The Rebbe on Balak quotes 5751

1. When the 17th of Taamuz falls out on a Shabbos, the fast day is delayed.

2. This represents in the language of the Gemoro, that once it is delayed, it should be permanently abolished.

3. When Moshiach comes, as the Rambam states, all the fast days will be transformed to days of celebration.

4. In truth a fast day is like powerful energy which can be unfortunately negative but can also be very positive (imagine fire.)

5. Hence when the seventeenth of Tammuz becomes on Shabbos, so therefore we rejoice in with the food, as we must on Shabbos – this is analogous to the Future redemption; in fact even though we should always partake in bread in Melava Malka after Shabbos, this is especially at the 17th of Taamuz.

6. As we approach redemption, the 17th of Taamuz takes on more of its positive aspects.

7. Seeing that we are already in the year that Moshiach has come, based on the prophecy of the Yalkut Shimoini, so this 17th of Taamuz we shall surely be rejoicing in the Holy Temple.

8. As is known, the Jewish people study about the Beis Hamikdash in the 3 weeks, this year we must do so not in a mourning of the past, but in celebration of the future 🥂 in fact with the knowledge that these laws will soon be applicable!

9. Despite the fact that this year so many absolutely extraordinary Miracles that prove Moshiach is soon coming have occurred, it is obvious that many find this hard to believe.

10. Apart from the reason being, that many suffer from an inner Galus – (their minds are cloaked through the mirage of “reality”) but when we study Torah, we break through and can perceive the truth.

11. May it be God’s will that we immediately see the revelation of Moshiach, for we have already completed as the Previous Rebbe said, that we have already polished the buttons, in fact we’ve already done Teshuva! even the highest level of Teshuva! that Moshiach, will bring Tzaddikim to Teshuva, and therefore all that is left is for Moshiach to reveal the essence of God, speedily now!

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