Rebbe – Sicha Vayeishev 5752

1. We are constantly promoting that Moshiach is about to come – some wonder how do we know this?

2. One of the fundamental reasons why the Jews have been spread internationally, is as our sages say, “to collect the sparks” – the main idea behind this is, wherever Jews have settled, they have elevated that locale by using the customs, thought patterns, behavior of that place for good – this is ever more present, when they use their initiative, to not only receive Torah from afar, but build houses of worship, and the locale become a source for Divinity.

3. Obviously this situation – namely, Jews settling everywhere, was most present in this generation (following the holocaust,) hence we see how everything for the coming of Moshiach has been set.

4. We know Judaism / Torah always has general and details – the verse (in last week’s Haftorah says) “This exile beginning in France – And saviors will rise on Mount Zion and the world will be Gods.” – what difference does it make about France? – it is obvious that the elevation of France, represents the true reason of exile.

5. It is known, that the Alter Rebbe opposed that Napoleon should win – the reason for this, (though seemingly it would have been financially and emotionally better for the Jews) was because Napoleon was the worst kelipah (evil,) for though his revolution – which has a major impact on the world ’s worldview – was based on the notion, that people are free (hence the notion of democracy – that the people should decide… ) nonetheless, as the revolution ignored God (and hence morality) as the Alter Rebbe predicted – what would occur (which we see in the places Democracy took hold) was that there would be a great spiritual decline (this is not to say that dictatorship is good, rather democracy and ideology must be consistent with the truth, that God has given all people rules and wisdom, which only through it (like the Judeo ethic) does man become better, not worse.)

6. We see this transformation of France abundantly, that though the Alter Rebbe opposed it, yet the Previous Rebbe sent family (the Rebbe – the greatest sage who lived in France for a number of years) and after the war, many Jews – great Rabbis came, and established it, not only as a center of Torah study, but one from where Torah publication are disseminated!

7.  Though generally speaking, the Lubavitcher Rebbes did not leave Russia, only from the time of the Rebbe Maharash did trips abroad begin – and even then, they would return to Russia – however the Previous Rebbe actively, not only traveled to France a number of times, furthermore he thrice relocated – 10 years he was in Russia, 10 years in Poland, and ten years in America – adapting in each location to the mentality, in order to be able to penetrate the locale, with Judaism and Chassidus.

8.  Hence the transformation of France of a locale of Torah, represents the messianic ideal, namely that we both have a. a location which on its own is distant, b.  And secondly in that location itself the essence of God descends.

9.  Hence with the transformation of France – which the word in Hebrew for France is Tzorfas – which comes from refining – the subsequent power to refine the world is there.

10.  In point of fact, we find an extraordinary reality, that the revolutionary march, which became the national anthem of France – after it was sung in 770 by the Rebbe, it became a phenomenon that the French (for a number of years) changed their national anthem! and Elder Chassidim explain, that as the angel supervising France saw that the song was transferred to a holy location, it felt that it was inappropriate to have it has the French National anthem.

11 One may wonder, why are we mentioning this now? The answer is, because firstly is appropriate to thank God for the miracles He does, especially in this month, where we have Chanukah! and furthermore, we know that God wanted to make Chizkiyahu Moshiach, however the negative side complained, that he received such great miracles and he wasn’t grateful.

12 The lesson is, we must relate the miracles, especially personal miracles that God does for us – additionally we must celebrate Farbrengens on Yud Tes Kislev and adequately prepare for Chanuka.

13 In particular, we have in this gathering Jews that are busy building Torah institutions and publishing Torah books in France, so they should say Lichaim and in this way bring life to all Jews.

14 And the main thing is, that we should have the complete and final redemption NOW! 

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