is one of the key mechanisms to health (he goes so far to say: “if you eat all the right foods and are constipated, it’s useless” – excrement, he says should be close to the consistency of daihriah  – this is a simple way to tell. – Additionally though fruits have fiber, as they have a high fructose (sugar) content, it should be minimized – certainly fruit juices… – as they lack fiber, it spikes the glucose level – Fiber lowers spiking)

b. Sugar is poison (sugar first and foremost puts a taxing load on the body – it also causes that the cells that are always recreating, 80% of our cells every 120 days are new – don’t recreate properly – and of course diabetes, can have many terrible ramifications)

c. Minimize animal protein to no more than a palm-full a day (of course animal fat, which is in animal food, is a primary source of cholesterol – and based on the China diet, the largest study in human history – over 850 million people!, it would appear that animal protein causes cellular division of cancer cells – which we get all the time… but we also kill all the time! – unfortunately if they divide too quickly, they may take root – Remember all vegetables have protein (the only vitamin found in animal food, not found in vegetables is B12.)

d. Stay away from red meat (red meat fat lines the cells – in fact, it may be that all fat does… and blocks insulin from pushing in glucose, which of course is the nutrients of the cell.)

e. DO NOT eat Barb-Q or Animal Foods cooked at high temperatures (this produces carcinogens – simply speaking, only use low flames)

f. Eat at least 400 calories for breakfast (an Israeli study showed, that this is very important.)

g. Also make sure your balance of omega 3 to omega 6 is correct (we are getting a ratio of 40 / 1, when it should be 4 / 1 – omega 3 is found in flax, chia, fish, and most walnuts and pecans – this is important – generally if you are using oil, stick to Olive.)

f. What is also super important is a healthy gut (as Hippocrates — the father of modern medicine — suggested that all disease begins in the gut) Dr. Kellerman (author of “The Microbiom Diet”) teaches the importace of eating onion, radishes (read book, for more…) that are Pre-biotic (they feed the more than 30,000,000,000 bacteria in the gut) it’s also important to stay low on gluten – for just as important as the gut is in terms of processing food, the membrains of the gut are desgined to allow out nutrients, but gluten opens up these membranes allowing out too much, causing leaky gut syndrome – this causes inflammation – an immune system attack which cuases increase in insulin and this has a host of problems.

  • Drink water (water flushes your kidneys – not to mention your body is made up of 80% water – it makes you sharper – Not flushing your kidneys is to allow toxicity – You need 8 cups – it can be any liquid… – a flavor (not sugar etc.) that makes you want to drink… – especially good, is lemon – vitamin C is super important!)
  • Sleep 8 Hours nightly (there are 700 important heath benefit functions that occur – not to mention during sleep our brain shrinks and toxins are cleared out – amyloids (plaque that causes Alzheimer) gets removed – in order to sleep, usually the main thing is overcoming anxiety – waking up early… – having a busy day… – the more the brain is used, the more tired you get… – Avoid caffeine and screens later in the day (screens have a blue light which don’t allow melatonin – the natural putting you to sleep (which begins a few hours before sleep) to kick in.)

  • Exercise (Numerous studies show you must exercise at least 10 to 30 minutes a day, and ideally elevate the heart rate (in fact, the primary reason perhaps for dementia – is that the brain is not getting enough blood flow – blood means life – exercise causes flow! – also gingko can cause blood flow.)
  • Work (we must be engaged in some type of work for our mental health as well as budget, even if it is volunteer work – we only feel good when we do good – though for a woman this often is managing a home, a man must have something meaningful – this includes of-course making money, if the motive is to give)
  • Relationships (this probably also has to do with feeling happy, which is good for the immune system – from longevity studies, This Is The Most Important Factor!)
  • Safety (anxiety produces cortisol which weakens the immune system, which is the primary source of keeping the body safe from infection and disease)

    You can read

    The Baal Shem Tov teaches “When you can see the good in the bad, the bad becomes good!”

In addition a consistent way to prevent anxiety is through a. Thanking God every morning (ideally for your ten best blessings – as gratitude induces hope and happiness) – in addition, saying the Jewish Prayers b. Studying Torah (really any part) c. Doing God’s will

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