Quotes from the Rebbe on Parsha Emor


1. The goal of redemption is not a different world rather it is the understanding of how everything in this world aligns to a Godly purpose, which is the purpose of its existence.

2. Redemption in fact, is a symbiotic process, for in the very realization, in The Awakening of people to the higher perspective, they concomitantly create redemption.

3. In addition, The Exodus from Egypt brought about the great Revelation of God, coming from the essence of God, and as we know, when Moshiach comes, the entire preoccupation of the world will be to know God, and a new Torah which is revelations that are infinitely beyond our current understanding, will be revealed.

4. Generally speaking, the three stages in the revelation of Moshiach, the first stage is the stage of the understanding that this world has a master which not only controls the micro but He controls the macro – then we have the next stage which is the stage of Torah, and this effectively relates to our behavior, and finally and most importantly, we have a miraculous stage, in which the deepest secrets, as it says, the Torah that we will study in the times of Moshiach make the Torah of today look like they’re nothing – will be revealed, in a continuously upgrading fashion.

5. As everything in the future is created in the present, therefore, our role is not only to engage the knowledge of the existence of the Creator and the Torah, as it relates to behavior, but also to await and perhaps begin with the infinite revelation.

6. We find these aspects in Moshiach, that not only is He obviously a believer, but great Torah scholar, which is why King Solomon which in his age represented the era of Moshiach… and had not negative things interfered, he would have led the Jews to the Messianic era – his mechanism was that his greatness was his Torah knowledge, which attracted even the Gentiles.

7. In a similar sense, every single Jew must both be a great believer and be inspired by the Torah.

8. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was the master of the revealed and the inner Torah – furthermore he combined the two, and this is the idea that we must all strive for bringing the great secrets in combination with the practical.

9. From Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai we continue to the Ari Zal, then we continue to the Baal Shem Tov, and his further disciples, the Lubavitcher Rebbes, that explain in a revealed way Chassidus.

10. The goal of Chassidus to reveal the infinite in the finite.

11. As our soul is part of God above, therefore we have the ability to reveal God below.

12. The bottom line lesson is, that we have to bring Moshiach, through understanding that everything in this world can be used for Hashem and DOING SO; particularly we must add in the study of Chassidus, and get others to study as well.