Rebbe Sicha Parshas Toildois 5749

  1. The month of Kislev is replete – it has of-course the miracle of Chanukah with oil, it has the Rosh Hashanah of Chassidus, Yud Tes Kislev – my father (Reb Levik) says, that the month of Kislev corresponds to the third month after exodus (being the third month after Tishrie) in that, was the revelation of the revealed Torah, but in this, was the revelation of the inner.

  2. The world ultimately reaches its perfection when it reveals God’s infinity.

This occurs by birth – for then a finite being, is able to infinitely be.

Furthermore, this occurs through Torah and Mitzvos – especially the study and spreading of Chasssidus.

  • The blessing that Yitzchok gave Yaakov was Torah – the revealed and mainly the concealed.

  • In Chodesh Kislev (on the 10th) we have the Birth and passing of the Mitteleh Rebbe who was known for his expansive erudition on explaining Chassidus – now uniquely, he was born and passed on the same day – this is, as our sages state, “that God completes the days of the righteous” (as by Moshe, his birth and passing, on the same day.)

  • This is also similar to Yitzchok who completed a life of 180 years.

  • This is particularly connected with the completion of the writing of a Sefer Torah this Friday, which was brought to this Synagogue (a Synagogues where Torah and Mitzvos sprout).

  • We find that the Mothers (Sarah, Rivka, Rochel, Leah) were even greater- for Rivkah realized that Yaakov was holy (whereas Eisav fooled his father) furthermore she did all she could, so he could get married – which established the Jewish people – we find that God told Abraham, “everything that Sara says, listen to her” – and so must all Jewish woman – the matriarchs of their homes, behave.

  • The Avos (the forefathers) essentially were very lofty, and hence it was the task of the mothers to ground their spirituality – similarly with the Rebbes.

  • The practical directive is, standing at the beginning of the month of Elul, we must undertake to learn daily Torah of the Fathers of Chassidus, the Baal Shem Tov, the Maagid, and the Alter Rebbe.

  • Additionally we must organize Farbrengens (on the Chassidic holidays) and we must prepare to have a maximum participants.

  • And the main thing is, that Moshiach should come – especially as we know, that it comes in the merit of the righteous women.

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