Rebbe – Mamer – Vayigash

Rebbe – Mamer Bayoim Hashmini 5746

  1. The amazing thing about positive actions – like a lever, that lifts produce from below (like a forklift) so everything above it gets elevated, and like a scale – in other words, precisely by doing physical good deeds, do we elevate our soul and the higher worlds.

  2. Though action seems as it is the most distant part of us (compared to thoughts, emotions, intelligence) yet it actually is our essence (or rooted in the essence, whearas thought, emotions, intelligence is only revelation.)

  3. A. we know, when Moshiach comes, action will be greater than study, and the reason for this is twofold – firstly action draws down the infinite (the entire goal) and b. action is from the infinite.

  4. As everything in the future depends on the present (which manifests the future) therefore, as we are about to enter into the messianic age, it was revealed to us, that action is the main thing!

Rebbe Mamer – Vayigash 5725

When Moshiach comes, all the prayers of, all the Jews through millennia, will manifest.

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