Rebbe mamer Chayei Sara

Vavraham –

1. And God blessed Abraham Bakoil – says the Zohar – Bakoil – refers to the location from where all blessings emanate.

A source of infinity.

2. It states, that in order to get the level of infinity, one must go through tests, which is why Abraham received this after his test, and likewise to receive the essence of God, cannot come from a rational place, but rather from when one transcends rationality.

3. When the essence of God comes – it’s an infinite river that can for into infinite tributories.

4. The notion of a test is, that it takes effort, so also Teshuvah comes only through effort, which brings true Mitzvahs, which includes spreading, with great effort, to reach every Jew, to teach them about the secrets of the Torah, and then this brings Moshiach which is the revelation of the essence of God.

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