Rebbe Mamer # 13

1. The measure of Teshuva is if God has become your personal…

2. There are two levels in Teshuva – the first is staying away from evil and doing good – the second is achieving the level of God being your personal.

3. Moshiach comes from Peretz as he will be Poiretz – overcome all limitations.

4. As Teshuva is a Mitzvah, it applies even to Tzaddikim.

5. The higher level of Teshuva is realizing that intrinsically one’s Divine soul is just that.

6. The Maagid teaches that Teshuva for a Tzaadik can be – because to a Tzaddik – even a thought which is about foolishness can have a greater negative impact than even the negative actions of a lesser person.

7. Another Teshuva for a Tzaadik is as “Before a King one who gestulates with his hand” is guilty – as this symbolizes that he has not made themselves to the king completely subservient.

8. The way to rectify this situation is through realizing that all Infinitely comes from God.

9. The verse states ” stay from evil away – do good – seek peace and pursue it”

The first (stay from evil away) refers to stop sinning.

Do good – refers to increasing one’s love and fear of God.

Seek peace – refers to study/ understand Torah.

10. For Teshuva to be good one must study Chassidus.

11. Chassidus connects the inner Jew to the essence of God.

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