We know that from the Baal Shem Tov who revealed that everything teaches us a lesson, furthermore the greater that event, the greater the lesson, so if we look at the greatest, most impactful events, they can teach us the most profound lessons – the first and foremost greatest event is the invention of democracy 4 as opposed to the erroneous assumption that “might is right” and “if I am right I may use might,” the dignity of the individual to choose what is right, while simultaneously not abusing another, is correct – the second great invention of course is computers and computer show us, a tiny chip can hold – certainly quantum computing – infinite data! so one God can know everyone and everything! Now Google teaches us that the 1 can have a relationship with the many! The next great invention is quantum physics, which shows us that our entire existence is only a very powerful perception – as Einstein said, “reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one!” and in truth, reality was set up by God to react, so as you feel and certainly do, so will be what you will feel and get – Another great invention is the GPS which teaches us, the only way to have infinite direction, is through humbly listening! and last but not least, the information highway, the internet, teaches us that 99.9% of what people say, is dribble

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