Rebbe Sicha Vayeira quotes

Rebbe Sicha 5752

The ability for the infinite to penetrate the finite, is only in the realm of the infinite –  for the finite, being limited, is limited in all her abilities, whereas the infinite has no limits.)

As such, from Arvohom was the beginning, particularly with the Mitzvah of Mila, for the infinite God to descend into the finite.

However at Matan Torah, what was most unique, was that the merging of the two opposites occurred, not due to the infinite, but as a result of the finite – this power came from our forefathers.

As we do Torah and Mitzvos, we manifest the infinite in the finite.

  1. What is revealed, is nothing less than the essence of God, who having zero limitation, can merge literally opposites.
  • This (difference between before and after Matan Torah) is similar to the revelation of God (for though currently our Mitzvos draw him here, nonetheless, we don’t see it) after Moshiach – which because God isn’t limited (to concealment or revelation ) therefore the reward for all our Mitzvos, will be the Divine revelation.

  • The Previous Rebbe, had three main life phases, the ten years as Rebbe in Russia, the ten years as Rebbe in Poland, and the ten years as Rebbe spearheading the campaign to bring Moshiach in America.

  • Our job is follow in his footsteps, doing whatever we can – especially though spreading Chassidus – also being cognizant, that as he promised, Moshiach will soon be here (hopefully we will be Farbrenging with him this tenth of shvat) and so bearing in mind, that soon we will see the Rebbe, who will know all that we have done – this energizes our efforts to bring Moshaich now!

Rebbe Sicha Vaeira 5749


There is one aspect of time that it is ongoing, and a second, that it is unique – every second is unique – for as we know, time is actually a creation, that continually (based on the popping in and out of atoms / reality) appears.

Similarly, we have two aspects in Avodas Hashem – we have Avodas Hashem as it is continuous, then we have Avodas Hashem as it is special.

For example, there is the ongoing cycle of Shabbos, and then there is Rosh Chodesh, an entirely new month.

The ultimate goal though is to take the positive quality of renewal (which as we know, we have a unique affinity to (for example, we like something new) as well, as the positive aspect of continuity (which also we have an affinity to – stability …) and merge the two together.

This month is also the month of Yud Shvat, on the passing of a Tzaddik, these two elements are present, – for on one and all that he did gets elevated, which in turn allows him to descend and assist (within our reality.)

Rebbe Sicha 5750

This year is forty years of the Rebbe’s leadership.

This is similar to the fortieth year in the month of Shvat, when Moshe, began recounting the entire Torah.

In other words, after forty years, the entire goal of the Torah, namely the essence (the level of 11 (the kesser, the one higher then the ten, the essence) gets permeated (into the ten, into the Jewish people, as it states, after forty years, the student attains the mind of the master.)

As such, the lesson is, that we must add everything we can to spread Chassidus- especially women – to bring Moshiach who is about to come – now!

Rebbe Sicha 5752

In order for there to be unity, love, marriage there must first be separation – this as we see obviously in which God put Adam to sleep and made an operation, in which he created Eve – and then they could unite, be intimate, be one.

So too, each time we go into exile – this separation causes the ability to reconnect on a deeper more intimate way.

Therefore we find before the revelation of Matan Torah was 210 years of exile.

Before the second Beis Hamikdosh, 70 years, and before our upcoming Moshiach we had tremendous suffering.

(Though the Rebbe doesn’t say this, I deduced, this is actually one of the reasons we don’t physically see the Rebbe now.)

Part of the reason we sleep nightly, is in order for us to refresh our energy / desire to study.

Those who passed on recently, have an easier time to rise.

Rebbe Sicha 5751

The world is about integration – God and man.

As such it begins with the world…

The powerful ego, human identity.

Abraham first seeking truth, finds the God of the world.

However hidden behind this “God” is the supernatural all-encompassing God.

When the Jews got the Torah, the essence of God, as He stands both beyond the world, in the world (simultaneously, was revealed.)

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