The most accurate life hacks –

When we look at the billions of websites, pages, info. it is easy to lose track

In fact, the human brain when overwhelmed simply reverts (basically to what’s simple – usually to what was learned… – hence lacking the truth – which always must be discerned.

  1. Fact number 1 – reality is not real – we are exactly like in a real computer game (scientist in fact postulated that certain markers in the universe would be there if this was the case, and they found it.)

    The world made of physical matter which is energy, is God –  in simple words, you think that you and the universe exists, but that’s like a character in a video game thinking that it and the universe (the game, is real)
  2. The fact that it is simply God hiding, doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging – as in The Matrix, the fact that we have been conditioned (from baby – day 0/1 ) to feel, taste, touch, sense that it is real, makes it (even if you understand that is isn’t) real enough.
  3. Each and every one of us has two competing souls:
  4. Soul #1 is called the animal soul of life and instincts – soul # 2 is called the Divine spirit of transcendence
  5. We also have a mind – the ability to objectively assess.

So life boils down to three life hacks:
1. If you wish to be good and not cruel – you need to care!

2. If you wish to be smart and not a fool – you need to both use your head (instead of emotions – including following the blind herd – people who copy people… as evident from how all societies and groups function…)
You need to go to God’s wisdom found in the Bible – particularly as clarified in Jewish law – additionally one can ask a Rabbi (experts in both.
“Ask The Rabbi” is available on Chabad.org – they have answered already over half a million questions) and even better you can actually ask God (your Divine spirit) (for more info. on this, read the first chapter of my book “Kabbalah Love” Kabbalahlove.org)

3. Last but not least, as the wisest life-hack ever given to man (from Elijah the Prophet to Rabbi Eliezer, to the Baal Shem Tov, the greatest Jewish Master)
“Fear no-one or anything, but God (in other words, let nothing cause you fear, except if you fulfill God’s advice or not) Love Without Judging” (for judging is a subconscious form of hate – much as you love yourself, even when you do something wrong.)

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