Why Moshiach must be coming – you know it says that before Moshiach comes, we will say, the only one to rely on is God – what the foolish leftwing “thinkers” don’t realize, is their entire ideology – namely: love gay (not marriage,) love terrorists (not Israel,) love those who hate America (not those who will defend you,) love communism (not G-d forbid law abiding investors who create value,) and the latest, love black radicalism (not one country for all,) that their entire philosophy (perhaps minus the last – is actually been planted over decades by Russian disinformation! – we now have the defectors who told us (already in the 70.’s 80.’s that this was happening, and we are watching a Russian plot – but the thing is, as Russia so both wisely and simultaneously stupidly knows (the former conscious, the latter perhaps subconscious) is that once you poke a hole (or dynamite a hole) in one part of the ship – as we see the spread of lawlessness (protests ) to other stupid left “thinkers”

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