Rebbe Chayei Sara – 5749

1. As is well-known, the Alter Rebbe said, “you have to live with the Parsha of the week,” and the Kinus Hashluchim, is taking place, at this Parsha is this week, so there is a lesson.

2. This week’s Parsha has the story of how Avrohom sent Eliezer, to find a wife for his son.

3. The mission which was to find a wife for Yitzchok represents the idea of the soul and the body merging, which is the goal, that the soul should lead the body, and in fact they should become one.

3a The ultimate goal of course, is that we use our body for God’s Will, and thereby elevate the world.

4. God has sent each Soul as His personal messenger to fix the world.

5. The idea that this world is a dwelling for God is as follows:

A. The meaning of a dwelling for God below is that even though this world on its own is on a level of being below, in other words, Godliness is not revealed, unlike the higher worlds, nonetheless, we create a novelty, that God should shine here, to the extent, like a person who is comfortable in his own home – for there a person completely reveals themselves, without limitation – this is how this world must be God’s home.

B. This explains why the dwelling for God occurs through his emissaries, for if it occurred just through a massive Divine radiation, it would not get internalized – in order for this reality to become one which is accepted internally, it has to come through people, in their own dimension.

C. For this reason the Shliach has the ability, to create that the world around him, should transform to holiness.

D. This is in fact greater than the creation of the world, for we are innovating something even greater.

E. This is greater than the Creation, because creation took nothing, made it into something – we are taking something and transforming it into nothing.

F. Furthermore, not only do we go to create from something nothing, but create from something, that is created, to be the Original SOURCE.

G. Ironically, specifically when the soul is below, that is when it manifests itself as pure Divinity.

H. In fact, the soul reaches a level that it is beyond even the spiritual.

I. This is what Adam, the first shliach of Hashem did, namely, that he gathered all the animals and said, “Come let us bow to God the Lord.”

J. This is the ultimate goal, whereby the whole world will serve God jointly, individually, with unity forever.

6. Among those fulfilling God’s will are those chosen by Divine Providence to be engaged in this continuously, and the message to them is, that one must firstly let all know that they are messengers of God, and secondly to be a messenger of God, means to rid oneself of one’s ego and individuality, and subsequently allow for the pure Divine soul to be one’s identity.

7. From the above we have an unbelievable lesson, the mission of every Shliach, namely that as long as there is any separate identity to God, we have what to do, and even though the world is much more humbler and better than before – but certainly, every time we are humble for God, we have created the purpose of the world – additionally considering that every second the world is recreated, hence there is a great ability every moment.

8. In order for Yitzchok to be able to fulfill his mission, he had to first have the sacrifice of the Akeida and the lesson to each of us – for us to fulfill our Divine destiny we first have to have sacrifice, which means giving up our desires for the desire of Hashem.

9. The Kinus Hashluchim is a time when Shluchim get together and strengthen one another – and make joint resolutions, and because this is an International convention, with Rabbis representing literally the whole world, therefore, their power, has the ability to affect the entire world.

10. Every Shliach when they go back to the location, must make an “international Shluchim convention,” gathering all Jews and explain to them, that they are Shluchim of Hashem.

11. And in order to add into the success of all this, the Shluchim all should go to the cemetery of the Previous Rebbe, and there read a general Pan, with the signature of all the Shluchim in it and put it on the graveside, as is customary, and this will give more power, and God with an open and outstretched arm well give all things for fulfilling their Shlichus which is to reveal God in his place, in the world, with abundance, health and nachas.

12. And collectively create that Hashem Himself becomes a Shliach and they unified in a single oneness, bringing about infinite blessings!

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