Rebbe quotes Parshas Bahaloischa

The Gemarah tells us that in actual fact the are 7 book of the Torah, because the verse Vayehi Binsoia is its own book, hence in the book of Bamidbar there are three books, the first part before Vayehi Binsoia, Vayehi Binsoia is the second part, and the third after Vayehi Binsoia.

The command to light the Menora is a fundamental lesson which is about our fundamental mission in life, namely to light up our soul and body, hence our surrounding with the light of Torah and Mitzvos.

Now the mission was for Aharon to light the light, till it burned on its own – likewise the people we teach Torah and Mitzvos to, should become so alight, that their flame is independent!

Now the goal is to be a large (not small flame) in other words a. a person should be passionate about God, Torah and Mitzvos, b. the person should consistently be ever increasing – now this ability to always go higher (not only more of the same, but an entirely new level/s) is through humility.

The concept of always ascending is both in regards to oneself and others:

In regards to oneself we must ascend in our Torah – so eventually though we know the Torah by-heart, we eventually continue to grow in our study (hence deeper depth,) as well in our ability to innovate Torah ideas.

This also applies to Mitzvos – we do our Mitzvos with greater emphasis.

And finally when we teach others it should be that they get to the point where they are able to stand on their own two feet.

In terms of standing on our feet, there are two ways, the first is that we repeat a habit so it becomes natural, the second is that we understand that we are in essence God, even our body, for we know that the true being, the reality is God, and doing Torah and Mitzvos is just an extension of self.

When we do a Mitzvah what occurs is, we bring Godliness, so now the object itself, such as a Mila which Avrohom said by the Bris, it becomes an object that is pulsating Divinity.

When the Jews came to Poland, they said Poh Lin, here we shall stay overnight, until Moshiach, in other words, a Jew has to know that he is only overstaying temporarily in exile, his real place is in Jerusalem, in the Holy Temple.

This is all the more so, as we are the final generation of exile and the first generation of redemption, and as a Previous Rebbe said, our buttons are polished, we are waiting – all we need to do is stand at attention to greet Moshiach!!