Rebbe – Sicha – Mikeitz – Chanukah – Quotes

Rebbe – Mikeitz – 5752

1. One of the novel differences in Chanukah, over all our other festivals is, whereas, in the latter, they always are established around a feast and rejoicing, Chanukah is over thanksgiving – the reason for this is, for in the latter, the (as in Passover, Purim) threat, was to the Jewish body – while in the former (Chanukah) it was to the soul.

2. Now as is obvious, all the festivals – including Chanukah – contain both spiritual and physical elements – yet the reason we emphasize on Chanukah, the spiritual, is novel… even in relation to all (festivals.)

3. We will understand this, by first understanding, the four things Torah is compared to, bread, water, wine and oil – bread and water refer to the revealed Torah, while wine and oil, to the inner – now whereas in the former, like bread and water, it is necessary for life; but the inner Torah, such as wine and oil – wine is drunk occasionally, to increase joy, and oil is (not independently drunk) rather one places it (drops… drops…) over food – this represents Chanuka (in which the custom is to eat oily foods, and we celebrate with oil) because it represents the revelation of the purest part of the Torah.

4. The question could be asked, why is the last of our festivals symbolized by the highest (light?) the answer is, precisely as the darkness (as in the times of the Chashmonoyim) increases, it takes the highest light!

5. We find that the spirit battle that took place during Chanukah, was that the Greeks whom were great philosophers, and though they respected the incredible wisdom of the Torah’s laws (in fact, they had a translation of the Torah by Talmie the king) nevertheless, they were battling the accepting that the Torah is both Divine, therefore immutable (their philosophy (as we see in the current “pseudoscientific” gangs) was that whereas human wisdom is great, but (not wanting to submit to higher ethics, morality and conduct) G-dly wisdom is not.)

6. The miracle of the oil, represents the purest holiest part of Torah – Torah without the study of Chassidus can unfortunately become like the Greek style, in which one can study it, lacking Divinity – however, when one studies Chassidus (like oil, but on food…) it lights up (as it says, that when one studies the wisdom in the secrets of Torah, this attracts the soul.)

7. We see, as the darkness of secularism (which tries to change Divine wisdom) increases, so when the “enlightenment” (propagated by Jews intent on destroying Judaism within) started, the Yeshiva of Tomchei Temimim, in which the study of Chassidus was 3 hours daily, began – as we get closer to Moshiach, these two opposing forces (the darkness and light) consummately increase.

8. Going deeper and most importantly:

The real reason for the highest oil being given – the miracle of the revelation of the deepest secrets of Torah – is, because we are approaching Moshiach – Moshiach is the inner essence of reality, of our soul (the level of the comprehensive Yechida).

9. We know, there are two appellations referring to the coming of Moshiach, the end of days, the end of right, the former is the light of Chassidus, which ends the darkness. and the latter is the light, which heralds the infinite Divine.

10. We find, the sequence of Yosef going to Egypt, then Jacob coming, and he looked very old, so Pharaoh asked him, how old he was, to which he replied, “my days were bad, and short” (though in actual fact, he lived to a 137,) for ultimately, the goal of both Yosef and Yaakov was to bring Moshiach.


The lesson for us, is, that until Moshiach comes, we have to feel, that we are fundamentally missing – we must increase in our learning and teaching of Chassidus – and obviously in spreading the light of Chanukah – and making Chanukah celebrations (Farbrengens.)


And the main thing is, that Hashem will give us Chanukah gelt, by bringing Moshiach now!

Rebbe Sicha – 5751

1. A Mitzvah is like a candle, Torah is like a great light (sun,) the former protects for a while – the latter, eternally.

2. In fact all Mitzvahs have part of eternity – the example for this, is a Jewish soul – even while a Jew is below in his (or her) body, he is literally (the Divine soul) God – now we cannot say, God is limited – yet (besides the fact, all of one’s life – even in eating sleeping etc. it is a part of Divinity, as it states “Do everything for God” and “Know God in all you do,”) furthermore, all the Mitzvos are part of the same collective.

3 We find this (infinity in the details) in the mitzvah of lighting the Chanuka candles – for a candle represents infinity (the infinite light of God) as a candle, can light the next, ad- infinitum, and yet the original loses not its power.

