The secret to happiness is first of all know that you are not a body, you’re a spirit, and ultimately the spirit is an offshoot of God – number two, know that this world is a symphony, we all are beautiful instruments playing our own Melody, and only with each and every single instrument, from the sun to the Moon to the Stars, the humans, the animals, the plants, the bacteria – to the ozone layer, to obviously, most importantly, the unions of men and women, of families, of faith, of communities, of societies, of special interest groups for example, the hospital, the government… all of this together makes the entire symphony! the orchestra plays it’s wonderful harmonious music! Never ever ever listen to the media, it’s a force of hate and division, and we love unity and love – and finally every morning we set the tone for how our day will be, and if you think grateful thoughts for the restoration of your soul and spirit into your body, and focus on your purpose and mission for the day, you will guaranteedly 100% have an amazing, joyful, life

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