Rebbe Toildois 5750 2 Sicha

  1. It is well known, that whenever ten Jews gather, the Divine presence rests – how much more so does the Divine presence come when the gathering is the international Shluchim convention, in which Rabbis from the entire globe, charged with spreading Torah and Mitzvos to the Jews and the Noahide laws, to the gentiles, come together.

This is a great privilege in which God bestows his blessing, and I consider it for myself, to be part of this, a privilege.

  • The goal of God as is well known is a Dirah Bitachtoinim (to dwell within everyone, and that all he created should be used for holy purposes) as such, it is impossible for a single individual to reach the whole world.

  • However this is why God created Shluchim, as they each go to a locale and by reaching their Jews (and gentiles) and each person, they interact with – especially by explaining to them that they are a shliach – a messenger from God to spread the message – hence “friends influence friends” in a domino effect.

Especially as God has recently created means through which a message can be communicated from one end to the other end (of the world.)

  • As the goal is that the entire world – God’s presence should manifest through the seven Noahide laws, which itself the goal is to create a healthy peaceful world, in which the Divine mission of the Jewish people manifesting the Divine, succeed – hence it is not possible for one small nation – rather, particularly through the gentiles.

  • Hence the gathering of the Shluchim from the entire world whom will affect the entire world, is truly a very International convention.

  • The idea of all, is, for God is each and every detail, particularly, as we know everything is a composite of time-space-soul/s – hence the job of the Shliach is first and foremost to reveal to every Jew and Gentile that they are God’s ambassadors – a Jew through doing the 613 mitzvos and a gentile through created a peaceful coexistence through adhering to the seven Noahide laws – in time, we use all times for God; in space, we use all space for God; and in soul, we use all aspects of our soul, such as intellect, emotions, for God.

  • Every single being (in fact, creation) is a messenger of God to fulfil its (particular) mission.

    We know our souls prior to entering this world are charged “Be righteous (good) Not wicked;”

    This relates to our two primary tasks of Doing the Do Mitzvahs, and refraining from the sins.

    In addition, each season, say Chanukah, Yud Tes Kislev, all have their mission.

    In fact, every hour (as we know, every hour, a different one of the twelve combinations of God’s name, gives life) and furthermore, even every moment (as we know, when we get to heaven, they inquire about every moment.)

  • Shlichus in general has two components – the first is the general knowledge that, at all times, in all places, to all people and things, “I am a Divine messenger,” then there is the specific time, place, person etc.

To fulfil the Shlichus properly, one – though when involved in something must be fully present, but also understand, that this present, is not an unrelated isolated event – it is part of the entire whole.

In fact – even if we mess up, as there is the Mitzvah of Teshuvah, when we so do, we retroactively fix the entire past, thus completing the whole.

  • As it’s the nature of an individual to enjoy things that have long term benefits, by contemplating the fact, that not only what we do today effects tomorrow, and not only our entire lives, but furthermore, as to hasten the coming redemption, where we live infinitely…!

  • We help reveal Moshiach, when we reveal our own inner Moshiach.
  • And we dance, in moment – true, but a moment, however fundamentally the most transformative one – into Moshiach!

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