Mamer Rebbe Chayei Sara 5730


1 (2). Just as the physical Earth is planted, is seeded, so too the spiritual heaven, which is refered to also as the Garden of Eden, is planted – and this is what it states, that Adam was placed in Gan Eden to work the ground, in other words, as Rashi says, to do the 248 dos and 365 don’t Mitzvahs – for when we do this -and this is why he was sent from the Garden to plant the world…. we imbue spirituality.

2. (3) When Divinity descends, this transforms us.

3 (6.) Through doing Mitzvos, we draw down the essence of God.

7. When Moshiach comes, the infinite light brought down through the Mitzvos, will be revealed.

8. Of-course the entire world was created for the Jewish people on Earth, in other words, the purpose of Earth, and the Jewish people, and the Torah and Mitzvahs, is that we should be able to create that this world, as we are normal people below, is a receptacle for the Divine.

9. This is what the verse says, that “These are the years of Sarah”, 127, that all her years were equal -in other words, she manifested the Divine below, which ultimately brings about that all things are beautiful and good.

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