Rebbe Toildois 5750 sicha

  1. The purpose of the world is to elevate.
  2. As we are the final generation of exile and the first of redemption, therefore we have the special obligation started by the Previous Rebbe to spread the Seven Nohaide laws, and the idea of goodness and kindness to the whole world.
  3. Every single person (in fact even animal, plant, object) is a messenger from God – so first and foremost, we must realize this (we have of-course individual mission/s)
  4. Some wonder that we are continually mentioning Moshiach is coming – it seems, they say, the world is as it was…. – It is quite remarkable they are not paying attention to the miraculous transformation in the world!

Firstly Russia, that was a vicious tyrannical regime went within a short while, from even mentioning anything about it (causing people to be sent to Siberia etc.) to a far more progressive and kind government (and this affects her satellite countries.)

Furthermore, Chine also went through a major transition.

Furthermore India.

Considering that these countries contain the vast majority of humanity – billions of people (so they went from tyranny to (relative) freedom and particularly considering that in the olden days, these events were often accompanied by bloodshed, which took many years, as well disrupting the entire economies, the fact that these transformations happened in relative short periods, and with NO BLOODSHED is truly miraculous.

The reason these events matter (to the Jews) is first and foremost, we must thank God for his great miracles and secondly, as these are signs of the coming of the Moshiach, it adds in our hope, faith and trust.

  • Finally as the verse states “the boundaries of the nations are from God”; it is because of the work of the Shluchim adding to the goodness and kindness of the world, that these transformations have occurred – hence our task is to continually increase our good.

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