Rebbe – Mamer – Mikeitz / Chanukah

Mamer Rebbe – Boruch Shasas – Chanukah

1. Bread wine and oil respectively refer to the revealed part of the Torah, the hidden, and highest, is oil – Chassidus.

2. The greatness of the infinity of God, is though it is infinitely greater than us – but as it is infinite – it can, not only come to us, but come to us in a normal way.

Mamer Alter Rebbe Chanukah

For every desire, there is below – good looks etc. – there is (for everything from below must come from above) a chamber (sort of like the source of this desire – the goal of a man is to transform (whereby when we realize that God never changed – even the physical matter is subsumed within – it is only to our perception…. – so the only reality is God, which creates a longing for him) so when we long for God (transforming otherwise animalistic passion to Divine) this is the purpose of life (this is like a sacrifice, that the physical fat (of the animal representing pleasure) goes into a heavenly aura.)

2. We know there are five levels to the soul: nefesh, ruach, neshamah, Chaya… nefesh is the level of the letters (for we use letters in the mind and in the organ of speach) ruach is the breath (the precursor of speech) neshema is the understanding of the idea, and chaya is the source of the idea which transcends understanding – this is also the source of the letters (for we don’t understand the essence of the letters – they sort of magically are accessible.)

Similarly, the Torah is comprised of letters but these letters are sourced in the essence of God – therefore the Torah in essence is infinitely beyond human understanding – however through our learning of it – as God is in it – we draw down to us God.

Now the Torah of course tells us to do Mitzvos, so the essence of the essence of Torah, is the Mitzvos – and the main Mitzvah is Tzeddakah, and the essence of Tzeddakah is to uplift (for a person who cannot help themselves feels low) and when we uplift below, this causes that God – for all that He does (as He owes us nothing) uplifts.

Our goal is that all of our assets – obviously our life – should be given to/for G-d.

But the main goal – the reason of all of creation – is that from the darkness – our distance should come light – for precisely when we realize how far we are, that is when we crave (and as all is run by desire, hence this actualizes.)

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