Rebbe Toildois Mamorim – quotes

Mayim Rabbim

1. Great waters can never extinguish the love – between God and the Jewish people!

God says, “even if all the nations of the world gather against the Jews, my love for them is unconditional.

If a man will give all his earnings to acquire Torah, then all the booty of the war of God and Magog will be his.”

When all the heavenly kings (representing countries on earth) gather to complain against the Jews – “there is but one nation, and she is low in her merits…”

Then Michoel the defense attorney for the Jews will say – “if she remains strong like a wall, and marries not in the nations (she should be saved.)

And even if she is low in merits, but in the merit of the Torah study of the children whose hearts are pure.”

She is like a little sister, just as parents anger themselves not at a child, as she is young / cute… so too God says, the Jewish people are like my child!

2. There is another explanation on this verse as follows – this verse refers to one’s unquenchable desire for God, and even all the meditations, all the revelations on God’s greatness, even those seen in heaven! cannot quench this thirst.

The only thing that quenches it, is Torah and Mitzvos, for when we do Torah and Mitzvos, though we see it not… God Himself manifests.

3. God says – “you have made me to be one on earth and I will make you one, too.”

In the explanation of “one” there are three:

1. Unique

2. One is to exclude Idolatry

3. The Mitzvah of Divine Singularity (in other words, there is nothing but.)

God watches not only the highest heavens, but even the lowest depths (ameba at the bottom of an ocean…) for the gap between the infinite and the finite (even the highest heaven,,, is infinite!) and hence the infinite being unlimited can simultaneously be beyond and have infinite perception/s.

4. The idea of idolatry, is attributing any power to any being – so though say God uses the sun, but to give the sun honor, when it is literally like an axe in the hand of the wood cutter (in other words, it has no freedom) and similarly all the forces in the world that contribute to a person’s finances, only come from God – hence, one should never bow to these forces (though one may need to do them.) In other words, one’s main intent should be to be able to give charity, educate one’s children, study Torah and do Mitzvos (and not let the means become an end.)

5. When Moshiach comes, even souls like Moses, that continually ascend in heaven, will be resurrected – so it is obvious, that the pleasurable state in the era of resurrection, outweighs even the highest heights of heaven!

For in heaven, is the  reward for the study of Torah (as there, they learn the deeper dimension – as such it states, “fortunate is he who comes here with his Torah.”) But the world to come, is the reward for Mitzvos.

6. Our mission on earth – for the process of Creation, is that God’s pleasure, expressed in the world of Tohu, shattered the sparks, and it fell into physical pleasure/s, so when we use the physical for spiritual, we elevate.

7. A meditation:

“All physical things – their attraction is only because they conceal the Divine intent (for example, the holiness of intimacy etc.) hence, how painful for me to live in such darkness” (this meditation causes  a longing which produces results – as it states, “the level of a Baal Teshuva, a Tzaddik cannot be.”)

8. Doing Mitzvos create wide containers that can contain God (below;) furthermore, when we use the physical for the spiritual, and especially when we don’t elevate the means (of income,) and the test to see if we are using the means to an end (is, if we worry not -as we know our livelihood is from God.)

9. We have no conception of the infinite – the infinite is so great that he can simultaneously create infinite finites (as we see, with the unlimited number of creations.)

10. Because the entire purpose of the world is for the Jewish people, therefore the Mitzvos that God gave them, such as putting on Teffilin, wearing Tzitzis, literally draws upon them the corresponding Divinity (for example, Teffilin relates to intellect etc.)

11. Now even at the end of Galus, when Jews may be lacking, nonetheless, whatever they do with sincerity, is considered infinitely precious to God and hence in this merit, he will bring the Moshiach.

Vayomer Loi Yehoinasas 5745

Through our humility – as a wife is humble, and the union – then we reveal how we and God are truly one. When Moshiach comes, through the renewal of the Jewish people, the world will be renewed.

Rebbe Shabbos Parsahs Toildois – 5727

1 (2) It states that God blessed Yitchok a hundred-fold – when God blesses, it maximizes.

2 (3) The goal of the descent of the Godly soul, is to influence the heart and mind of the animal soul, but in truth (as the animal soul derives from a higher source, Tohu) thereby it elevates the Godly soul.

3 (4) When the Divinity of God descends, it automatically is the right thing.

4 (5) Though emotions are (born) derive from intellect – as we see, that when you think about something, you create (the emotion, or fan it) nevertheless, the source of emotions, transcends intellect (in other words, it comes from a higher source.)

5 (6) Because the source of the animal soul is higher, therefore, it’s emotions effectively have the ability – when directed through the Divine soul, to be more powerful.

6 (7) And this is the infinite blessing, namely, that God Himself descends.

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