4. This aspect of the infinity of God – as we see though the Mitzvah – which manifests it, – of Chanukah, – spreading light ad-infinitum – is actually by all Mitzvos.

5. The soul’s descent into the world parallels Josef, who went from the Light of Jacob into a dark prison – the idea is not G-d-forbid to limit the light, rather – as he came out, he spread it – so too we are to go into gentile countries, specifically to teach about the Seven Noahide laws, and to live as Jews – influence the Government to positive ends.

6. A Jew is given the responsibility and hence is accountable to ensure the whole world is good.

Rebbe Sicha – 5750 Mikeitz Chanukah

1. This year what is unique is that Chanukah is that both the first and last day of Chanukah are on Shabbos – this includes (in potentia and in actual) the completion of Chanukah –  which also extends to the potentia and actual of every year.

2. We find an interesting question – why is the miracle of Chanukah eight days? – if there was one flask of oil? (so the first day wasn’t a miracle…) answers the Beis Yosef, that the first day was a miracle that they even found it (it was lying buried, for the Greeks had intentionally destroyed all the sacred oil.)

3. On this we can ask, couldn’t God have done a greater miracle (say, send oil from heaven) why should the first miracle be one which seems actually quite natural… – the answer is similar to the story of the Alter Rebbe, that when he was transported to interrogation, he was on a boat, and asked the captain to stop it – the captain refused, then the boat stopped and the Alter Rebbe said kiddush levana, up to a point; then the boat started again, and again he asked the captain to stop it, to which he complied, and then he said, the main kiddush levana – if the Alter Rebbe had the boat stopped by a miracle, why then allow the boat to continue, and need to go get permission? – the answer is, that God desires that both our Mitzvah and the preparation to it, should be done through natural means.

4. The lesson from this is, that the universe is created in a way to specifically give – as the Rambam says, that all of the rewards (“I will give your rain in its time and the produce etc.”) are there to enable us in peace and prosperity to happily fulfil all of Torah and Mitzvos – now if this is the case in the difficult times (where a flask of oil was buried, so it could be later found and used) how much more so, does the world – nature – gentiles – provide the tools through which a Jew can fulfil their Divine task.

5. Not only does the world ready itself so a Jew can do their Divine mission but in fact (as we see from Chanukah – that her light never ceases) the world prepares itself, for the coming of Moshiach.

6. This is remarkably the case, when we see that both the wisdom of Chassidus which the world craves, was revealed now, preparing the way for the coming of Moshiach.

7. In earlier times – though there was great emphasis and success in teaching and spreading Chassidus, it was done amidst both great pressure and poverty – but as we enter the age – “The world will be filled with the knowledge of God – God enables us to spread Chassidus amid luxury” – for in luxury, the mind has the tranquility to think and teach.

8. This is similar to the idea of Shemmita – that in six years, we work, and the seventh is a holy fruitful year of spirituality – now seeing that we have already completed all necessary for the coming of Moshiach, speedily the seventh millennia of peace and spirituality shall arrive!

9. We need to increase in our efforts, both in the learning and teaching of Chassidus – a businessman should steal from his business time to learn – and God not only gives with a generous abundance for oneself and family – furthermore, there is great wealth (though sometimes we need to uncover it.)

10 And the main thing is that Moshiach will immediately come and together with Moses and Aharon, we will light all seven candles in the Beis Hamikdosh!

Rebbe Sicha 5749

1. Though in the past we said, first refine yourself and then others – now, apart from the fact, as we are all one, hence the obligation to help another physically and even more so spiritually (for the former is temporary while the latter eternal) so now we must first assist – and in fact, through this, we merit that God will return (the favor.)

2. Just as in Chanukah each candle (or the shamesh) lights the other – so too a Jew must take responsibility – for we are but a single organism – to bring his fellow, closer to God, Torah and Mitzvos and through this, the entire candelabra becomes shining.

3. Shabbos is mainly an internal (as we see, it is most done in the home) and Chanukah is mainly external, as we light the Menorah, to brighten the darkness – similarly every Jew must both do internal and external work – furthermore, helping another is also internal, for we are part of the same Jewish organism.

4. Helping a fellow Jew is not just helping an individual but because Jews are a single organism, it is helping all.

5. Through making a firm resolution to spread light (Judaism etc.) we hasten and bring Moshiach.

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