Based on doctors the following 10 in this order are the most important health tips

1. First and foremost is feeling safe (anxiety produces cortisol which weakens the immune system which is the primary source of keeping the body safe from infection and disease)

You can read

2. Second of all is having good relationships (this probably also has to do with feeling happy which is good for the immune system)

You can read Kabbalah Love (

3. Third of all you must eat healthy foods (a 10,000 person study into what has been proven to be from the healthiest diets namely the Mediterranean diet found that the reason that it causes benefit is due to fiber so quite simply speaking the key is to have fiber fiber traps cholesterol and of course cholesterol is the number one reason for heart attack and stroke the two primary reasons of death)

Eat mainly vegetables

4. Healthy air (as the Rambam writes this is very important and of course necessary for respiratory functioning.)

Live not in a smog polluted city

4. Sugar is poison (sugar first and foremost puts of taxing load on the body – it also causes that the cells that are always recreating – 80% of our cells, every 120 days are new – don’t recreate properly, and of course diabetes can have many terrible ramifications)

Simply speaking have zero sugar which includes fruit juice.

5. Minimize animal protein to no more than a palm-full a day (of course animal fat which is an animal food is a primary source of cholesterol and based on the China diet the largest study in human history over 850 million people it would appear that animal protein causes cellular division of cancer cells which we get all the time but we also kill all the time, unfortunately if they divide too quickly they may take root)

Minimize animal protein (remember you get protein from every vegetable)

6. Stay away from red meat (red meat fat lines the cells – in fact it may be that all fat does and blocks insulin from pushing in glucose which of course is the nutrients of the cell)

Don’t eat red meat

7. Do not waste semen

(the Rambam, the father of modern medicine said that the life force is in semen, and also based on Eastern traditions – he goes so far to say that it is the number one cause of subsequent illness)


8. Eat at least 400 calories for breakfast (an Israeli study showed that this is very important)

Have a healthy breakfast

9. Make sure you are drinking at least eight glasses of fluid a day (fluid is necessary to flush the kidneys)

Drink 8 glasses a day

10. Is numerous studies showed you must exercise at least 10 to 30 minutes a day and ideally elevate the heart rate (in fact the primary reason perhaps for dementia is that the brain is not getting enough blood flow)

Daily exercise

PS even though this may be more important than everything, namely getting 8 hours of sleep but because sleep deprivation is usually based on a lack of the above that’s why I did not put it in

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