Do you know the five parts within you – which let us begin with the most obvious, that which makes us human, and if you wish to say, animal-like as well – is the fact that we have both a mind, capable of rational objective awareness, and an emotional heart which fundamentally has two drives – there are many names for it, some of them is: love/fear, desire/hate, pleasure/pain, pride/anger – now the mind and the Heart, express themselves in what is called The Clothing of the Soul – namely our capacity to talk to ourselves, called thinking – our capacity to talk to others, called speaking – and of-course our ability to act, using the tools at our disposal, such as our hands etc. But what many of us are unaware of, are the two forces that actually control both of these forces – these forces are so deep and perhaps infinite that we will never fully comprehend them… but generally speaking there is the essence of the Soul, which is God: which is our conscience, which is our unconditional ability to sacrifice for what is true, which is our desire to be United with God, with God’s teachings in the Torah, with the Land of God, namely Israel, and the Holy Temple and of course many many many more… however on the flip-side we also have a embedded narcissism, which is nothing less than like a Nazi, the desire to, without any regard for anyone, to get our way

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