Rebbe Sicha Quotes

Rebbe Sicha – Chof Beis Shvat

Today is Chof Beis Shvat, Chof Beis is a very special number, 22 – for it is the combination of 11 and 11.

The reason this is significant, is because generally (in the recent past) there have been (which is representative of God’s goal) three periods – there was the period before Yud Shvat (5710) which represents the number 10, this was the first stage, the stage in which humans through their free choice seek, “find,” God.

The second stage, in where the spirit of God (represented by the number 11, the 1 which is beyond the 10) becomes a quest; hence though people are seeking God, basically the God they find is not the “true” God; rather, God as He is beyond (but of-course God being infinite,  is neither beyond, nor within, He is both simultaneously.)

So the third stage, marked by the passing of the Rebbetzin, is when, we are able to integrate – this of-course is the entire purpose of reality, to allow the Divine above, like our closest, dearest friend, to be in our home, but not just in our home…. like a woman who is created for spiritual, hence physical beauty, and beautifies the home… adds the love, warmth, and beauty of Divinity to her home, household).

Rebbe Mishpatim 5752 – They Will Beat Their Swords Into Plowshares

Everything that occurs, of-course (especially large geo-political events) is connected to the Jewish people.

This week, the former enemies, Russia and America jointly announced a reduction of weapons of mass destruction, diverting these enormous sums for food.

This is heralding, in fact, beginning the prophecy, “they will beat their swords into plowshares.”

Now though it is obvious – logical – to not make war, nonetheless, logic hasn’t dominated the gentiles.

So the real reason for this announcement, is because we are rapidly approaching and in some sense have already begun, the messianic era.

Sicha Rebbe – Mishpatim 5751

The world is built on kindness – God wanted there to be unity, hence there are some things that some have, and others don’t; in order for there to be unity.

Even animals have compassion, not only on their own young, but often even on others.

Ultimately everything God does, is nothing less then consistent kindness.

As God didn’t want us to be just recipients, He created a system whereby through our kind actions, this evokes His kindness.

Finally and most importantly, the goal is to dedicate our lives to goodness and kindness which evokes a reciprocal Divine reaction.

Rebbe Sicha – 5750

  1. There is a famous question – why does God introduce himself in the Ten Commandments as the God who took you out of Egypt? whereas seemingly, the creation of heaven and earth is far greater….
  2. The answer is that God desires not to be an impersonal egotistical Creator, rather a personal God.
  3. In fact, the very act of giving the Torah, is the empowering of the Jew, to imbue God within oneself and the world.

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