The five mechanisms for the ego’s Insanity of superiority, namely that “I’m better than you…” to enter: the first is, and most common, actually from low self-esteem, which the ego then tries to make me feel better by saying that “I’m great!” and once “I’m great!,” I might as well be “the greatest!”… the second is from being complimented…, we find this that people may have truly good talents, but from being complimented, they think that they are superior; the third is that people have truly say very good minds, and as that is so deeply connected to our sense of self-perception, that itself can create superiority delusions, or shall we say Illusions; the fourth is you have ego’s indoctrination, this phenomena by various Cults, such as misnagdim, that raise people to see themselves as Superior, with certain religious groups, Muslim groups, and many other groups; and last but not least, there is the tribe of Amalek, associated was in Germany, that even the Germans themselves recognize, are born with ego, which is why they have an antipathy towards one another

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