Mamer Rebbe # 21

Bayoim Hashmini 5741

Teshuva is even higher than Mitzvos

In Teshuva it is it soul that returns.

Mitzvos have the element of Teshuva in that they cause the fallen sparks to return.

The reason the soul comes to Earth – because technically above it is the level of a Tzaddik – is in order to do Teshuva.

The level of Teshuva is even higher than a Tzaddik.

Similarly the Sparks of Godliness elevate higher than they were – after their elevation.

One of the reasons Teshuva is so great, is because the person who feels far, has a greater yearning than the person who is already close.

Additionally the pleasure this causes to God from the novelty of the transformation is greater than the pleasure God gets from the service of Tzaddikim.

Additionally Teshuva operates in an extraordinary leap, from one person – who becomes an entirely new person.

Because the person has renewed, the world renews.

It is known that Teshuva is not only on sins, in fact even a Tzaddik can do Teshuva, Teshuva is the return of the soul to its father the king.

The very fact that the soul is below and not with her father above, already necessitates Teshuva – a new connection.

This of-course applies even to a Tzaddik which is the reason for his soul to come below.

Fact, when we do a Mitzvah and we reveal the Divinity in the Sparks of physicality, so this is a true recreation from darkness to light.

As Jewish souls are sourced within God, therefore they have this extraordinary power, to transform – which is as great as the reverse – darkness to light.

Shemini Ateres is the return of the energy that we elevated on Rosh Hashanah.

Shemini Atzeres gives us the power to go into the year, that everything that we interact with, can be elevated.

In the coming of Moshiach, it is not that evil will be humbled before good, but will become good.

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